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February 25, 2015   Wednesday

Well, it certainly has been a while since I updated here. So, here is a brief overview of what is going on in your classes. In science you are entering the world of sun and moon, I believe. In English, you are wrapping up a Martin Luther King, Jr. essay. In reading,  you are beginning research to culminate in a presentation next week on wilderness survival, that is an appropriate ending to our "To Build a Fire" by Jack London and to complement the record cold temperatures and snow we are experiencing. In SS, you are deep into your study of the first permanent English settlement in the New World, the Virginia Colony. As important as learning the history, you have been practicing your critical thinking skills dissecting a variety of articles, primary sources, and two videos for bias and truth, culminating in your Jamestown Settlement coloring book, complete with maps and timeline, to share with the third grade students this spring. Finally, in math you have begun the volume unit. Today we investigated volume as repeated addition of the base or area repeatedly added with regard to the height of the rectangular prism. Please look around your home or through your daily experiences, video tape a volume math problem to share with the class, you also could find an addition or subtraction of fractions problem to share. Anytime you become aware of math in your life, try to record it to share with the class; you'll be amazed at how much math is used in a day! We do have an SRI tomorrow and SMI on Friday...I will have your last math test graded and returned to you by Friday.


Math two worksheets on volume, please write out some of your thinking, especially pertaining to volume as repeated addition and volume as Base (area of base) x ht.

Reading: Book report due by end of month or first week of March.

(Also, due date for survival presentation is next Thursday and Friday. I will give you two class periods for research and making copies, and the rest is up to you, using the rubric. We'll solidify your topic tomorrow.)

English: typing or 1/2 page WNB

So psyched to hear your concert tonight!!!! Good luck!




February 11, 2015

Too late for you, but an update for your loving caretakers...

Homework was to complete the first two pages of a math packet that emphasized the skill of using benchmarks to help determine the size of a fraction compared to more than, less than, or equal to 1/2.

There is no math help group after school tomorrow unless I spoke with you directly today.

L/A WNB or typing practice

Continue reading and book reports; one due last school day of month

Remember to bring your instruments home to practice over vacation for your concert the week that you return.

Bring in a big bag as necessary to clean out your locker.

I added a great link of Great Horned Owl live cam. Two babies were born last week to the pair. So beautiful and mesmerizing. Of course most eating and activity at night.


Thank you, Wonderful Ones! 


Good evening.    February 10, 2015

Hope everyone had a great time this afternoon at the fifth grade social! Also on the wish list is that you have a little energy left to work out some fraction dance moves!

I am not sure what there is to say other than please keep up with the calendar. Fraction Nation password and userword are written inside your front planner cover; use them frequently...like at least a few times a week or IXL with similar practice as we have been working on in class. Challenge yourself! This is a short month so keep up with reading as a book review is due by the end of the month. Remember for fun extra effort/credit work, watch the Disney Pocahontas original or Pocahontas 2 to add to your compare and contrast table notes.

Math: packet all but last page, 107-109 show your stuff!!!

WNB or typing

No Word Study until after break.  However, a Word Study was returned  today. Share your work with your folks!

Don't forget to check report cards on Aspen.

Have a good night.








Good afternoon. February 5, 2015

Great day!!!!!

A couple of reminders:

You may bring in $5 for next Tuesday's after school social, but it is needed, for ordering purposes, by tomorrow.

PTO Book fair-Last day is tomorrow.

Spirit Week is next week: Monday=PJ Day, Tuesday=Wear yellow, Wednesday= Sports Day Thursday=Mix and Match


Math: 103-106

I think you will find it is not as painful as it looks. i believe actusally only about 7 or 8 actual math problems to work out. If you are stuck on any, please do not panic. Give it a shot. The important thing is that you applied yourself to try something. If we were never wrong, how would we learn as much as we do?

E/LA Reading Packet is due tomorrow

Science: Bring in supplies for project.

Please remember that if you do not have time to complete homework because of family commitments, etc. please come in with a parent note.

Thanks All!!



Oops, back again!

Please be sure to return student/parent signed Shared sheet tomorrow!!!

Thank you!


Good afternoon! February 3, 2015


So nice to see the days are a little brighter, a little longer! Even on a bitter cold day, that late afternoon sunshine brings so much hope!

A form went home to share some of your work with your folks. This is a time for productive discussion, a time to make plans for a quarter of greater growth!

As we move into the third quarter, I am happy to see you are still the charming, unique, kids I met in September, but Wow! have you matured academically! So many great habits are evident in your work! Carefully reading multi-step directions, labeling, annotating, writing super well-formed five paragraph essays! You just know what to do to produce great products! Socially, too, I see kindness extended to all! Simply put a lovely group of maturing young people!

Before I write out homework, let's send good vibes to Jaydin for a rockin' time tonight at the Spelling Bee!  Congratulations to Nina, too, who came in as the runner-up! With so little homework, maybe some of you can stop by Melrose to support Jaydin, and cheer on all of the fifth grade students! I believe it starts at 6:30 or 7? I always attend, but this year it falls on the last day to complete report cards so I will not be able to be there.

Lots of exclamation points, again, tonight, because there is so much to celebrate!


Math- Fraction Nation ofer IXL grade 5 adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. 15 minutes.

E/LA- 1/2 page or typing

Also a packet is due Friday on the Emancipation Proclamation article.

Reading- You know!  the ninth book report is due by the end of the month.

There is no word study this week or next.

SS- Several of you you have not passed in your Birthday Lat/Long essay and packet. If I never see it, this will be a zero, otherwise, at this point all work can only be scored a 2, as they are so late.

Go, Jaydin!!






Hello, again!  One more note!  Today was sent home your last math test and words study. Please review with your parents. Could you send in a note signed by a parent that says they saw and discussed your work and plans for improvement, as is necessary? (Now, see the note below, the original note for today!)  Many thanks!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi!  Quick one!


Math: pg 103 and 104 of On Core Show runs of multiples as done in class, for at least six problems.

Rdg: Bk report due 1/30 #8

Rooster Game Books read and return to share.

Some folks still need to return permission slip.

Art: Finish poem

SS: Bring in flash drive. Bday essay due by next Thursday. We will not be working on this in class after tomorrow. (Tomorrow I will add to "files" the rubric and directions for this assignment if you leave yours at home. Yes, you're welcome!

Adios amigos! Hasta manana!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good afternoon! I am happy to see how well you are moving along with the latitude longitude birthday class project. After Friday, any unfinished work will have to be completed at home with the final written piece due Thursday, January 29.  Our next unit, beginning Monday, involves an investigation into the true history of Jamestown settlement in Virginia, through reading of primary and secondary sources, learning about bias in writing, and more. This unit culminates with your student originated coloring books of the true story that we share with the third grade classes later this year.  Pulleys are the present investigation in science. E/LA focuses on learning how to write an opinion piece, and differentiating between fact and opinion. In math, our next unit is Addition and Subtraction of Fractions w/ Unlike Denominators. Websites for extra help to follow next week in the links.

**Expect today's math test and last Word Study and test to be sent home by Monday for parent/child discussion and signatures on a parent signature sheet, like last week.

Overall, a truly joyous day-though we do miss a couple of our buddies!

Homework is as follows:

Math: Fraction Nation, if you can get on or IXL L.2, L.3, L.7 fraction practice.

Rdg: book report due 1/30, next Friday. You should have 8 by now.

WS is due next Thursday 1/29, test too.

E/LA 1/2 Writer's Notebook (WNB) or typing practice

Permission slips for Rooster Games are due for several of you!!!!


With gratitude for all of  your work effort and kindness and respect to me and each other,


Mrs. B











Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Though we missed a couple of our peers today, it was a Terrific Tuesday!  The exercise break was helpful in keeping us focused and energized. A big reminder to several students: Bring in your permission slips for Rooster Games!!!! Please read more than five books!  Five books out of twenty means you will not be able to help your team out very much and you will be bored!! Check out the list and the Searching For... board (Thanks, Allie!) and sign up for a book! You have ten days before the competitions! (Please forgive me for all of the exclamation points...but needed to express myself!)

If you can please listen to the President's State of the Union address. It would be great to have a little chat about your thoughts on any of his topics, tomorrow.

Here is how the h/w rolls out:

Math= Test tomorrow. See links for helpful websites to further your understanding of concepts in this unit.

Complete the packet, answering all of the required questions and more!  Include your estimate of greater, equal to, or less than one whole and why, a pictorial representation-as practiced in class, and finally an explanation of your representation and math thinking.

L/A= 1/2 WNB or typing

Rdg= New Word Study was given today. This packet and test are due by next Thursday, 1/29. I will chip at last WS packets this week to return by Friday.

Eighth book report is due by 1/30. Forms can be found at the fifth grade website links.

Time to go home and feed Miles and Sookie.











Friday, January 16, 2015

We made it!! Your commitment to the math lesson last period on Friday is to be commended! Over the next hour, here, I will find some great Yukon/Gold Rush video from National Geo. and maps to help us picture the setting (time and place) of our short story as we complete it next week.

Check out the links for helpful math videos on fractions as division. We will have our math test on Wednesday. I will have a math test review for anyone who is having difficulty still with models and anything related to this unit.

I saw your homework today and am pleased with the organization of your work. With practice of a good explanation that you have had and knowing the required parts, this unit should end with a big happy face for everyone. Who are the "choppers"- the denominator, and who is being "chopped" into-the numerator? He he!

Well, see you after a relaxing weekend! You deserve a break...but not from Rooster Game books!!!!

Mrs. B

 ~~                                                                                                      : ^ )                                                                                                   ~~




Thursday, January 15, 2015

Long day, but great day! Thursdays are busy but quite colorful with many different kinds of classes and activities.  I must run home to finish grading the other two SS classes' tests, so I'll  be brief!

Math: Please complete the three problems on the numberline worksheet word problems. You are only required to complete the division, make a representation similar to what we do in class (You brought home examples.), and write an explanation of why your answer is sensible (more than or less than one whole) and explain some of your math, like we did in class as part of our focus. if you like, you may try a number line model as well; otherwise, I will show you tomorrow.

1/2 WNB

No word study until next week. I will pass back your latest word study from today, next Tuesday.

Keep reading Rooster Games books. I looked at your progress poster and several of you have not read the required 5 books to attend this fun-filled day. A book report is due Friday, January 30, for your 8th report.

With gratitude to you all, and all you all did to make this such a wonderful day

Nght! Night!




Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Homework tonight:


Lots of discussion over four pieces. Please have a parent sign the colored check sheet parent signature page I gave you and return tomorrow.

If any parent is interested, I am so happy to have a conference at your convenience. Communication is key!

Math: Finish picture this with pictures and answers to math division problems. Explain your thinki9ng as best you can. I will model good responses for you tomorrow.

WNB 1/2 page

permission slip Rooster Games

WS is due tomorrow and test is tomorrow.

7:20 for make-up work and help for last math test. Students with 2 must be there.

See calendar!!!!

See you tomorrow!






Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This was not such a terrible Tuesday after all! I have added the elements of a story Flocabulary to "Links" as requested by some students. We are off to a great start with the new math unit, Fractions as Division. i hope you will show your folks the newsletter to better help them understand the concepts and models we are practicing. This is a quick unit with an expected exam by next Tuesday, for sure. (We may start it this Friday...) Don't forget that every Thursday you can drop in for math help after school.

Levers and Pulleys is the new unit in science. We will finish our birthday latitude/longitude this week in SS. Compare and contrast writing has been the focus in E/LA. I hope you will enjoy our unit on Jack London's, To Build a Fire.

Tomorrow, many items are going home for parent signature on a master signature sheet. These will be the last math test, social studies test, Poe critical essay, last word study packet.

Remember, for any students who received a 2 or less on the math test, a review and make-up will be held Thursday morning at 7:20. There was some lack of care on some of these, even when some students knew their check did not check...some rushed almost flippantly, as work appears, some did not follow directions, a few just need more practice.  I realize absences impacted the complete understanding of the difficult concepts in this unit for some, as well. So, no matter, all will be much better by 8:10 Thursday morning, and confidence renewed!

Homework for today:

Math worksheet p. 62 and 63. Remember to make picture representations, as modeled in class, for page 63. (Kids who were absent today may want to review On Core pages 125 and 126 to be ready for class tomorrow, if you are up to it.)

L/A Typing practice

Reading: Number 8 book report due by January 31. Keep up with Rooster Games books! Bring in  permission slip for Rooster Games.

WS packet due Thursday. Test, too.

Do you have a permission slip for band due, also?

Thank you for a great day!!!!




Monday, January 5, 2015

I am so sorry I am just checking in with you, now. Over vacation I developed bronchitis and today was told I have the flu. I will be absent tomorrow as well. Though my doctor said to be out Wednesday, as well, if fever has been gone for previous 24 hours, I coming in! I miss you guys! Also, I heard we have a new addition to our 5-3 family. I heard a nice report today about how welcoming you were for Miles. It also was reported that you were cooperative all day. Thank you! Do you think you can do this again, tomorrow? I spoke with Mrs. Aubois to be sure she gave you silent reading time-that we never have. I believe Ms" Kittrege math again, if not, you will continue w your conversions packet practice.

In Ss, please work on Lat/Long birthday packet with atlases or practice game for Lat/Long test on Friday. 


Reading/ Choice of silent reading, word study packet, or book report.

I keep dozing here, so please have a positive day, in every way.


h/w= conversions practice in IXL, word Study packet, L/Ahomework.


Happy New Year ,

Mrs. B 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good afternoon!

Trying to squeeze quite a bit in, and keep you focused (expecting miracles?) before you head out next Tuesday, and I appreciate your effort to "stay with me". Tomorrow will be a bit of an easier day as you will be making flash cards for your Lat/Long test (moved to January 9) from your notes. Math will be conversions practice and some partial quotient and model practice. Advisory, Spanish, and Art are tomorrow. Yay!!! I have your last math test as you know and have seen, but have presently misplaced the originals, I do have copies, though, and on Friday will send home a copy of your test and reflection. Parents who did not see these at the last conferences last week, will have to sign and return. I will put this in a schoolnotes letter, then. A breezy evening of practice/homework...Ahhhh!

Homework is as follows:

Math: IXL "W" conversions. Not the first one! Please try at least 15 problems. If wrong please read the tutorial that tells you why. This is important!

L/A: typing or WNB

Rdg: seventh book report due by end of December or end of first week of January, latest. Please keep up with Rooster Game Books to help out your team! Enjoy at least 20 minutes of reading tonight, too.

There is no WS due before vacation.




Monday  December 15, 2014

Hello, again!

Quick update as I am heading to a PD meeting for 3 o'clock.

H/W is as follows...

Math 4-4 second page wksheet

L/A same typing oe WNB

Science test tomorrow. Everyone made sure they had flashcards packed.

WS due tomorrow and test.

Check calendar, please.







Thursday, December 11, 2014

Back again! I downloaded my word doc that has many links for all of the division we are learning. If there is something you are looking for that is not there, I will be sure to add that as well. There are no games here, only tutorial videos...might help your parents, too! Mostly, you should be proficient with partial quotient, open array/area model with division, estimating with decimals, placing the decimal knowing powers of ten and/or using your estimate, and finally you must be able to use a number line to shown division as repeat subtraction (will practice this tomorrow). Next week we will practice using units of measurement (metric, linear, capacity) and converting these. Anytime you want to practice measurement conversions on IXL (W.8-W.12), you will be getting great practice for the test and real life!


Math #2,3,4,5 on the back of the worksheet, show all work. #6 complete, but do not need to show partial quotient work. We completed #1 together.

Science- No flashcards yet, but a digestion test is next Tuesday.

L/A -typing or WNB

Reading- WS is due next Tuesday.  The seventh book report is due by end of the month (12/23) or latest first week back from vacation.


Have a wonderful night, enjoying, and taking a moment to appreciate, your family! I met wonderful caring parents at our conferences! You are so fortunate!

: ^ )



Monday, December 8, 2014

Overall, I think everyone had a good day. I saw everyone so responsibly working away, analyzing, problem solving and in general, just doing great work! Please come prepared with water and any healthy snacks to help you get through tomorrow's Tempestuous Tuesday. Maybe we can squeeze in an 8-10 minute re-energizing and refocusing yoga.

Ms. Grigsby finished up her bullying program today. Please share why this program is different from some others and what you learned.

Parent conferences are tomorrow. I have a couple more to go after that. Parents, please connect with me anytime to schedule future conferences as you desire. Please email to communicate as well. The fifteen minute conferences are ok, but lacking in ways, too.

Please share the date of your chorus concert in December. I am sorry to say, I am not certain of that date. Next week?


Math: Estimating  only pages 91 and 92 of On Core.

L/A typing or WNB

WS Due the 16th of December.

See calendar for other dates.

Buenos noches!





Thursday, December 4, 2014

Good afternoon.

Math tests are finished so, I will try to grade them tonight to get back to you by tomorrow. I will post in Schoolnotes when these go home for parent signature (may be Monday).

In social studies we have been working on, breaking down an essay on the Pilgrims' voyage, identifying its most important parts. Summarizing has also been practiced taking these most important parts and phrases,turning them into students' own words, to form coherent summary. Next, students are dissecting an abridged version of the Mayflower Compact, its purpose and significance. Another great primary source will be investigated next week, a letter from a Pilgrim sent to a friend back in England.

In L/A Ms. Kittredge has you involved in a fun, educational activity that begins with finding the similarities and differences of yourself and partner to help learn writing a compare and contrast piece.

Science...Digestive system?

In reading it should take one more class to complete the Poe analysis. Then we will move on to reading a short, class novel to wrap up the year.

That's a wrap-up update!


Homework is the following:

Math-Partial quotient worksheet, both sides. We completed two of these together in class today. (At math group-open to any who want a little small group practice- after school today, we worked on two more of these, as well as practice with open arrays.

L/A-WNB or typing practice

Word Study-Due Tuesday 12/16

Reading-Seventh report is due by December 23.

Homework should not take more than thirty to forty-five minutes.


Thanks for all your effort every day!






Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Good evening, All.

Time again to celebrate the slaying of the Terrible Tuesday dragon-conquered with with hard work and finesse. And yet, as challenges go, there is a wee bit more conquering to do...


Get comfy with a cup of herbal tea to complete the following:

Math:  1-4, and 7 of the word problem worksheet. These are good and a little tricky. Read carefully, lest you forget a step! Organize your work on a a piece of paper allowing plenty of space for each of these problems (I like to think of them as 'challenges'.) Also circle key words or phrases of these challenges before solving, to help you fully understand and picture each problem. This practice may take 20 minutes.

L/A: Linking verb work sheet.

SS: Some of you wanted to put in more time completing the quotations or drawings, or reasons. This was by choice, student idea.

Rdg: 6 reports total by the end of this week for November.

Science: Circulatory test signature due by tomorrow.


We will finish the math test tomorrow.

Next Word Study will begin tomorrow to be due by Monday, December 15.

How nice to start the day tomorrow with your gratitude (journal) and Art!


I certainly am grateful for YOU!

Mrs. B




Friday, November 21, 2014

I am so excited to introduce the parent newsletter that will help your parents understand what we are learning in math. In particular, it will help them understand the Common Core approach to understand the focus concepts. I am not sure if this website will work this way, but I also have this letter saved under "Files" so you can easily find it, any time.


The first part of the math test will be given on Wednesday and the remaining part of the test after Thanksgiving break. I think you need more practice with decimal word problems and organizing them. At home also practice 2x3 (with decimals) and 3x3 (with decimals) problems. For example 2.13x 4.3 or 5.25 x 1.04).

Good luck Diego!!!!!!! We miss you here in 5-3! We hope you are having a great time and cannot wait to hear all about your trip!

Good luck to our esteemed actors! We are proud of all your hard work and wish you the best in your final Peter Pan performances.

See last night's letter for practice latitude and longitude games. I will add these to links.

Keep reading Rooster Games books!

See letter below for good IXL to practice.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. B




Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today we began exploring why multiplying by a decimal results in a smaller number (multiplying by fraction decimal, x .01, for example, or the same, dividing by a power of ten, ÷ 100.


To help you understand this: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra/decimals-pre-alg/multiplying-decimals-pre-alg/v/intro-to-multiplying-decimals


This also explains why the rule of placing the decimal as many times as there are digits to the right of the decimals of your factors, that many spaces to the left of your product for decimal placement, works.






Math- As best you can and in the simplest way possible-use all your math knowledge to do the least amount of work-complete the worksheet sent home. If you are having a very hard time, only complete 3, 4, and 6. But…do something for all of them?


IXL Any G skill. G.8 is a true area model.


Science: Test Tuesday. Study flash cards


SS practice latitude longitude games/skills












Word Study is due next Wednesday.


Bk report due by the end of the month for 6 bk reports. Keep reading Rooster game books when you can.





Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good evening.


We have indeed rounded the bend with standard math algorithm and making great headway also with multiplication of decimals. I see everyone's confidence growing. Another model is practiced tonight that is a variation of expanded notation, but in a table (also called area model, sometimes). There is another science test soon, next week, on...Yikes, I am not even sure. I do know you already were given flash cards to begin your studying.


So, here is how the homework rolls out tonight...


Math: Follow the directions and complete all of 79 and 80 in On Core. We worked together as a class on at least three of the problems from page 79.


IXL: Practice any G.1 through G.10 (G.8 is a model I will be showing you, if you would like to try it.)


Science: Begin to study flash cards for test next Tuesday.

SS: Please have your Constitution test signed and returned. (This was due today!)

Rdg: Please keep reading those Rooster game books! Our competition will be here soon and you want to be a contributing member! Make Jamestown proud and have fun!

A bk report to make 6 reports in total is due by the end of the month.

L/A WNB or type practice

Signing off to go feed my kitties and a hungry Mr. B!






Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Terrifying Tuesday has come and gone and we survived! If you have some brain energy reserved for math practice and a few more bits and pieces, you will be in great shape for tomorrow's school day!

Please keep in mind, Gingerbread Express gifts are due for wrapping and sending out this Thursday. That's it, really, gifts are sent out Thursday immediately after school.

Saw huge progress in math today using standard algorithm, estimating, understanding why multiplying with a decimal results in a smaller answer using friendly examples such as 2 x .5 or 1/2 of 2, and understanding that a decimal is a whole number divided by the fractional decimal place value. ( .6 is 6x0.1 or 6 divided by 10). Also, today we considered that multiplying by decimals is the same as repeated addition and used a base ten square to model this. 

It looks like a test in math will possibly be next Wednesday or the following Tuesday after Thanksgiving break; The following Tuesday is more likely and you will know by this Friday.

So, homework is as follows, please:

Math: page 76 with at least six models on the base ten paper given to you. This was begun in class and students had an opportunity to work with me in a small group. Please also show standard algorithm. Also for assistance- 



IXL: From now on as mentioned in an earlier post, you should complete at least 40 minutes of IXL per week in the area we are studying. All of you were given a typed sheet with the preferred IXl practices. Please have a parent sign the IXL slip every time you practice skills.

Word Study: New packet is due by next Wednesday.

SS: Please have test signed and returned.

Reading: Please keep reading Rooster Game Books! Rooster Games will be here before you know it! Help out your team!

L/A 1/2 page WNB or typing practice.

Thank you!





Homework for November 13, 2014


WS= Due tomorrow test and packet.


Math= p. 35 and 36 standard algorithm method. Remember to estimate. Also, anytime you can IXL F.8, F. 9, F.10, F.12, F.13, F.14


SS= Finish SS Constitution test tomorrow


Science=last chance to return test signed as you did not have science today.


E/LA =1/2 WNB or typing practice


Reading=report due by end of November to =6 books.


COOLDDDD tomorrow so please dress for the weather as you will go out for recess unless it is raining. Temps not expected to get out of the 40s.










Homework for November 12, 2014

Word Study:  Due Friday packet and test

Math: IXL Grade 4 math facts 5 minutes (every day this week and next) also for at least 10 minutes multiplication of whole numbers practice, any of the following:F.8, F.10, F.14   Want a challenge? G.1

Science: return science test signed by tomorrow.

SS: Social Studies test on everything reviewed. Will continue review before the test tomorrow. 3 Branches, Preamble, Bill of Rights. Y0u should have all the pages recommended to study.

Remember to show your folks your green parent teacher conference date. Please have them email a confirmation for me at grade 5 website (bernardo.christine@jamestownschools.org), or at the contact link top of this schoolnotes page.

Reading: Please continue to read a wonderful book in a comfy, cozy place with good lighting. To show your awesome reading habits, please be sure to fill out a book report, one per month from now on.

Good night!

*P.S. You know how I love room redesigning...




Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good evening! Problems with network and printers at times are preventing the lessons from running as planned, at times. Hopefully events in 5-3 will move along a little more smoothly. One student habit to work on that was emphasized today is that of speaking out all thoughts that enter one’s head, without care or concern for learners around us. Though it is always thrilling as a teacher when it is apparent that students are mentally engaged in a lesson, there is a way to share knowledge and ideas more equitably and in a way that all can learn. So, a bit of self-control for many students is in order. To self-monitor is the best kind of discipline one can have. I do believe Tuesday/Election Day threw many students off of the routine to which we are we are so accustomed. And so again, with Veteran’s day, next Tuesday, two of the most important federal holidays to recognize and honor, yet unfortunately falling one week after the other. Novembers are tough as usually there is not one full week…

Homework is as follows:

Math: Two worksheets. Only estimate the answers. Show your thinking for your estimates. Math tests will go home tomorrow for signature. Copies of the tests must be made tomorrow.

SS: Test will likely be Wednesday!! Apologies for the changes, but these days off have thrown my plans off, too. Tomorrow, students will be told exactly what is needed to know. And we will have a review on Monday.

Science:Test Friday

L/A: ½ page WNB or typing practice

Rdg: Keep reading. A sixth report is expected by the end of November. Thank you. Enjoy it!!!!



Good afternoon, Friends!                 Monday, November 3, 2014


Remember, there is no school tomorrow as folks are exercising their rights to vote! Yay!


There is the following homework due Wednesday:


Math: XL grade 4 math facts or Fast Math using SMI login. (As a heads-up, math tests taken last Friday will go home on Wednesday for parent signature due Thursday. )


Science: Respiratory Test on Friday. You have info with which to study.


SS:  Complete 3 Branches See-Saw. Also, test is Monday, November 10. I will review as a class and provide you with info to study.


Reading: Word study packet and test with reflection musty be shown to your parents for a signature to be collected on Wednesday. Five book reports total due by November 7.


L/A Sheet A, only due Wednesday. Also, personal narrative to be signed by parent, due Wednesday.


Thanks for a great day. Today was surprisingly productive considering the exciting weekend you had, and knowing you have no school tomorrow. Complete your homework early tomorrow, so you have play time!


Oh, yes! No excuses! Pack all work in your backpack as soon as you complete it to ensure a great start on Wednesday.




Thursday, October 23, 2014

To the point tonight:

Math: Complete 8-10 using the word problem organizer. Complete the form with mega amounts of detail using both numbers, words, models- when helpful, and labels. Take your time to make these a worthy practice in excellence! I will show a few of these on the document camera tomorrow, for examples.

Remember IXL. The goal is about 50 minutes per week. See last Schoolnotes entry for the practices to use.

L/A: ½ WNB

Reading: WS is due by October 31. Five book reports (total) are due by November 7.

PLEASEEEE pack your homework back into your binder-and binder into your backpack-before going to sleep tonight. Too many folks have been leaving work at home.

Out into the rain go I! Good night!




Good afternoon!                     Tuesday, October 21, 2014


We lived and learned through another Terrific Tuesday-with only one special, PE, in the morning. Also, celebrate your successful completion of your science test and writing assessment. After our second reading of Turquoise Horse tomorrow, we will read one short story, then embark on a novel. A new word study packet with dia- and per- as focus parts, is due October 31, 2014. Check the calendar as I am changing the math test date to next Tuesday. There will be a math review this Thursday after school.


Onward and upward…


Math: On Core wkbook p. 60. A) estimate first. B) line up the decimal, thereby lining up place values and solve with traditional algorithm.


IXL to practice this week: E.1 through E.8 and continue to practice C.6 for rounding. All students should put in 50 minutes of IXL, as a minimum per week.


L/A: ½ page WNB


SS: Any props or last minute work not completed in class for skit (though all should have been completed in class)


Reading: You should have four book reports completed by the end of the month 10/31 and five reports by 11/6, the end of the first quarter. This is the equivalent of three from the summer and two more since school began.


Word Study packets and test: Except for those that were passed in late for one reason or another, parent signatures will be checked tomorrow. I did not have the time to check today.


Science: none


The rain staved off today, so hope your enjoying the afternoon! See you in the morning!



Good day!     Thursday, October 16, 2014


Great job showing school spirit in 5-3 for Unity Day (anti-bullying,understanding conflict). Orange everywhere! If there was a contest we would have won, hands down! The ideas behind this were carried over in Advisory today.

The class was abuzz with excitement of planning for your upcoming skits. Remember, please, that besides having a good time your main goal is to teach your branch of government as others take notes (and enjoy your skit). So, please be certain they are full of facts from your guide sheet. Your question guide sheet will be collected for a grade, so, again, be sure it is thorough. I can’t wait to see your skits, as Principal Edmunds has also said he would like to see these, likely to go on next Tuesday or Wednesday.


You looked so joyful and engaged in Spanish, today. I hope you are teaching your family members your color song and other things you have learned with Ms. Onosko.


Homework for tonight goes like this…


Math: IXL C.6 If you are not able to practice IXL because you have no internet, please come in with a parent slip and we will have to work out a solution as IXL is an important practice for math. For passwords and usernames see yesterdays schoolnotes post, please.


I will post rounding games in Links.


There will be a math test next Friday, 10/24. There will be math review next Thursday after school (as well as in class.)


SS: Bring in any props needed.


L/A: ½ WNB


Science: Muscular System test next Tuesday. Use the flash cards made in class.


Rdg: Test on new words and packet due tomorrow. See yesterdays note regarding reports due, as we have discussed in class.

Stay dry! Great night to read a book!





**One more addition to today's letter that i forgot to add:

Wear orange in any way you can to support the anti-bullying campaign going on at school and everywhere!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Good afternoon.

Just a quick review of the assignments that should be written in your planners…

Math: Rounding worksheet for which we completed #9 together. Also, if you need more help see the math websites in the last Schoolnotes letter.

Also, I have updated the roster for IXL so I can now see all of the work you are doing. All are signed up except one student whose student id I must obtain from the office. Your log on info looks like this:

Username     sallysmartypants716 (first and last name followed by 716, all lowercase)

Password (for new students in 5-3)        ss (first and last initial, lowercase)


SS: Bring in any skit props necessary (emphasis on necessary)

Science: Test on Muscular System next Tuesday. You have your flash cards.

Reading: You should have four book reports completed by the end of the month 10/31 and five reports by 11/6, the end of the first quarter. This is the equivalent of three from the summer and two more since school began.

Word Study: Test and packet on Friday this week. You were given extra time, so this should be the best one yet!

L/A : ½ page WNB

¡Hasta mañana!



Wednesday, October 14, 2014


Hello on this balmy fall afternoon!


Lots of energy today. Tomorrow, I will try to find the time for a mini-meeting regarding awareness of voice decibel levels, and basically just how to create that awareness of keeping the self in check so education can be fun and successful for ourselves and our neighbors. Tuesdays are tough, especially as you have one special in the morning and straight classes in the afternoon. I have some ideas to share with you for helpful 5-10 minute breaks on such days, but these can only exist when expected class work progress is being made, and we are on target for daily goals. Maybe knowing such breaks are possible will be encouraging enough to make a positive difference. Of course, I do not speak to all of you on this. However, enough disruptions are occurring to make this conversation a whole class one. As a side note, it seems this is an issue after lunch, only.


Tomorrow will be a beauty, so let’s finish reading Turquoise Horse outdoors. Looking forward to a great day!




Math: Decimal Numbers worksheet that we began in class. You may use the number line method or pattern method that I showed you in class today. “Five (5) and above give it a shove. Four (4) and below, let it go.”


Other help for rounding can be found at   https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra/decimals-pre-alg/dec-rounding-estimation-pre-alg/v/rounding-decimals and practice at IXL.com , C.6, and https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra/decimals-pre-alg/dec-rounding-estimation-pre-alg/e/rounding_numbers


Word Study must be brought in tomorrow so I can see what progress you are making. The packet is due this Friday and a vocabulary test will be had as well.


Reading- See Calendar for book report forms due.


Science: none


SS: Graded Preamble posters are coming home by tomorrow. Please share with your folks.


L/A: ½ page WNB


Tomorrow is a music day. Be prepared with your flutes and clarinets.



Thursday, October 9, 2014


Once in a while I will miss a homework update. My goal is to remind you of assignments and events at least three times a week; so for those in-between days, be certain your planner entry is in super-duper shape! Hope you are all having an honest (and maybe celebratory) conversation about your math assessment. For the most part, what stood out to me for students with a 3- was attention to detail, following directions, obvious rushing without care. These are all variables that can be easily fixed with practice and attention. I was impressed with the quality of work for such a difficult test, and a style with which you may not have had experience prior to this test.

Tomorrow I am told I should have some grades posted on Aspen. I will do my best to have this completed by tonight and certainly by my due date. In the past, in my class, parents have known of their child’s grades because assignments of greater significance were sent home for perusal and parent signature required, encouraging discourse between parent and child, and maybe, too, teacher. I will continue to do this, but please know, grading to Aspen will require practice for me, so may be posted after a child’s work comes home. I do write in Schoolnotes when assignments come home for a parent signature. The grades that should be posted by 3 P.M. tomorrow are: math assessment on powers of ten/decimals, two word study packets and their accompanying tests, and the autobiographic map in SS. A note about the autobiographic maps: Students who passed these in after the due date may not have theirs graded by tomorrow. (Though not on Aspen by tomorrow, but to be graded by next week, are your beautiful We the People Preamble posters with attached paragraphs. I plan to show these in the hallway next week.)

Exciting day tomorrow with beginning fun rounding of decimal numbers using a number line and pattern. Moving on, that’s what I say! Kaddo’s Wall literary analysis will be finished tomorrow. I hope the guide I created helped today. In SS, you will get into groups to research one branch of the government, with resources I will give you, and present to the class by Wednesday any way you choose to teach your classmates and prepare you for your five paragraph expository essay on the three branches in Ms. Kittredge’s L/A class. I will have to check in with Mrs. D to find out the news there.

Friday fast approaches, so here is the rollout!

Math: pages 29 and 30 in your Encore Journal on comparing decimals. Have a caregiver sign reflection sheet after looking over your math test. Return tomorrow. Thank you.

L/A ½ page WNB

Science= Study for retake if your grade was a 2 or less this week. Your test will be on Tuesday or Wednesday after school, only. Please let Mrs. Desrosiers know your plan.

Reading: Word Study is due next Wednesday. Plan carefully because we are not in school on Monday. Would you like a one day extension to next Thursday? We will take a class vote tomorrow.

Until tomorrow! Fare well!

*Oh yes, I am adding the Flocabulary link right now!



Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Good afternoon.  


Phew! Math test is nearly finished for all! These will be returned by Thursday for parent signature by Friday. Mini SS assessment on the Preamble(that was exactly the same as your homework)was had today. Your Preamble posters and paragraph are beautiful and thoughtful! I will display them in the hallway.


Clearly you were happy, and deservedly so, that homework is very light today. Science tests were returned today to be signed by a parent and returned tomorrow. Pretty cool words for Word Study (cir-, circum-, and peri-) that you all seemed to catch on to already! With only one special today, I am glad you had some runaround time with PE. Remember that tomorrow is a Music day, so bring your instrument if this is a music day for you.


At this time as I write, I imagine you all playing joyfully outdoors on this warm, blustery fall day. This makes me happy!


When it is time to buckle down for a bit of practice, here is the plan:


Math: None assigned. You may always practice IXL to stay sharp if you have time and energy, even in areas already finished. Our next unit is adding and subtracting decimals and rounding decimals. C.6 and E.1 through E.8 will be the focus areas for this unit.


Reading: Word Study is due October 15, Wednesday. Please chip at this a little at a time. Remember caregiver signatures on sentences and practice tests. You should try to complete at least half of your vocabulary squares tonight.


Please see Schoolnotes calendar for book reports due by end of this month, Friday, October 31.


L/A: ½ page WNB


Science: Have your science test signed by a caregiver.


SS: none


Work and play with a creative, adventurous spirit!




Monday, October 6, 2014

A glorious afternoon to you!

On-the Move Mondays are always challenging. Four classes before lunch leave little time to “take it all in” so hopefully, when your folks ask what you did today you will pause and think it through. If you are eating chicken wings…well, you will have plenty to talk about!

I am so pleased with the math progress of this unit. Undeniably, you are ready for the test tomorrow.

A new word study packet will come out tomorrow…drum roll, please, for the new focus word root… New with the packet is a rubric that will be attached to it so you know what the expectations are for your learning and work.

In SS, there is a little assessment on the Preamble to the Constitution. You packed up with all you need to help you, including a copy of the assessment itself. You will be introduced to the first three Articles of the Constitution that outline the legislative, executive, and judicial branch. This portion will be concluded by Friday when Ms. Kittredge will teach you how to write an expository essay with your new SS knowledge.

Science is all about the function of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Our math unit wraps up tomorrow. This week we begin the next unit on adding and subtracting decimal numbers and rounding decimal numbers. (Sounds like a relief, yes?)

BTW, remember any work you have in your binder, graded or not is to be left there, not taken out. We clean out binders at the end of the quarter, often using your work for a reflection or for parent conference.

So, homework is as follows:

Math- Packet of unit review items. (We will go over before test, briefly, for any last questions or clarifications.)Remember complete those we circled in class.

SS To help you review for the mini assessment, fill in the preamble worksheet. NO WORRIES IF ONE OR TWO QUESTIONS ON THE RIGHT COLUMN ARE TOO DIFFICULT, and you cannot complete the page. It is just a practice review sheet. Use the three resources as you like to help you with this.

Reading: Have your Word Study Packet signed by a parent and returned tomorrow. (except Laurel and Ani. You will have yours tomorrow).

You should have a total of 3 or 4 book reports by the end of this month, Friday October 31. (By mid November, a total of 5 is required- then one a month after that.)So, read when you can.

L/A: ½ WNB

Homework tonight should take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Please stop if it takes much longer and bring in a note or have a parent email me. Thank you!

Thanks for getting through the day with all smiles!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wrapping it up here and realize I have not checked in to update homework. Without further ado, here is the homework for tonight:


Math: Be sure at least half of the packet is completed for tomorrow. This is good review and practice for the math test. We will review it before the test. Try to complete a smattering of problems in the packet so as not to leave any section unpracticed. These should be fairly simple at this point.


IXL c4 and c13 and ordering decimals in c9, c10  10 minutes or at least 8-10 problems.


Math test tomorrow. Please study using IXL, or reviewing problems in your workbook, or samples in your math journal. These were all recommended and discussed at planner time with time given to grab materials you wanted.


https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra/order-of-operations/place_value/v/place-value-1 There are soo many helpful videos on the left side bar to click. this one, above,  is the most basic.


SS Preamble must be recited tomorrow.


L/A Paragraph written to attach to preamble poster How the Preamble Impacts My Life Now and Will in My Future


Science x


Word Study x


Bundle up! The rain was fun yesterday; hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow! Starting to cool down so please dress for the weather with options.


BIG request! Please bring in a container of wipes sometime in the near future to help support our clean, germ free classroom. Thank you to those who have done so already!




Ok… Just found the coolest website to play with and learn from: http://scaleofuniverse.com/

By moving the bar at the bottom you can see infinitesimally small objects with the size written in scientific notation (powers of ten) or unimaginably large sizes and distances in the universe. Try writing out the number in meters. We can explore this in class.

Back to business, happily your science test is over. Great progress is being made in math as we head toward test date on Friday. Also, the preamble has been a part of your planner and on Schoolnotes calendar for at least two weeks and likely longer. This is due for recitation by Friday. Tomorrow the word study packet is due as well as the vocabulary test.

As I mentioned in class, please know there are a couple of items regularly listed in your planner that do not have to be attended to if you are in a bind for time, or are exhausted, or other homework takes too much time. These items that are flexible at times are 20 minutes of reading, word study. This might relieve you of a half hour of work. I must admit, however, I hope you do not consider reading a book to be work…Hopefully this is a relaxing time for you. Word Study must be completed by the due date. Of course, I am very amenable to a note or email from a parent on such evenings when completing all homework is not possible. I also would like you to know that it is important to let me know if math homework is difficult for you. Math homework should take 15-30 minutes, tops. Please stop after 30 minutes, 45 at most, and come in with a parent note. This tells me you need help that I am happy to give! Okey dokey? Homework overall should not exceed one hour, including ten minutes for LA, WNB.

So, great job, overall, today, in math and SS. Your posters are looking wonderful and reading brilliantly!


Math: Please finish the math problems (I think there are four )that were crossed out on page 25, multiplying by decimal powers of ten. We completed #2 together in class.

Test Friday on powers of ten, expanded scientific notation with powers of ten, comparing values of decimals, place value of digits in a number.

IXL    Try a couple of these: C4, C5, C9, C10, C11, C13 (10-15 min or at least 8 problems. Parent signature needed, please)

SS Recitation of the preamble has begun. All must recite by Friday.

L/A WNB ½ page

Reading: Be sure Word Study pkt is finished and you know definitions well.

If you have time, relax with a good book.

Including the relaxing reading, homework tonight should not be more than a total of one hour, of course this is assuming you have been keeping up with WS packet, and practicing preamble.

Remember, I have been here for afterschool math help this past Tues. and Wed. to prep for test, and every Thursday I am here for serious, deep math help.

Thank you, All!



Good evening.                             Monday, September 29, 2014


What a busy day is Monday! Five classes and two specials! Well, we survived. Finally, some due dates will be met this week. So, pay attention! Also, please remember I am here to help you with studying for Friday’s math test, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 3:30. Come one day or any or all! Regarding h/w group afterschool, if this was something you enjoyed last year, then by all means, please come on Tues. and Wednesdays until 3:30 with Mrs. Merrill. I usually peek into H/W group to see if I can lend a hand.


Here we go!


Math: IXL 10-15 minutes. Have an adult sign to verify your time spent working on IXL problems C.4 or more challenging, C.13. Every day this week, IXL will be assigned for practice.


Math worksheet called “Scientific Notation” is due tomorrow. Examples from each section were completed together in class.


Math test Friday. Please see note above.

SS The preamble to the Constitution must be memorized for recitation on Friday. Poster on preamble that is worked on in class is due Thursday.


Science Bones test Wednesday. See Mrs. D’s site via grade 5 for practice game. Also use your flash cards to study.


WS packet is due Thursday/vocab quiz that day, too.


Reading   Monthl y book report form due tomorrow, if have one or no reports yet.


Please enjoy a good book whenever you can!




Lots going on this week so try to stay on top of assignments and studying. I am here for you!  Mrs. B



Hello!               September 25, 2014

Cutting right to the chase!


Math: Page 18 in On Core workbook

L/A WNB 1/2 page

Science  none

SS Study Preamble and memorize to recite aloud Oct 3, Friday.

Reading: Independent always! Enjoy reading for 20 minutes!

Report due by next Tuesday, especially if only completed one or less at this point. (5 due by mid November, to include summer reading)

Homework group meeting after school next Tuesday and Thursday and a math intervention group meeting next Thursday. Recommended students will send home a note tomorrow for next week.

Ciao, for now!



Good afternoon! Happy Autumn!                             September 23, 2014

Today you took your first (out of three) SMI math assessment. Tomorrow you will take your first SRI reading assessment. Remember these are tools to help each teacher see areas to work on as a whole class and with each individual student. They are not counted toward a grade. Three of you who missed this today will take yours tomorrow and I have all logons and passwords, now.

Most of you seem rather enthusiastic about the Constitution Unit as evidenced by your contributions for our first class. In a few weeks, Ms. Kittredge will integrate with a cumulative writing for information piece you will complete completely in school. You will have to memorize the preamble to the Constitution by October 3, Friday.

I believe most of you completed the pacer test in PE today. Congratulations! Those who were absent may have to make this up. See Mr. Bush.

Rumors abound that you will have a Bones’ assessment by midweek, next week, so pay attention and sing about those bones!

BTW, please bring in Box Tops that Jamestown PTO collects for funds for school events, assemblies, etc.!

Wipes are always needed to keep our classroom desks as germfree as possible. Thank you to those who contributed with this at the beginning of the year. I, too, will contribute and hope others will also pitch in. Thanks, in advance!

I will be emailing or calling parents regarding afterschool homework support group on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and a Math intervention group afterschool on Thursdays, that begin this week. These end around 3:35 when the late bus arrives.

Here is the rundown for today’s h/w…as should be written in your planners:

L/A ½ page WNB

Reading: Word Study: The first word study packet went home today. I will be posting the test scores and packet grades on Aspen tonight. A new word study packet was begun today and is due October 2, Thursday, when there will also be a test on the vocab. Words using pre-, fore-, and post-.

Independent book reading- 20 minutes per night.

Book report due, especially if you have one or less completed, at this point.

Math Complete worksheet begun in class together.

 SS Practice the preamble due to memorize and recite by a week from Friday, Oct. 4. See the "Links" for a great sheet to print or practice with and School House Rocks videos.

Remember to pack all of your work back into your backpack before going to bed.

*I hope your afternoon has time for play, a little helping around the house, and, finally, later, a good night’s sleep!*



Good afternoon, All!     September 22, 2014

Don't stay up this late, but the autumnal equinox is tonight at 10:29 P.M. At this time the sun's rays most directly shine over the Earth's equator (actually, the celestial equator) and perpendicular to the Earth's surface. So in the morning on your way to school you can officially welcome Fall! Maybe have special time out of doors today to enjoy the beauty of this last summer day, 2014, until next year. (In fifth grade, you will find that time rolls back around so quickly!)

Show your folks the 'job' of the exponent tonight, especially with reference to powers of ten. Tomorrow we will investigate how exponents are so helpful, especially with writing gigantic or infinitesimal numbers. We will also practice multiplying powers of ten by whole numbers and decimals and observe what happens..

We willlll start the Constitution of the United States tomorrow, beginning with the Preamble and its purpose.

You will take home your graded WS Packet and test tomorrow..and begin your next packet.

So, in order to enjoy this last day of summer, I must wrap up this letter, prepare for tomorrow, and catch a swim and a great sunset!


Math= page 19, only.  For help watch Sal Khan at :


Many more helpful videos there!

Rdg= Bk report due 9/30

20 minutes of independent reading

E/LA = Two interesting facts about Patricia Pollacco from your article.

Teach someone at home your bones song to keep sharp with bone identification. I believe there will be a quiz next week. (All Mrs. B's suggestion, not Mrs. Desrosiers'.)

As a signout, I recommend exporing one of my favorite real time websites through the changing season: http://fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Earth

Peace out! Write with any concerns, please!


Mrs. B






Good evening!       September 17, 2014


Happy Constitution Day.




I was thrilled to hear the great report from Mrs. Tuttle during my absence. All worked hard attempting to complete the very full and important work that was left.


Tonight is Open House. I hope to meet your parents and caregivers, new and old faces!


I will quickly get to homework tonight. Please continue to check the calendar for upcoming due dates or events. Of course, The Warrior should also be checked for school events.




L/A There is no WNB tonight.


Science and SS   none


Reading: Word study packet is due on Friday and vocabulary test is Friday.


One book report is due Sep. 30. Five are due by the end of the Quarter (mid November)


20 minutes of independent reading


Math: 10 minutes of place value and decimals IXL or some new guests to IXL, as many as the program will allow.


Music:Remember your instrument, if necessary.


I look forward to all the new things we will learn and discover tomorrow!



Good afternoon!  Thursday, September 11, 2014


Everyone was so excited to begin Advisory today and came back with smiles. All advisory groups are focusing on the ROCK pledge and specifics of the ROCK Lawn school expectations and rules. No doubt, each group had a bit of fun, too.


New math journals came in today. These journals are helpful because they have very good examples and mini lessons in case you need a refresher from the class lesson. Examples are only helpful if they are used! Please feel free to email me anytime with specific questions you have or stop me in the morning. Again, specific questions show that you thought about how to solve a problem; they also help me to pinpoint exactly where the difficulty may lie.


Ms. Davis has a special luncheon for new students tomorrow, so a lunch is not necessary as a pizza lunch is provided, of course unless this is not a good lunch for you. This is a happy shout out reminder for Laurel, Andrea, and Diego.


Tomorrow is Picture Day.


An important notice from Mrs. Sullivan went home today regarding the need for a doctor’s signature in order for any medicine to be taken, even throat drops we are told. So this is very important, especially if your folks thought you could be given Tylenol. Please have your caregiver return this with necessary signatures.


So, here is the homework roll out…


L/A = none tonight (ordinarily 1/2 page WNB)


Reading= 20 minutes of independent reading. A book review form is due September 30. Please read directions on those as each response must be at least three sentences.


Also, Word Study packet is due by September 19, next Wednesday. You should have all work completed up to and including sentences by tomorrow.


Math= pages 15 and 16 in the new On Core Math journals. There is a good example, as well as we completed together 1-5 on page 15. The following video may be helpful, too: https://learnzillion.com/lessons/2519-determine-the-value-of-a-digit-in-the-thousandths-place






Thank you for all of your effort, laughter, and kindness!


Hope you get to enjoy the beauty of the day!


Mrs. B





Good afternoon!                        Wednesday September 10, 2014


What a wonderful start the school year! All of you entered Lawn with huge smiles and excited to start the new year! I am enjoying getting to know the wonderful and unique qualities of each of you. Like you, a new year can be a little frightening, and like you, I start off a little rusty. With each new day, and with practice and experience and a positive outlook, you will meet with greater and greater successes and growing confidence.

Presently in L/A, In Ms.Kittredge's students are creating their Writer's Notebooks, personal narratives, and establishing their writer’s community. Nearly every school night, you are required to write at least a half page in your Writer’s Notebook, whether a continuation of a previous writing piece or a new one.


In science, with Mrs. Desrosiers, students are learning about “systems”. The first system you are investigating is the skeletal system. No doubt you will appreciate knowing the names of the bones you use, and how they operate, to help with the many tasks you complete in life each day.


In social studies, until this coming Monday, you have been learning about elements of a good map, how to use a key to help you make connections with a “place” and the lives of the people that live there. I look forward to your group presentations tomorrow. Beginning Tuesday, our mini Constitution unit begins, likely lasting 2.5-3 weeks. (We actually end the year with the Constitution, but Constitution Week begins on September 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on this day in 1787, though Rhode Island did not ratify the Constitution until May 29, 1790.)


In math, our focus is on one of the more difficult units to comprehend: Decimals in the Number System (includes place value, powers of 10, exponents, scientific notation). Inching along, I believe by Friday all will be ‘cruising’.


Physical education (PE) is on Monday and Tuesday. Please remember to bring your sneakers for that day and appropriate PE clothes as Mr. Bush outlined in his letter.


An exciting addition to fifth grade schedule this year is a half hour of Spanish on Thursdays.


Also on Thursday is a half hour devoted to Advisory.


Tonight 6-7 p.m. is instrument rental night.


Please remember to check the Calendar tab. You can email me from this website. Click on “Contact Christine Bernardo”. You may ignore any links any Links or Files that are not useful to you now.


So, here is homework for tonight:


E/LA= ½ page WNB


Science= none


Reading= 20 minutes of independent reading per day. A book report form is due by September 30.


Also, in reading, the Word Study packet is due September 19. We will work on this for a little while tomorrow in class.




Math= Finish the math worksheet begun together in class using the place value chart given you. You do not have to attempt any problems smaller than ten thousandths. ( meaning, no hundred thousandths or millionths)



Again, I have so enjoyed meeting my 5-3 champions! We are going to have a great year! As noticed by some of you, the days fly by here, and soon, a bit more grown up and a whole lot smarter than this very moment, you’ll be waving bye-bye! So, with a big smile, laughter, and hard work, let’s dig in to make this the best year yet! Mrs. B     ≈: ^ )






Good afternoon.   Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh my! After rereading, for the first time, the forts' essay I wrote for you to work from, I see that it is clearly in its drafting stage!  I wrote this during a planning period, replete with necessary and unnecessary interruptions. I will furnish all students with an edited and completed essay for you tomorrow. There should be enough information in there to get started, if you can understand my poor writing. I recommend trying to make a table to fit in the categories you feel important to include. Another idea is to divide the paper/s into areas, one per fort, then, with some semblance of order and symmetry, use bulleted notes. This is the easiest way to accomplish the desired goal of a fact sheet. The skill practiced here is taking written text of an essay and breaking the information down into meaningful chunks, to be easy to study, or share, as in a public brochure for educational purposes. 

In math, we are discovering the characteristics of triangles and polygons and the names of these shapes. Thoroughly observing, describing, and precise language is the key.

Ask your child about the exciting new machine in our school!

Sadly, Farmer Sutton canceled our farm visit yesterday. He hopes to reschedule soon. Our next scheduled field trip is a walking field trip to the town hall, museum, library, and East Ferry on June 19. A lunch is required.

If there is a morning visit to the farm, you will know at least 24 hours in advance. Lunch will not be required for a visit to the farm. 

I am available after school for any help with the Jamestown History Book. The book is due Tuesday, June 17, in its entirety. Please look over the success criteria. There is always homework until the book is completed!
(I just remembered I offered to help Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Kauffman with the grade 5 band and chorus concerts, so I will not be able to finish grading the history books by the next day, but will do as much as we can. See last night's Schoolnotes comments.)

Thanks for all your hard work and smiles!

Mrs. B

Good evening!  June 9, 2014, Monday

Please check in with the updated calendar. I believe all important dates and requirements are there.  I am available for help or just some quiet time to complete your chapters this Wednesday and Thursday until 4. Please be sure that should you take the late bus, you do not miss it at 3:35. Walkers can stay until 4.

Mrs. Clark and I will be grading the Jamestown history books next Tuesday after school, 6/17, with the ideal plan to return them to you by Wednesday, 6/18.

Hang in there! Almost there.

Thank you!

Mrs. Bernardo

Clearly, I am overdue for an update!

Math- Division of fractions- Common Core style, though! Models first, then algorithm.

Please practice with Khan Academy:



Also helpful are the following videos (learnzillion is free, so if necessary, sign up!):








The last graded math test and reflection on multiplying a fraction by a fraction should be sent home for parent discussion and signature by next Tuesday. I will



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