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FSHS Activities for week of April 14


Thursday, April 17

V Golf at J-Linn – 3pm

State Music Large Groups atPittsburg

Honors Banquet – 6:30pm

FFA at Girard – 7:pm


Friday, April 18

Career Fair – Gym –11:15-noon


Sat. April 19

Hershey Track Meet - 9am - Frary

Directions to J-Linn Golf

North on Hwy 69 to Mound Cityexit (hwy 52/31).  West through MoundCity and then south 1mile on Hwy 7. Sugar Valley Golf Course

-FSHSActivities for Week of  April 21


Monday, April 21

FEA Luncheon – room 524

JV baseball at Paola – 4:30

V Golf at home – 1pm

V Tennis at Parsons – 3pm

JV Track at Paola – 3:30

Alumni Association Mtg–commons – 4:30pm


Tuesday, April 22

MS Track at Frary – 4:15

V Track at Columbus – 1:30pm

V Baseball home with Indy –4:30

V Softball home with Indy –4:30

KS Music Mtg rm 601- 7pm


Wednesday, April 23

Scholarship Trust mtg –Conference rm – 3:30

FFA Banquet – 7pm

Skills USA Competition Wedthru Fri - Wichita


Thursday, April 24

V Golf at Parsons (LCHSHosts) – 3pm

JV Tennis at home – 1pm

“C” team Softball at SpringHill – 4pm

“C” Team Baseball at SpringHill – 4pm

District Vision Mtg – Aud.6pm


Friday, April 25

Activity Period: StudentCouncil Mtg

                           Srs. Cap and Gown pickup from office

JV baseball at Pittsburg –3:30 –At the HS

JV Softball at Pittsburg –3:30 – at the HS

V Baseball at Home with LCHS– 4:30

V Softball at Home with LCHS– 4:30

V tennis at Chanute – 3pm

V Track at Home – 3:30


Saturday, April 26

State Music/Solos and SmEnsebles –Andover- 6am depart

BRCC Hersey Track Meet atFrary 9-10:30


DirectionsTo Paola Softball/Baseball-
Exit onto 311th street offof 69 highway - stay on this road as it turns into Hospital Drive

- just as you cross over 169hwy, you will need to look for Osage Street - take a left on Osage and take itto the Wallace Park entrance - go into Wallace Park and the field is locatedacross from the Swimming Pool

The  fields are located at 140 Wallace Street inWallace Park on the Southwest corner of Paola.

-Directions To ParsonsTennis-

69 South to Ks Hwy 7/39 and goWest to a “T” (you are @ 59 highway) – turn left (south) and follow 59 southabout 8 miles and follow 59 south left (towards Erie) – stay on 59 south in toParsons – turn left (east) on Main St. go to 13th street – turnright (south) on 13th and follow it to Forrest Park

Hwy 39 may still beclosed.  If so Hwy 69 South to Pittburg,then Hwy 400 west to Parsons.

-Directions To PaolaTrack-

Take US 69 north to theLouisburg exit - turn left - continue to intersection of US 169 and turn south- take US 169 south to the Paola exit – school is behind Wal-Mart Super Centerand the track is on the west end of the campus

-Directions To ColumbusHigh School Track-

South out of Ft. Scott on 69to Pittsburg – continue south out of Pittsburg on 69 and turn right (west) on96 highway – follow this into Columbus past the 1st intersection (upover the hill) and go a few blocks to High School street – turn left (south)and follow it to Columbus High School – Central Junior High is the secondarysite – just go south on High School street from Columbus High School and itwill take you to the Junior High where the track is located

-Directions To ParsonsGolf-

69 South to Ks Hwy 7/39 andgo West to a “T” (you are @ 59 highway) – turn left (south) and follow 59 southabout 8 miles and follow 59 south left (towards Erie) – stay on 59 south allthe way to the North end of Parsons  Parsons Country Club-  Hwy 59 goright on Main street .  Go out of townwest.  On left .



-Spring Hill baseball/Softball

The address is 19701 RidgeviewRd.  Go north on 69 HWY to the 199th St.Exit.  Once you exit off take a left on199th St.  You will be heading west.  You will go approximately 8 or 9 miles.  You will see our high school and fields onthe north side of 199th St.  Take a righton Ridgeview.  We have a bus lane tounload your players.  They will need towalk to the field.  Buses and fans canpark in the main parking lot of our high school.

-DirectionsTo Pittsburg baseball and Softball will play at HS

69South To Pittsburg – left (East) on 4th Street – follow it to eastside of town to Pittsburg High School

Aux.Gym is attached to high school gym


69 south to Frontenac –Turneast and travel one mile east of town to Free Kings Hwy.  Travelsouth approx. 1.5 miles to Pittsburg High school on East 4thstreet.

-DirectionsTo Chanute Tennis-

Ibelieve hwy 39 east  is still Closed.  You can by pass road by taking turning justbefore closed area and taking gravel roads. One mile south, one mile west thenback north to Hwy)  OR take the HWY 54route to 169 South. So…..

1.       Take US 69 south to the Girard/ Chanute exit (KS HWY 7) (KS 39)

Continuewest on KS 39 to a T intersection (US 59 south) – follow 59 in to Chanute- Asyou pass over the Neosho River and take the first left on Grady Road.  Follow Grady all the way to T intersectionand turn right on 205th Road which turns into 14th street.  Turn left at stop light which is Santa FeAve.   Turn right at car dealership on 35thstreet and follow to Chanute HS.  - 1501W 36th

2.       Take 54 west to Iola.  Take 169south to Chanute.  Exit on 35thstreet


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