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5-1 News

In Math, we have just started a new unit on volume.  Students will learn about the concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and addition (layers). They will use both unit cubes and the volume formula to determine the volume. 

Please refer to the parent newsletter by clicking on "5th grade resources" on the 5th grade home page, and then clicking on "view" on the Math Fifth Grade Curriculum-Grade Units of Study and Family Letters.  Select "K-6 Parent Newsletters" on the left.  Select our current unit of study to see more information.


In Reading, we are finishing novels in literature circles.  There are several groups that are reading Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  There is also a group that chose to read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Students will participate in discussion and have literature circle "jobs" to complete.

We will do a culminating activity and then begin our next short story in Junior Great Books.

We will begin our new word study packet on Tuesday 2/23.  It will be due Friday, 3/6.

As mentioned in Open House, students will have to turn in book reports for the equivalent of 1 book a month at the end of the quarter. (3 books)  for a 3, or 5 books for a 4.  They will be due the first week in April for 3rd quarter. (A book greater than 300 pages counts as 2 books so if students read one of these, they would only need to turn in 2 reports) Students know this as well and have the option to work on this at school if they have extra time.  Book report forms are found on the fifth grade web page under "5th grade resources".


Science News


In Science, we have started our unit called Sun, Moon, and Planets. We will be working with this kit for the next few months as it has many components.  We took an online survey today to see what we know before starting the unit.  A few of the things that students will learn about is what causes day and night, the moon phases, eclipses, and the planets.


Homework 2/26/15


LA:Writer's notebook or type. 

Reading: Read 20 min. 

Math: IXL Any section in B (10 minutes)


Fastt Math link for extra practice:;0.5716688085813075


Science: none

SS: Finish classwork

Word Study:Due Friday, March 6th

































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