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Very Important Update!:  Parents and Students:  Yesterday afternoon an update in PowerSchools has erased ALL grades that I have entered thus far this quarter.  This has happened to other teachers as well.  A few days ago I was made aware of this possibility and printed my grade book.  As soon as I am told that I can re-enter everything without the possibility of losing them again I will do so.  I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patients. 



Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

Mr. Fogelsonger

Curriculum for 2013-2014

Common Core

Seventh graders study the world from the Age of Exploration to contemporary times in order to understand the implications of increased global interactions. The focus will remain on the discipline of geography by using the themes of location, place, movement, human-environmental interaction and region to understand modern societies and regions. This course will guide students through patterns of change and continuity with a focus on conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, political thought and organization, cultural values and beliefs and the impact of environment overtime. Through an investigation of the various factors that shaped the development of societies and regions in the modern world and global interactions, students will examine both similarities and differences.


Come prepared to class EVERY day with a pen or pencil.  Due to the demands of this curriculum and in order to abide by the pacing guide, spending time looking for a pen or pencil or asking classmates is a disruption to the start of class.  I am not able to provide students with pencils in class.

This class can sometimes be very active class as you will be completing many tasks with a partner or in small groups.  It is very important to stay focused on the task.  This is a major component of the Common Core Curriculum.


Each week students will receive a vocabulary list along with an activity that will be due every Wednesday.  The weekly list will be located under "Files" on this school notes page. I will check homework at the beginning of class on Thursday and briefly go over the words and see if there are any questions.  We will have a quiz on those words every Friday.

Most importantly I want students to have fun while learning.  There will be some fun and exciting activities such as making videos, role play, and review games.  I am looking forward to a great year!  Please email me at afogelsonger@wcpss.net if you have any questions or concerns. 

Week 1

August 26-30, 2013

Monday: PBIS Lessons (Fire Drill Procedures and Auditorium Behavior

Tuesday: PBIS Lessons (Fire Drill Procedures and Auditorium Behavior)

Wednesday: Classroom Procedures

Thursday:  Setting up binders and passing out curriculum

Friday:  Pass out vocabulary list #1 and assignment (due Wednesday, September 4.  Quiz will be on Thursday


Week 2

September 2-6, 2013

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Teaching how to annotate text.  Begin study of the Silk Road

Wednesday: Vocabulary assignment due.  Complete DBQ (Document Based Question) on Exploration.  HW. Vocabulary quiz tomorrow

Thursday: Quiz on vocabulary list #1.  Begin Discovery Ed video on exploration and begin completing a worksheet that goes with the video



IMPORTANT UPDATE: In order to give you an extra day to study the vocabulary words for the week, vocabulary assignments will now be due on Wednesday's. The quiz will still be every Friday.


Week 3

September 9-13, 2013

Monday: Receive vocabulary list #2 and assignment.  Due Wednesday.  Finish Discovery Ed. video and worksheet.  Complete DBQ on exploration that was not given out last Wednesday. 

Tuesday: Examine the fall of Constantinople.  Annotate reading.  Begin "Walk around survey"  relating to the Constantinople reading.

Wednesday: Vocabulary List #2 Due.  Group mapping activity.  Routes of the Silk Road and exploration by sea.

Thursday: Read and annotate primary document on Prince Henry the navigator.  Answer questions relating to the document.  Will be completed on Monday, September 16th.

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz. 

Week 4

September 16-20, 2013

Monday: Period 5 and 6. (Review Vocabulary Quiz from Friday).  All Class periods will receive vocabulary list #3 and assignment.  Due Wednesday.  All students will read and annotate "Prince Henry the Navigator" worksheet.

Tuesday: Constitution Day Activity.  Begin R.A.F.T. activity on Explorers.  

Wednesday:  Vocabulary Assignment #3 due.  Continue with the R.A.F.T activity

Thursday:  Finish R.A.F.T

Friday:  Complete Columbian Exchange Packet #1.  Conference with every student for make up work and organization of binders.


UPDATE:  Unit #1 Test will now be on Wednesday, September 25th.

Week 5

September 23-27, 2013


Monday: Complete Colombian Exchange Packet #2.  Go over both packets in class. 

Tuesday: Review for test on Unit #1. 

Wednesday: Test on Vocabulary and Unit #1

Thursday:  Go over test


Week 6


PROGRESS REPORT UPDATE:  Due to technical difficulties with the system, I have not been able to print reports.  However, over the weekend, it was working for a short period of time which allowed me to input all grades.  I will print the reports to send home as soon as possible.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Please email anytime if you have concerns about any assignments.

September 30- October 4, 2013

Monday: Receive vocabulary list #4 and assignment.  Due Wednesday.

Tuesday: Ms. Bryant our 7th grade counselor will be giving a presentation.  Homework for tonight.  Vocabulary packet.  Quiz Friday.

Wednesday:   European colonization of Africa.  Political cartoon analysis.

Thursday:  European Colonization activity continued....HW:  Quiz tomorrow.

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz


Week 7

October 7-11, 2013

Monday: Receive vocabulary list #5 and assignment.  Due Wednesday.  Periods 1,3,5.  Analyzed map of  European claims to land in America, specifically, France, England, and Spain.  Outline the borders of the land claimed.  Debate which country had the advantage for settling based on location using geographic features such as mountains an rivers.

Period 7:  Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday: Analyze map of  European claims to land in Africa, specifically, Dutch, France, England, and Spain.  Outline the borders of the land claimed.  Debate which country had the advantage for settling based on location using geographic features such as rivers, jungles, and deserts.

Wednesday:  Slave Ship Simulation (guest:  Mr. Francis)

Thursday:  Review vocabulary and begin a packet that discusses the four step process in the Atlantic Slave Trade.  Students will work in groups to analyze pictures relating to each step and answer questions. HW:  Quiz tomorrow.

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz:  Continue working on the Slave Trade packet.

Week 8

October 14-18, 2013

Monday: Finish Slave Trade Packet:  No vocabulary assignment this week.  There will be a test on Colonization either this Thursday or Friday depending when all material is covered.  Friday is early release and I will teach all classes except 1st period. NOTE:  A review sheet will be given out prior to the test and it will also be posted on this page.

Tuesday:  Discuss Imperialism and the Berlin Conference.  King Leopold and the rubber trade and its impact on the Congo in Central Africa. 

Wednesday:  Video on France and their control of North America during the time of Colonization.   

Thursday:  Review for Test on Colonization

Friday:  EARLY RELEASE DAY:  Review for test on Colonization MONDAY!

Week 9

October 21-25, 2013

Monday: Begin study of Absolutism.  Watch short video.

Tuesday: Read through quotes from the period of absolutism period.

Wednesday:   Enlightenment Packet Silent Reading

Thursday:   Discuss packet and importance of each philosopher during the Enlightenment as it pertains to the foundation of the government of the United States as ell as some countries in Europe and South America

Friday:  Research a philosopher of the Enlightenment using the IPADS.  


Week 10

October 28- November 1, 2013


Tuesday: Complete Sports card activity on Philosophers of the Enlightenment period.  HW:  Review for benchmark test on Thursday.  Review sheets for Units 1 and 2 are posted on this site.  Review sheet for Unit 3 will be passed out in class tomorrow and posted on my site

Wednesday:   Review for 1st Quarter Benchmark.  Units 1-3. 

Thursday:  Social Studies Benchmark.  Units 1-3

Friday:  Social Studies Benchmark.  Units 1-3


Week 11

November 4 - November 8, 2013

Monday: Causes of the American Revolution.  Students will read and take notes from a packet on the American Revolution.  Notes will be used to create a timeline of the events and people involved leading up to the conflict. 

Tuesday: Students will partner up to create a timeline booklet combining their notes.

Wednesday:   Continue with timeline activity 

Thursday: Finish timeline activity.

Friday:  Early Release


Week 12

November 11 - 15, 2013


Tuesday: Discovery Education:  United Streaming video on the causes of the American Revolution

Wednesday: Periods 1 and 3:  Analyze quotes from Thomas Paine's "Common Sense".  Periods 5 and 7.  Students will write a letter to the King of England declaring independence.   

Thursday: Periods 1 and 3 will write a letter to the King of England declaring independence.   Periods 5 and 7  will begin to read and annotate a packet on the causes of the French Revolution

Friday:  Periods 1 and 3  will begin to read and annotate a packet on the causes of the French Revolution.  Periods 5 and 7 will finish packet reading.


November 18 - 22, 2013

NOTE: Unit 4 Test on Friday!

Monday: Using the French Revolution packet, students will create a graphic organizer on the causes of the French Revolution.  HW:  Complete French Revolution case study worksheet.

Tuesday: Go over homework.  Students will analyze primary documents relating to the French Revolution.

Wednesday:  Go over first Social Studies Benchmark. 

Thursday: Review for test.  HW:  Study for test.

Friday:  Test on American and French Revolutions

December 2-6, 2013

Monday: Introduce Industrialization:  Take Industrialization pretest:  Watch 20 minute video.  Students will list inventions discussed in the video and write the historical significance of each invention.  Industrialization vocab list will be passed out.  HW:  Vocab sheet due Thursday.  Quiz Friday.

Tuesday: Finish inventions list and impacts among small groups.  Read  “Beginnings of Industrialization” Chapter 9:  Section 1. Write and answer questions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 

Wednesday: “Industrialization” Chapter 9, Section 2.  Write and answer questions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  HW:  Read and annotate article on "Child Labor".  HW:  Finish vocabulary activity.  Pass out INVENTION TOPIC, RUBRIC, and NOTE TAKING HANDOUTS.

Thursday: Check Vocab HW:  Introduce POWTOONS via projector. Show tutorials in class.  HW:  TELL STUDENTS TO BRING EAR BUDS for Monday.

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz:  COMPUTER LAB. Research only.  Complete Note Taking Sheet.  If time, Sign up for POWTOON and WATCH INTRO VIDEOS again. HWTELL STUDENTS TO BRING EAR BUDS for Monday.


December 9-13, 2013

Monday: COMPUTER LAB.  POWTOONS:  Create 40 to 50 second commercial promoting their invention.

Tuesday:  Continue with POWTOON commercials

Wednesday:  NEWS ARTICLE WRITING DAY/NOTES FROM RESEARCH.  Write a news article promoting your invention.

Thursday: Industrial Revolution DBQ’s

Friday:  Nationalism DBQ.  Imperialism DBQ

December 16-20, 2013

UPDATE!  12/17/2013:  The link below will take you to the packets we completed in class.  We covered Chapter 9, sections 1 and 2.  This will be part of your study guide for the test on Thursday.  The review sheet has been posted as well.  A copy will be passed out in class tomorrow.     http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/webpages/jclifford/resources.cfm?subpage=27907


Monday: Project Due:  Collect News Article.  Finish presenting POWTOON Commercials.  Child Labor reading.

Tuesday: Imperialism and Nationalism DBQ.

Wednesday:   Review for test of Industrialization, Imperialism, and Nationalism.

Thursday: Test on Industrialization, Imperialism, and Nationalism.

Friday:  Review activities


December 30- January 3, 2014

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday:  Holiday

Wednesday:  Holiday

Thursday: Annual School Geography Bee

Friday: Annual School Geography Bee  Period 5:  Read and answer questions from world War I packet.  Periods 1, 3, 7 No HW

January 6-10, 2014

Monday: Periods 1, 5, 7.  Complete Geography Bee.  All classes will begin looking at the causes of World War I.  Students will read and answer questions in "Marching to War"  packet.

Tuesday:  Discuss the causes of World War I.  Discuss questions from the "Marching to War" packet.  HW:  Political cartoon with 2 questions.  Due Thursday.

Wednesday:  Testing in Media Center

Thursday:  Go over Homework.  "brain pop" of World War I.  Complete quiz from the "brain pop" video

Friday:  Causes of World War I worksheets/ Finish going over packets.

January 13-17, 2014

Monday: Conference with each student for grades/assignments verification.  Missing tests and quizzes will be made up tomorrow.  

Tuesday:  Discuss Zimmerman Note:  Class recording for National Board

Wednesday: Technology of World war I

Thursday:  Trench Warfare

Friday:  Early Release

January 20-24, 2014

Monday:    NO SCHOOL:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday:  Teacher Workday

Wednesday: 2 Hour Delay:  Period 3:  Present Rat Letters to the class.  Periods 1, 5, 7 Discuss Treaty of Versailles.

Thursday:  Period 3:  Discuss Treaty of Versailles and "Too much Money" video on inflation and begin homework.  Periods 1, 5, 7, watch "Too Much Money" and begin homework.  HW:  Great Depression Reading and questions.  Read, underline answers in the reading, label them and then write the questions on the line.

Friday:  Review for Benchmark.  BENCHMARK #2 on MONDAY!  STUDY, STUDY!, STUDY!  American and French Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, World War I, Great Depression, World War II.

January 27-31, 2014

Monday:   BENCHMARK #2

Tuesday:  BENCHMARK #2 


Wednesday: Brainpop on World War II.  Discuss Causes of World War II and connect them back to the end of World War I 


Thursday:  Listen to Hitler speech with subtitles and discuss the concept of fascism.  Discus briefly Hitler's quest to conquer Europe.  HW:  Research the Battle of Britain and write paragraph to give an overview of the event. 


Friday:   Discuss Attack on Pearl Harbor and how the United States entered World War II.  Discuss Japanese internment camps.  Read Roosevelt's   Executive Order 9066: The President Authorizes Japanese Relocation during World War II.  Show map of Interment Camps.  Discuss whether this could ever happen today. 


February 3-7, 2014

Monday:   Finish Benchmark.  Pass out Fascism Packet.  Due Thursday

Tuesday:  Traveling Exhibit.  Analyze Dr. Seuss  propaganda posters and complete cartoon reflection sheet.

Wednesday:  Traveling exhibit.  Analyze posters on the Holocaust.  Complete poster reflection sheet.

Thursday:  Go over Fascism sheet.  Watch Hitler speech.  Discuss content of the sheet as well as speaker tone.  Complete group activity.

Friday:   Battle of Britain "Live news report from Dover England 1940".  Discuss reporters choice of words and analyze transcript.  Complete audio reflection sheet.

February 10-14, 2014

Monday:   Discuss key events of taking back Europe from Germany.  D-Day, Battle of the Bulge.  Prepare students for tomorrow's presentation.  HW:  DUE WEDNESDAY.  Write 10 facts about the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Include events leading up to it as well as after effects.  At the bottom of your sheet write down whether you believed the bomb should have been dropped or whether the United States should have invaded Japan and not used the bomb.  Write one answer that supports your reason.

Tuesday:  Presentation of grandfather's artifacts from World War II service in Europe.  Periods 1,3.  HW:  Write a short fictional story on how the item you analyzed came into his possession.  Due Friday.

Wednesday: Discuss beginnings of War in the Pacific.  Pearl Harbor video clip.  Begin Atomic Bomb Debate. 

Thursday:  Debate:  Use of the Atomic Bomb

Friday:   EARLY RELEASE:  Debate Use of Atomic Bomb

February 17-21, 2014

Monday-  Discuss the Marshall Plan and analyze the document.  Discuss what would be needed to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Tuesday- Discuss the division of Berlin between the United States, France, Britain, and Soviet Union. 

Wednesday- Discuss the Berlin Blockade/Crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

Thursday-  Formation of NATO in order to maintain peace in post-war Europe.

Friday-Test on World War I and II.

February 24-March 1, 2014

Monday-  Test of World War I and II retake.  Cold War Packet.  HW.  Periods 1, 3.  Create a Propaganda cartoon portraying Communism vs. Capitalism.  Due Wednesday.

Tuesday- .Cold War Packet/Work on Cartoon

Wednesday- Political Cartoon Due.  Go over Cold War packets.

Thursday- Periods 1, 3.  "Save Our Cities"  (1951) and "Burt the Turtle, Duck and Cover" (1951).  Discuss the fear in America after Soviet Union successfully tested a nuclear bomb.  Practice "Duck and Cover" drill in the classroom. 

Periods 5, 7.  Benchmark Analysis

Friday-  All Social Studies Classes:  Benchmark Analysis


Note:  After analyzing our 2nd benchmark we have found that students are struggling with some of the vocabulary within the questions and or answer choices.  We will be making a conscious effort to spend at least 1 day per week working on vocabulary activities.

Note:  I have tried to map out the topics to be covered from now until the end of the quarter.  Things are subject to change but I will make the changes as necessary and repost to my page.

March 4-8, 2014

Monday- Students will learn how the United States educated Americans about nuclear fallout through the Civil Defense Administration.  We will analyze several pamphlets the government provided for the people.  5 Vocab words will be presented to students.  Quiz on Friday will include 5 vocab words and 5 questions from the Korean War.

Tuesday-Students will work in small groups to make a list of fallout shelter items if they needed to prepare today.  Students in the class will ask questions other groups why they chose some of their items.  Students will watch fallout video from the 1950's.

Wednesday-Students will learn the causes of the Korean War.  Korean War Brainpop and activity to go along with it.

Thursday-Students will learn the results of the Korean War and impact on the spread of Communism. 

Friday-Quiz on 5 vocab words and the Korean War.  HW:  Causes and results of the Korean War.  One paragraph each.  Worth 2 homework grades.

March 11-14, 2014

Monday- .  Korean War review.  Begin Vietnam War.  10 vocab words will be presented to students.  Quiz on Friday will Friday will include 10 vocab words relating to the Korean and Vietnam War, and the Cuban Missile,Crisis. Vocab worksheet can be found on my page.   HW:  Vietnam worksheet.  Vocabulary sheet due WednesdayVocab quiz on Friday

Tuesday-    Go over Vietnam worksheet.  Begin study of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara.  Cuban Revolution.  Guerilla Warfare.   HW:  Vocab worksheet

Wednesday- Go over Vocab.  Cuban Missile Crisis.  Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Thursday- Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, HW:  Quiz tomorrow!

Friday- Quiz on 5 vocab words. 

March 17-21, 2014

Monday-Cold War

Thursday- Review Cold WSpace Race

Tuesday-Space Race

Wednesday- Review ar

Friday- Field Trip.  Students remaining at school will complete packet on technology during the Cold War

March 24-28, 2014

Monday-  Inventions during the Cold War packet.  Classwork.  Those who did not complete the packet on Friday will continue with the work today. 

Tuesday- New nations during the Cold War.  Partition of India.

Wednesday-  Creation of Israel

Thursday- Quarter 3 Ends

Friday- Student created review game for the Cold WAR. 

March 31-April 4, 2014






April 7-11, 2014

Monday  Periods 1 and 3.  Students will receive analytical assignment and rubric.  5 paragraphs, typed or written.  Introduction, 3 main points that support their thesis and a conclusion. 

Periods 5 and 7 will receive a 5 paragraph analysis of 5 African countries and a summary of their independence. 


Tuesday  Discuss how to write a analytical essay. How to write a thesis statement.  Discuss what  to look for when researching information for your country or countries.  Examples will be discussed in class.

Wednesday  Analyze documents about the Independence of Algeria and Angola after World War II.  Students focused on the negative impacts of imperialism and colonization  on newly independent African nations.  Reviewed/Discussed how to approach the research for the essay for students who wanted a head start on their work.

Thursday  Life of Nelson Mandela and his impact on South African independence movement

Friday  Brainpop and Quiz on Apartheid.

April 14-18, 2014

Monday-  Watch video on Gandi's legacy in India.  Discuss content of the video

Tuesday  Periods 1 and 3.  Computer lab to work on research for essay. Periods 5 and 7.  Mahatma Gandhi reading followed by a quiz.  UPDATE:  Periods 5 and 7 are only required to write about 3 African countries in stead of 5. However, an extra 5 points will be given if a students writes 5 paragraphs.  So the total points for this project grade could total up to 110.

Wednesday  Periods 1 and 3.  Computer lab to work on research/type essay.  HW:  Gandhi reading handout.  Quiz.tomorrow on Gandhi handout.  Periods 5 and 7.  Begin review for the benchmark.  Handout review sheet to all students. 

Thursday Periods 1 and 3.  Quiz on Gandhi reading.  Periods 1, 3, 5, 7.  Review for benchmark that will be on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Topics to review.  Cold War, new nations (Indepence in Africa, Partition of India, Apartheid in South Africa. 

Friday  NO SCHOOL.HOLIDAY.  Homework.  Period 1and 3, Analytical Essay Due Monday.  Periods 5, and 7.  3 Paragraph analysis of 3 African countries independence

April 21-25, 2014



Wednesday  Begin current events unit.  Begin discussing how to read currents and analyze their content.  Disuss the different news channels and how they report on the same event.  Teach students that some television stations can be biased or support a political party.  However, we will focus on major events, such as the disappearance of the plane in Asia, so reports should remain consistent. 

Thursday  Introduce "News Channel"  project.  This will be the focus for the next few weeks of class.  This will be an intense focus on current world events culminating at the end of each week with a news broadcast live or previously recorded.  Students will form a news team and research topics on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Thurday's will be to record a News Report or practice the live version for Friday's "broadcast".  Students will create their own backdrop for their tv station.  They will give it a name as well.  Students may use any props they chose or create a character using costumes.  This is the first time doing this project so I am asking students to be fully engaged but patient as I work to make this project go as smooth as possible.  I am hoping this will be a fun and exciting way to study current events and the impacts they have around the world.

Friday  Students will form small groups and will be given a specific Unit of study we have gone through this year.  As a small group they wil create a lesson plan for two consecutive days that covers that unit.  For example, some students will prepare review activities that cover all or :"Exploration".  These lessons along with my own plans will be done during the last week or so to prepare students for the final exam.


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