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Students are expected to use their agenda books to write down assignments.  Also, check the x2 portal for the calendar view, this is another place where you can find out what is due.

Due 1/14 Filled out study guide for Friday's(1/17) test. Lesson 5 & Lesson 6 notes.  The character map is allowed to be used on the day of the test and is worth up to 6 bonus points.

Lesson 5: due Monday 12/16

ALL 10 topic questions on Egypt need to be answered in note form by Wed. 12/18

God/Godess info:

Dear Families,

Traditionally, I do not offer extra credit but there is an new movie coming out that will coincide with our next article in the Junior Scholastic, "The Night of the Broken Glass". One of my academic specialties is the literature and history about The Holocaust. In the past I have been a Belfer scholar at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museuem, involved in Facing History ( a group devoted to making difficult topics in history easier and engaging to learn about)as a student, and my CAGS capstone was all about creating an eighth grade elective about this sensitive, yet critically important topic.

With the release of the movie version of The Book Thief, I am offering extra credit to any student who goes to the movie AND writes a reflection to the following questions (one page only, please) will get an extra credit grade:

Reflection questions:

1. What do you think The Book Thief author Markus Zusak meant when he said, "Hitler cultivated the thoughts of a nation with words"?

2. Which character from the movie did you relate to the most and why? Would you make the same choice(s) the character made? Why or why not?

I will accept this reflection, along with a parent signature on the page (I do this as the movie rating is PG13) until January 6, 2014.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

GRAPES packet and double sided essential investigative question sheet.  These are due, along with 3-5 images for your group poster project by Friday 11/22.  We will begin working on the posters on Friday.  Remember your group will need a paragraph, acrostic poem, images/illustrations

Lesson 4 due 11/20 (assigned 11/18) *I did not check this today, be ready when I do check it,  It will be collected!!!!

I have been a bit delayed entering homework assignments (they are on the x2 Portal)lesson 3 sheet due 11/19 both sides

Due 11/18 Junior Scholastic Gettysburg: Map questions and acrostic poem.  Date may be different in your child's planner, I have pushed the due date back to 11/18

CAT Testing 11/5-7  Students must bring a book to read when they are done with the test.  Students may use their own calculators on Thursday's math part 2, so be sure they bring one that they are comfortable using.

10/30: Early Human Project

**Remember to fill in your scoring guide filled in and your reflection done on the reverse side.

All Study Skills students: Begining with G block on 10/21, you must bring one piece of writing from the beginning of the year that you want to improve and revise.

10/11: Looms(if you have one) and black/red rubber band (if you can donate) for team bracelet making activity. THANK YOU!

10/11 Finish Lesson 1, first side only.  We will do the second side together in class on Friday

10/10; Students need to read and select there three Early Human projects to be collected on 10/10.  

10/4: Team lunch, bring your lunch and mingle with our team up in our classrooms.

10/4 Ekphrastic poem project: using the questions due on 9/25, students will write a poem based on the painting they selected: In order to get full credit, students mush hand in the question sheet, filled out, the poem(typed or in the neatest handwriting) AND aprint out of the painting they wrote about. Black and white prints are fine. Models are available for both students and parents.  Come visit afterschool! (directions uploaded 9/260

10/2 Jr. Scholastic 2:  Pick ONE of the three articles: "Home from Afganistan" OR "3-D printing", OR "Federalists vs. Antifederalists" to write about (see workheet) and answer any other questions.

10/1 Quiz on geography, culture and economic terms.

9/30 Vocab study guide: make flash cards to show Mrs. G, make electronic flash cards on iPod touch/iPad (bring a signed note if this was your choice), or write out definitions. QUIZ is on Tuesday 10/1

9/27 Barter form, SIGNED, with 5-6 barter items(directions uploaded 9/26)

Ekphrastic Observation sheet-due 925

Camp Wing Field Trip 9/24

Homework: last two weeks: Getting to Know Yor Textbook, Epic Hero Card, Geo Review, & Source iD and artifact.  All students who showed me there work(even late received full credit.  That will change going forward, it is time for the tough love!

Due Wednesday 9/18 Jr. Scholastic-facts sheet with 2 haikus on revesre side, all based on the article, "The True Cost of Clothes"

Due Friday 9/20 culture Pizzas for our Culture Pizza Party!

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