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5-1 News

It has been a great start to fifth grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting year!

In Math, we are beginning our first unit on whole numbers and decimals in the place value system. We are happy to have a new math series, Go Math!, that is being used a resource district-wide. 

Please refer to the parent newsletter by clicking on "5th grade resources" on the 5th grade home page, and then clicking on "view" on the Math Fifth Grade Curriculum-Grade Units of Study and Family Letters.  Select "K-6 Parent Newsletters" on the left.  Select our current unit of study to see more information.


Science News


 In Science, we have just started our first unit "Mixtures and Solutions".   This is a new science kit that we are doing in 5th grade this year to support the NGSS standards.  Students this week are learning about mixtures, different tools to separate mixtures, and the components of a solution.  They are enjoying many hands on experiments using gravel, salt, sand, and water.

We are also focusing on the he structure of informational text.


Science Quiz 9/30



























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