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***Important Notice***

Read Week 6 (Dec. 8-12)

***** Extra Credit Information *****

Separate extra credit assignments are not available. Throughout the quarter, I maintain 2 running-records (Classroom Learning Skills) that benefit the students who maintain and respect classroom expectations and guidelines. Following classroom rules is important, and students who do that earn extra credit throughout thd quarter. The CLS assessment is equivalent to a typical quiz grade.

*******Special Homework Information********

As a back-up to papers I distribute in class, I post the identical information on "". Use the links below to access Homework and other information. Once inside Google Docs, click on the link you need. Then, click File, Download, Open, and the document is ready to print. For Homework, you may also just view it, complete it, and return to me on notebook paper. Any Homework not returned = 0.

Week 1 (Nov. 5, Start of Quarter 1) (3 class days only)

Welcome to all students (and their families) for Quarter 2! I am very happy to serve as the Computer Technology Teacher at Samuel Ogle Middle School, in this my 18th year at Ogle.

After orientation classes (one each for A and B day students), we will be jumping right into Typing Lessons with the Mavis Beacon program. Students will be soon be taking notes from my reading using MS Word. I will read to them for 2 classes while they take notes, then they will take notes from their own reading for 2 classes. As their first paper, students will draft a summary of their Cornell notes, and then proofread the document in order to prepare it for grading. Overall, students will compose 2 papers during the Quarter in my class. Each grade level has specific Social Studies content on which we focus: Grade 8, US Constitution; Grade 7, Geography of SE Asia; Grade 6, US Geography.

Grades will be appearing in SchoolMax soon after orientation and as assignments are given. We are just getting started, so it may take a little time to get up to our usual speed and pace with grades, assignments, and reporting. Be patient, please. Typically, I enter 2 grades or more for each student weekly once we are underway.

The Grading weights are: Classwork, 70%; Assessments, 20%; Homework, 10%.

My Homework policy is as follows: Homework returned on time can earn full credit. All late Homework earns 50 points (except for excused absences.) Homework not returned earns a zero. Parents - monitor homework! I type the assignment, copy it, and put it in student's hands every Thursday and Friday. It is due in their next class. I do not re-issue 'lost' homework papers. Students may get the assignment from a friend and submit it on notebook paper, or access it through this page (link at the top.) Late homework due to an approved absence is not penalized.

Be sure to read the 'Welcome Letter' that I will give to all students; it explains the course objectives and many other details that you need to know. Students also have a list of 'Classroom Learning Skills'; they are graded on their performance with these skills twice quarterly (before and after the Progress Report.) I finalize these CLS assessments just before the Progress Report and Report Card window closes, but I keep an ongoing checklist of infractions daily. CLS include basic but important rules, procedures, and skills that are important for a productive and safe learning environment, including my classroom and the hallway. All students will get 100 points on this assessment to start, but it is up to them to maintain those points throughout the quarter. Infractions cost them 5 points each.

If you do not receive the 2 handouts from your child, they are accessible through the link on this page, "Handouts for Parents".

Homework #1 will be distributed as usual this week on Thursday and Friday; it is due next week on Monday or Wednesday (Tues = no school, parent conferences).

Quiz #1 will be next Thursday/Friday, Nov. 13/14. It will cover basic orientation information and material from the handouts on the first day of class. We have 5 quizzes; the first is the easiest, and the last is the final and most difficult (Excel spreadsheets).

Mr. Read

Computer Technology Concepts

Week 2 (Nov. 10-14)

Homework 1 was distributed last week and is due this week on Monday or Wednesday; school is closed Tuesday for parent conferences. Please read my policy (above) on Homework.

We are beginning Paper #1 and taking Cornell Notes for 4 classes; I will read articles for 2 classes, and students will read on their own for 2 classes. After these note-taking sessions, students will compose a 5 paragraph summary based on my directions and requirements. All work is done in class.

However, I do allow notes from home for this project. These must be hand-written notes to assure me that the student has read material and not just copied and pasted text from the web. That is never allowed, and we all must - as teachers and parents - advocate reading and writing activites for young people. Copying and pasting text from the internet is plagiarism and never allowed in any classroom.

Quiz 1 will be Thursday and Friday, Nov. 13/14. It covers basic orientation material that I presented in class on Day 1, as well as material in the 2 handouts that I gave students to take home.

Homework 2 will be distributed on Thursday and Friday of this week, as usual; homework is always due on the next class day.

All missing paperwork can be reproduced from these schoolnotes pages under Favorite Links; use the appropriate folder for lost copies of everthing that I distribute in class.

Mr. Dennis Read

Computer Technology Concepts

Week 3 (Nov. 17-21)

Students are using research study questions in class and reading articles on their topics. We are building a resource document of notes for our summary paper and, later, reference.

Students may access the study questions on these pages (Classwork Quarter 2) if they want to do some reading and writing at home; this is optional but a good idea. Students may use hand-written notes to type information in class next week in this case. Please - nothing printed off of the web is allowed in class as notes!

Homework 2 was distributed Thursday/Friday of Week 2, as usual. Homework is always due in the next class (Monday/Tuesday)

Quiz 2 will be this Thursday/Friday. It will have some typing questions, but also questions about proofreading. The Top Ten proofreading rules are on Homework 2, at the bottom, as a study guide.

Once notes are completed, we will draft, edit, and proofread our summary late this week or early week 4.

Contact me for questions, please

Mr. Dennis Read, Computer Technology Concepts

Week 4 (Nov. 24 & 25)

Very short week this time and, Happy Thanksgiving!

Students are drafting a summary of their notes; they have 3 classes to draft/edit/proofread. I am allowing hand-written notes from home for all grades during drafting/editing on Nov. 24 and 25. No notes allowed in the final proofreading class. Students may not bring a narative summary from home to type.

Homework 3 was distributed Thur/Fr November 20 and 21; Homework 4 will go home on Monday and Tuesday this week, and due in the next class, as usual.

Enjoy your holiday!

Mr. Dennis Read, Computer Technology

Week 5 (Dec 1)

Students are editing and final proofreading Paper #1 on Monday and Tuesday this week. We will grade this work with a peer evaluation tool that I will assist with in class.

Wednesday and Thursday, students will download the template for Pictureboard, Paper #2, in which student use graphics and expository text to further research their Social Studies topic. Expect 3 classes for this mini-research, and then peer evaluation #2.

Quiz 3 is this Friday and next Monday. It is an internet quiz with several factual questions about student's Social Studioes topic. Students will use selected websites and not search engines for this quiz, so they will have to read short passages and use tables of content to isolate relavent material.

Homework 5 will be distributed this week, as usual, on Thursday and Friday.

The Progress Report 'window' opens Monday, Dec. 8, for teachers to publish grades. Remind students for my class to return late Homework if they want credit (50 points.)

Mr. Dennis Read

Computer Technology Concepts

Week 6 (Dec. 8-12)

Effective Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014, I will be on medical leave-of-absence for several weeks. I will not return until the start of Quarter 4. I am in generally very good health, but I have a chronic orthopaedic issue that requires surgery and intense physical therapy. There is never a good time to be hospitalized, and I will miss Ogle, my students, and fellow staff dearly.

Dr. Sumes is scheduled to be my long-term substitute beginning Dec. 10. We have met several times for a complete knowledge transfer of materials and methods. Of course, Dr. Sumes will administer all classwork, homework, quizzes, and communications during my absence. Please contact her for questions. Be confident that Dr. Sumes is very capable and experienced.

Currently, students are working on Paper #2. It is a Word table that students use as a 'pictureboard' for their Social Studies topic, writing short narratives and inserting graphics. Later, students will use this document to create slides in PowerPoint.

The Progress Report window for teachers closes Dec. 10; the paper report goes home with students on Dec. 19.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Mr. Dennis Read, Computer Technology Concepts


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