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5-1 News

In Math, we have been working on a short math unit (Unit 2.2)focusing on interpreting fractions as division. Students need to represent a division word problem as a fraction and show it using drawings or tape diagrams (bar models).  In addition, they need to represent remainders in division problems as fractions.  We will test at the end of this week.  Our next unit is addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators.

Please refer to the parent newsletter by clicking on "5th grade resources" on the 5th grade home page, and then clicking on "view" on the Math Fifth Grade Curriculum-Grade Units of Study and Family Letters.  Select "K-6 Parent Newsletters" on the left.  Select our current unit of study to see more information.


In Reading, we are reading a short stories from Jr. Great Books.  Currently, we are reading "The Hundred Dollar Bill".

In reading, we will also be completing word study packets. The packet for Lesson 8 will be due on Friday January 16th. Some time will be given in class to work on this, but students should be working on this at home as well.  Some parts of the packet need signatures from parents/caregivers.

As mentioned in Open House, students will have to turn in book reports for the equivalent of 1 book a month at the end of the quarter. (3 books)  for a 3, or 5 books for a 4.  They will be due by the end of January this quarter. (A book greater than 300 pages counts as 2 books so if students read one of these, they would only need to turn in 2 reports) Students know this as well and have the option to work on this at school if they have extra time.  Book report forms are found on the fifth grade web page under "5th grade resources".


Science News


In Science, we have started our unit on Levers and Pullleys.  We have investigated levers and will start learning about pulleys next week.  We have also studied Rube Goldberg and how he used simple machines in his cartoons.  He created "quirky" inventions that showed difficult ways to accomplish a simple task.  (For example, sharpening a pencil had 19 steps and included several simple machines. ) As a culminating project at the end of the month, we will create our own Rube Goldberg like inventions.



Homework 1/13/15


LA:Writer's notebook or type. 

Reading: Read 20 min.

Math: Worksheet


Fastt Math link for extra practice:;0.5716688085813075


Science: none

SS: none

Word Study:Packet due Friday 1/16

































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