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Students will make a NOUN TOWN using the 25 various nouns that they wrote in class. The picture will consist of including the NOUNS they listed in a picture of a town. For example: if they write the word SHOE on the list, they can make a shoe store showing a drawing of a shoe. Various nouns can be included into one building. Cat and dog be near a house. I am sending paper home. They can add more paper to it if needed. DUE TUESDAY
Students will fill in the blanks of the plant and animal cells. They can either cut out the words and paste them in the correct area or print the words neatly on the line provided.
Students will write their Spelling words 3 times each. Spelling test on Friday

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There is extra credit for Social Studies for anyone interested. Please write a one page report in your own words about a state and their capital. Please write about some of the interesting information about that state in your own words. Please write about the states we have studied in our States and Capitals test. If you have any question please email me. Thanks.

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If you interested in completing some extra credit here what you can do. You can write about one of the states we have studied so far(states and capital test). Please write a full page written both sides about that state. For example, write about what they are known for; possible crops that they grow or industry in their area etc. This can be worth some points toward your grade. LIMIT 3 states Any questions please email me thanks.

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