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Good afternoon.   Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh my! After rereading, for the first time, the forts' essay I wrote for you to work from, I see that it is clearly in its drafting stage!  I wrote this during a planning period, replete with necessary and unnecessary interruptions. I will furnish all students with an edited and completed essay for you tomorrow. There should be enough information in there to get started, if you can understand my poor writing. I recommend trying to make a table to fit in the categories you feel important to include. Another idea is to divide the paper/s into areas, one per fort, then, with some semblance of order and symmetry, use bulleted notes. This is the easiest way to accomplish the desired goal of a fact sheet. The skill practiced here is taking written text of an essay and breaking the information down into meaningful chunks, to be easy to study, or share, as in a public brochure for educational purposes. 

In math, we are discovering the characteristics of triangles and polygons and the names of these shapes. Thoroughly observing, describing, and precise language is the key.

Ask your child about the exciting new machine in our school!

Sadly, Farmer Sutton canceled our farm visit yesterday. He hopes to reschedule soon. Our next scheduled field trip is a walking field trip to the town hall, museum, library, and East Ferry on June 19. A lunch is required.

If there is a morning visit to the farm, you will know at least 24 hours in advance. Lunch will not be required for a visit to the farm. 

I am available after school for any help with the Jamestown History Book. The book is due Tuesday, June 17, in its entirety. Please look over the success criteria. There is always homework until the book is completed!
(I just remembered I offered to help Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Kauffman with the grade 5 band and chorus concerts, so I will not be able to finish grading the history books by the next day, but will do as much as we can. See last night's Schoolnotes comments.)

Thanks for all your hard work and smiles!

Mrs. B

Good evening!  June 9, 2014, Monday

Please check in with the updated calendar. I believe all important dates and requirements are there.  I am available for help or just some quiet time to complete your chapters this Wednesday and Thursday until 4. Please be sure that should you take the late bus, you do not miss it at 3:35. Walkers can stay until 4.

Mrs. Clark and I will be grading the Jamestown history books next Tuesday after school, 6/17, with the ideal plan to return them to you by Wednesday, 6/18.

Hang in there! Almost there.

Thank you!

Mrs. Bernardo

Clearly, I am overdue for an update!

Math- Division of fractions- Common Core style, though! Models first, then algorithm.

Please practice with Khan Academy:



Also helpful are the following videos (learnzillion is free, so if necessary, sign up!):








The last graded math test and reflection on multiplying a fraction by a fraction should be sent home for parent discussion and signature by next Tuesday. I will

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