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Favorite Links



"What Do Teachers Do In The SummerTime?"
"Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll !" (Plan for NEXT Year!)

Living in America! (Bill of Rights Rock!)



Mr. Peel's Summertime Projects
History Music Videos (HuMVees)
History of the World - 4,000 bc to 2,012 ad
iPhone D.istance M.obil L.earning (I.D.M.L.)

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!  

 "Wipeout!" - The Classics "DeClassified"
                         and Duh! Why Study History?

   Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll! 
   Part I

 "CrossRoads" - How We Know
   Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part II 
 "Back In Time!" - World History in 4 Minues?

   Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part III

 "Light My Fire!" - 4,000 b.c.-1969 a.d.

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll! 
Part IV 

 "Born To Be Wild!" 1969-2012
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part V 
 Rocky-7 Wonders -
                  Ancient, “New”, & Natural!

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Jazz! 
~Part VI

                  Declaration of Independence
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Rap !
   Part VII
 "Washington Rock & Rap"
                  Washington's Teeth

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Rap !
   Part VIII 

                   Lincoln/Kennedy Coincidences
Rocks 2 Country Rock!
   Part IX
 "Dixie" - Civil War

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part X 

 "Living In America !"  (Bill of Rights Rock!)
                   Is this a Great Country or What?

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 1 

 "Mony Mony" - It's the Economy !?! 
                   Personal Finance
Rocks 2 Country Rock!
   Part XI, Sequel 2
 "9 to 5"HERstory

~Rocks 2 Country Rock!
   Part XI, Sequel 3 

 "Angels - 4 MOM" -(Get the Kleenex)
~Rocks 2 Country Rock!
   Part XI, Sequel 4 
 "Love without end - 4 DAD"  -(Father's Day)
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 5 
 "You're No Good" - 20th Century Dictators
                                    and the Holocaust

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 6

 "Back in the U.S.S.R" - Cold War
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 7
 "Defenders & War!" - Vietnam War 
   Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 8
 FREEBIRD!” – Are You Smarter 
                      . . . than a 6th Grader? (RECAP)
   Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 9 
 Ring, Ring goes the Bell -
             Meet Your Teachers!
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!    
   Part XI, Prequel 2         

 "We Get Knocked Down"                                   
                                    But We Get Up Again!   

Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part Xi, Prequel 3
 "U.S. History in 60 Seconds!"
                                   Think, Pair, Share!
Rocks 2 Classical!
   Part XII,
Chapter Review
 "c1 How We Know"
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll! 
   Part XII, Chapter Review
 "c2 Alley Oop!"
Rocks 2 HillBilly!         
   Part XII, Chapter Review
 "c3 Land of Constant Sorrows"
 "c3 Rolling on the River"
Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll! 
   Part XII, Chapter Review
 "c4 Walk Like an Egyptian"
*Rocks 2 Rock-N-Roll!
   Part XI, Sequel 7.2
 "MLK B-Day"


iPhone enabled    I.nternet D.istance M.obile L.earning (IDML)(Review on the School Bus or in the Car!)
( NO Commercial!)
~ Wrong GenreYes, I know it's the wrong Genre,
But I think it's a "catchy tune"!

*  No Song

No Song, But important information.
Hey, I couldn't think of Everything!
    NO SYMBOLDue to Copyrights, these Videos are on a site  where you have to watch a 10-30 second commerical before you can watch a 2-4 minute H.istory M.usic V.ideo (HuMVee).



Make Your Own Humvee!
(H.istory M.usic V.ideo Directions!)
T.A.G./Enrichment/Extra Credit!

Make Your Own G.-M.T.V. !
G.eography M.usic T.ravel V.ideo Directions

T.A.G./Enrichment/Extra Credit!

Sample G.-M.T.V.

PodCast Directions! 
T.A.G./Enrichment/Extra Credit!


"ITASCA VACATION"-Is This A Great Town or What


(Words to die for . . . And Live By!)

Ancient Civilizations in 2 1/2 Minutes !

American Presidents!

How to Succeed in Social Studies!

Achievement Test Prep II 

Achievement Test Prep III 

Does History Repeat Itself ?
(Classical Music - Long Answer - 9 minutes)


Short Answer To The ULTIMATE HISTORY Question:
Does History Repeat Itself ?

I have Twin Boys,
My Brother Had Twin Boys,
and One Of Them Had Twin Boys,
However, while camping with a rented pop-up camper,
I discovered that History Doesn't always repeat itself !


Humvee Tech ! 
(Chapter Review H.istory M.usic V.ideos)

(Aug. -June )

Ch. 5 India(na) (Jones) 

Ch. 6 China (Grove)

Ch. 7 The Israelites 

Ch. 8 Zorba the Greek   

Ch. 9 (Electro) Spartans 

Ch. 10 Ben Hur (Rome)

Ch. 11 Turn! Turn! Turn! (Rome & Christianity)

Ch. 12 (Music of) Islam  

Ch. 13 Africa(n) (Drums)    [Early African Civilizations]  

Ch. 14 China II  - (Tang, Song, Yuan, & Ming Dynasties)

Ch. 15 Japan  - (Heian Cultural Center)


Clean up and reorganize (June-Aug.)
www.new.schoolnotes.com (numerous accounts at 60143)

Next year (Aug.-June)
What's Next after
"Rocks 2 Rock 'n Roll History" ????

TP Tech and "Where's Grandma"


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