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5-1 News

In Math, we have started our next unit on the division of whole numbers and decimals.  Students will be working on becoming proficient using the partial quotients algorithm, and using area models to solve.  They will also be applying their skills in problem solving activities. 


In Reading, we are reading a short stories from Jr. Great Books.  Currently, we are reading "Oliver Hyde's Dishcloth Concert".

In reading, we will also be completing word study packets. The packet for Lesson 7 will be due on Wednesday, November 12th. Some time will be given in class to work on this, but students should be working on this at home as well.  Some parts of the packet need signatures from parents/caregivers.


Science News


In Science, we are learning about the digestive system.  Test will be on Tuesday  12/16 for all science classes.   Students will have flashcards and a diagram to study. 



Homework 12/11/14


LA:Typing game or writer's notebook. 

Reading: Read 20 min.

Math: Division worksheet


Fastt Math link for extra practice:;0.5716688085813075


Science: none

SS: none

Word Study:Packet due Friday 12/12

































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