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Welcome to 5-1!


Our year is off to a great start!  Students are learning their way around their new school and are making new friends. 


In Math, we are already well into our first unit on decimals in the number system.  This unit includes decimal place value, comparing decimals, exponential notation, and powers of ten. We will continue working on this unit for most of September.


We have started off the year reading a short story from Junior Great Books titled "No Guitar Blues" by Gary Soto.  We will read two more short stories from this collection before moving on to a novel this quarter in reading.

In reading, we will also be completing word study packets. 


In Science, we have begun to answer the question "What is a System" by talking about systems and beginning to investigate the skeletal system.  We have created posters of the five functions of the skeletal system, and will then start learning the names of the bones.

Students have also been going to art, music, library, and PE.  In addition, students are having Spanish once a week this year.



























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