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7th Grade English

If you have any questions, please leave a voice mail for me at 938-8629.  Do not rely solely on the following information, as it is very brief.  Students are responsible for retrieving detailed notes, handouts, etc. from the homework binder in the front of the classroom upon their return from absences. Additional information about assignments can be found in handouts, notes in student comp. books and in assignment books.

Please note that some assignments may be posted ONLY on the board in the classroom. It is the students' responsibility to make sure they copy assignments from the whiteboard into their assignment books. Homework is listed on the classroom whiteboard for the whole week. Class notes written on the whiteboard/projector will be copied into students' Composition books. Parents...please check your child's assignment book often to make sure they are copying the homework into it. Also, ask to see the Comp. book  to see what notes your child has taken. All handouts and worksheets given out in class should be kept in the English section of a student's binder.


Week of August 27-31

Back to School Night on Tuesday... This week we are finishing up our Autobiopoem and collage. Typed poem and collage are due Tuesday, August 28th. (Students who don't have access to computer or printer at home have had 2 days to use computers in class.) We are then starting the Friendly Letter. Rough draft of letter is due on block (Wed/Thurs) and the final copy is due on Friday. Be sure to follow format on handout. We will also be reading the story "Seventh Grade" in our literature books (in class). Computer lab on block days this week. Don't forget to bring in your reading book and supplies for partial credit this week, even if you didn't have them on Monday.


Week of August 21-24

Welcome 7th grade students! WOW day orientation on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will have teacher/class introduction and I will have students write down a supply list. Two things that are unique to English class are a reading book from home or library (one that you haven't read before) and a Composition book (I will show you in class, but generally they look like black and white splotchy notebooks, smaller than binder paper and without holes). There will be other general supplies needed, similar to your other classes, such as colored pencils or markers, student scissors, black ink pens, binder paper, a glue stick, and a divider for English in your binder. If I have forgotten anything, a complete list will be copied down on Wednesday. All supplies, including reading book, will be DUE on Monday, August 27th and will need to be brought to school every day. If a student has difficulty getting any specific supplies, please let me know with a note brought to school by the student on or before August 27th.

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