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**Update!!  Parent Signature Form is in "Downloads" found at the bottom of schoolnotes page.   Please return tomorrow, whether you see your child's work or not. Thank you!

Yikes, my note from yesterday stated 5-1. Nooo! 5-3 was disrespectful in the afternoon, at least half of the class, I understand. This morning when I asked about this, student faces told the tale! Again, there is not a moment that can be taken lightly.  Of course, I am cognizant of necessary breaks, and am open to this when students ask, but there rarely is an air of buckle-down time from all of the students. A handful consider the school day like much like camp, it appears.  Report cards certainly indicate which team students have chosen to be on this last quarter, learning team or playing-to-get-through-the- year team.  There is still time to choose the right team!

I am pleased students seem ready for the math test tomorrow. Students will present their posters tomorrow in a museum like display in class, with students as docents and visitors.

I believe nearly all students passed in their poetry books to Mrs. Clark. They must be passed in by tomorrow morning. Students will be sharing these with their friends in the band room, reciting with a microphone. I cannot wait.

Homework is as follows:
Math:  Students brought home workbooks, graded quiz from which to study and hard cover math journals to study and prepare for tomorrow's mat

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