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Welcome to my schoolnotes page for 10th Grade English Honors.  On this page you will find much useful information.  It is my hope that you will utlize this tool - here is a list of tasks you can do...

  • contact me via email
  • see the plan for the upcoming week in class
  • know important due dates
  • review the calendar for the school schedule
  • download documents to use in class
  • follow important links on the Internet

I will ask all students to enable the 'Notify Me' option.  This function will alert you each and every time I update my page (don't worry, it's only about once a week, usually on a Friday or over the weekend.) 



All typed papers MUST follow the formatting guidelines below.

  • Size 12 font
  • Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced


Week Ending 5/22/2015

You  may create (by hand) a 3 x 5 index card to use on the vocab rev test at the end of this week.  You WILL NOT be able to access your charts online during the test. 

Work on Voc Rev Puzzle for test later this week.  This will count as extra credit and help you study.  It is due Friday.  

Monday - All novels finished - be ready for the final quiz on each.  We will also take any makeup quizzes.  

Tuesday - No chromebooks. We will have their slow cousins...I hope. We will work on characterization for each novel.  

Wednesday - No chromebooks. We will have their slow cousins...I hope. We will work on characterization for each novel.  

Thursday -   Begin Spelling for Voc Rev Test for units 10, 11 and 12. Begin M/C for Voc Rev Test.  

Friday - Finish Voc Rev Test.  Puzzle due for extra credit. 


Week Ending 5/15/2015

Monday - Voc 12.1 due. 

Tuesday- Heavy sigh...testing.  

Wednesday - VOc 12.2 due.

Thursday - HEavy sigh...testing. 

Friday - VOcab test Unit 12.  BOTH novels all done by Monday.


2nd  & 3rd Periods Week ending 5/10/2015

Monday – LOTF Quiz on chapters 8/9.  Final briefing for AICE General Paper. 

Tuesday – AICE General Paper at the Methodist Church at 2 PM.  Plan to arrive between 1:30 and 1:45.  LEAVE YOUR PHONES AT HOME OR IN YOUR CAR.   

Wednesday – HW CK voc 12.1  LOTF quiz ch 10/11.

Thursday – LOTF quiz ch. 12.  Complete character chart for both books.

Friday – HW CK Voc 12.2.

5th/6th/7th  Periods Week ending 5/10/2015

Monday – AF quiz ch 5/6.  Final briefing for AICE General Paper. 

Tuesday – AICE General Paper at the Methodist Church at 2 PM.  Plan to arrive between 1:30 and 1:45.  LEAVE YOUR PHONES AT HOME OR IN YOUR CAR.   

Wednesday – HW CK voc 12.1  AF quiz ch 7 & 8.

Thursday – AF quiz ch. 9.  Complete character chart for both books.

Friday – AF quiz ch 10.  HW CK Voc 12.2.



Week Ending 4/23/2015

1st – 3rd periods

5th – 7th periods

Monday – You will meet for your entire first period.  They have been calling everyone for FSA testing around 7:45 – report to the Media Center.  You will test for all of 2nd/3rd and part of 4th

Monday – LOTF Quiz ch 11/12.  Work on your character chart. 

Tuesday – Same as Monday. 

Tuesday – Begin Animal Farm – chapter 1 due tomorrow. 

Wednesday – HW CK Voc 11.2.  LOTF quiz on chapers 3 and 4.

Wednesday – HW CK Voc 11.2.  Chapter 5 in AF due tomorrow.

Thursday – Vocabulary Test for Unit 11 (I’m out for tomorrow.)

Thursday – Vocabulary Test Unit 11 (I’m out tomorrow).

Friday – Read chapters 6/7 for Monday. 

Friday – Chapters 3 and 4 due from Animal Farm on Monday.



Week Ending 4/17/2015


Instructions for FSA ELA Practice Test

  • Follow the link here on schoolnotes to the practice site.
  • Take the test, but before ending your test or submitting, you need to take a screenshot of the final page. You will see a grid with all of the question numbers on it.  Each box should be blank.  If it has a red triangle in it, it means you did not answer it.  Return to the test and ANSWER IT. 
  • In order to earn full credit AND earn the homework coupon, you will need to print the screen shot of your final page and get a note signed by your parents indicating you did take the practice test on the computer.
  • BEFORE you actually submit/end the test, shrink your screen to ½ size and follow the link to the answer page. Shrink it and place it next to the test.  Look at each answer to see if you answered it correctly.  If not, read the rationale to better understand the correct answer. 
  • If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, Google it for some help. If you can print from your phone, snap a picture of it that way and print it. 
  • As always, if you’re still having trouble, shoot me an email.



2nd and 3rd Periods

5th, 6th and 7th Periods


Animal Farm – quiz on chapters 9/10.  Class discussion and work on completing this part of your chart.

Lord of the Flies – Quiz on chapters 8 & 9.  Read ch ch 10 for HW – due on Friday.


Vocab Test Unit 11. 

Vocab Test Unit 11.  The FSA ELA screen shot of the completed test is due TODAY. 


HW CK Voc 11.1.  Begin reading Lord of the Flies.  Read ch 1 for HW.

FSA Testing in the Media Center.  Eat first lunch for both days. 


Quiz on LOTF ch 1.  Read ch 2 for HW.  The FSA ELA screen shot of the completed test is due TODAY.  Your critique for the 4/30 Literary Analysis is due today. 

FSA Testing in the Media Center.  Eat first lunch again today. 


Quiz on LOTF ch 2.  Read ch 3 & 4 for HW.

Quiz ch 10.  Your critique for the 4/30 Literary Analysis is due today.  Read ch 11& 12 for Monday.




Week Ending 4/10/2015

Monday - Animal Farm - read chapters 4/5 by today for a quiz.  Lord of the Flies - read chapters 3/4 by today for a quiz.  We will resume reading in class.  You will need to read the next chapter in each novel for tomorrow. 

Tuesday - AF - quiz on ch 6.  Read ch 7 for HW.  LOTF - quiz on ch 5.  Read ch 6 for HW.

Wednesday -  HW CK Voc 10.2.  AF - quiz on ch 7.  Read ch 8 for HW.  LOTF - quiz on ch 6.  Read ch 7 for HW.

Thursday - AF - quiz on ch 8.  Read ch 9/10 by Monday.  LOTF - quiz on ch 7. Read ch 8/9 by Monday.

Friday - We have the FSA Reading test next week.  Today we will practice on the computers.


Week Ending 4/3/2015

Monday - We will be starting our new novels. Because the novels are so short, we will read them in a 2 week period.  2nd/3rd will be reading Animal Farm, and 4th/5th/7th will be reading Lord of the Flies.  Before we read...there is a pre-reading activity that we will complete in class using Google Docs.  You will work in small groups to answer - Who was Josef Stalin?

Tuesday - Continue/present information found. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 10.1.

Thursday - Distribute/begin reading novels.  

Friday - Read. 



Important Note - I had to surrender the chromebook lab on Friday afternoon.  I have gathered some other technology, but as of right now, it's not enough.  If you have a tablet or a laptop that you would not mind bringing to school to use, that would be awesome.




Week Ending 3/20/2015

Monday - HW CK for your rough draft for the AQWF essay.  It must be 4 paragraphs long.  We will be doing a peer editing session.  You are to do home and REVISE your draft. 

Tuesday - We will be training for the FSA reading test today.  Morning classes (1,2,3) will meet in the media center.  Afternoon classes (5, 6, 7) will report to the classroom. 

Wednesday -  More FSA Reading training.  Morning classes (1,2 3) will report to the classroom.  Afternoon classes (5, 6, 7) will report to the Media Center. 

Last day for any late/missing work. 

Thursday - Final revision.  We will once again conduct a peer editing session.  Your paper is due on TurnIt in no later than Friday, 3/20, 10 PM.  I am hoping that all will be able to get it submitted today. 


Friday - No school - Teacher workday.


Week Ending 3/13/2015

Monday - Final Focus for FSA.  It looks like 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods will be testing in the morning in the Media Center while 5th, 6th and 7th will be testing after lunch.

Tuesday - Writing test.  

Wednesday - Go over Quote Forms.  Complete your word web for the AQWF essay - due tomorrow for HW CK.

Thursday - Begin Voc Review Test - spelling today.  HW CK for completed word web.  Begin typing essay - rough draft is due Tuesday.

Friday - Puzzle for Voc Rev Test due today - complete M/C part in class.  





Week Ending 3/6/2015

Monday - Voc Test Unit 9.  Finish the movie.  Today you will get the puzzle for hte voc rev test for units 7,8 and 9.  This puzzle is due on Wednesday of next week - after the FSA writing test (which will be on Monday or Tuesday of next week).  

Now that the movie is done...the quote forms are due online TUESDAY night, no later than 10PM.  

Tuesday - Read articles in class - work on quote forms.

Wednesday - Review quotes and write word web for essay.

Thursday - Late start.  

Friday - Begin "How to Write an Essay" essay in preparation for the test next week. 


Week Ending 2/27/2015

Monday - Finish the test for AQWF.  Complete the form on schoolnotes for collaboration (due when we finish the  movie.)  Download document titled List of Articles for Soldiers of yesteryear/today.  Decide which articles you will read, find your quotes and type them in with annotations.  Also, be working on the Reflection/Correction sheet for the 1/29 Literary Analysis. 

Tuesday - Movie.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 9.2.  Movie.

Thursday - Movie.

Friday - Voc test unit 9.  You will get the puzzle for the review test for units 7,8,  and 9.  This is your only chance for extra credit.  The completed puzzle is due 3/6 for the review test.


Week Ending 2/20/2015

Monday - No school in honor of President's Day. Everyone needs to look at their 1/29 Lit Analysis and complete the Reflection/Correction assignment.  On the cover sheet you must include your grade and what you missed (including how many points for each) and why.  Then you must CORRECT it.  Print it all out and put it in the late basket. This assignment is due no later than Friday, February 20.  

Tuesday - Complete the summary for your lit analysis on our novel.  Do not issue paperbacks for this.  Use the documents on their drive.

    • Use numbers to plot your way through the book (bullet 1 = page 1, bullet 10=the last page, bullet 5=the midpoint, so forth and so on).  First record the page number, then  GO TO that page number to plot what is happening.  Remember that each bullet should be a short paragraph.

Wednesday - HW CK on completed Lit Analysis summary.  Work on Setting and Character analysis in class.  

Thursday - Literary Analysis for AQWF will not be due until tomorrow night at 10 PM.  HW CK Voc 9.1.  Complete form on schoolnotes for collaboration. 

Friday - Test on AQWF.  Finish form if needed. 


Week Ending 2/13/2015

You will find a Google form listed under the links.  Follow it and fill out the form.  This information is due no later than Wednesday, 2/11/2015.  The form will be ready to go later this weekend.  I will send out a notice when you can get to it.


Monday - Finish reading chapter 9 in class.  Read ch 10 for HW and quiz tomorrow. 

Tuesday - Quiz on ch 10.  Start 11 in class - finish for HW. 

Wednesday - Quiz ch 11.  HW CK Voc 8.2. Read ch 12 for HW. 

Thursday - Quiz on ch 12. Begin class discussion.  You must have submitted your quote and explanation to the Google form by last night.  I will display that document and each student will have to present their ideas to the class.  Each student will get a copy of this for their Google drive to annotate as needed and to use when writing their final draft of the essay.

Friday - Voc Test Unit 8 - remember to print your charts if you will need them - no computers in class.  :^( Voc 9.1 due Wed. of next week. 




Week Ending 2/6/2015

Your next literary analysis will be due a little early - 2/19.  It will be on our class novel - All Quiet on the Western Front.  


Monday - Ch 3 AND 4 'quiz' from our class novel, All Quiet on the Western Front.  We will begin chapter 5 in class.  Finish reading it for HW.  

Tuesday - Ch 5 'quiz'.  Begin chapter 6 in class - finish for HW.

Wednesday - Ch 6 'quiz'. HW CK Voc 8.1.  Read chapter 7 for HW.

Thursday - Late start.  Ch 7 'quiz'.  Begin chapter 8 in class - finish for HW.

Friday - Ch 8 'qiuz'. Begin chapter 9 - read chapters 9/10 by MONDAY.  


Week Ending 1/30/2015

Monday -  Begin reading novel (finish chapter 1 at home).  For HW - Complete KWL (just the K and the W).

Tuesday - Quiz on Chapter 1 - read chapter 2.  Finish for HW if we don't finish in class. 

Wednesday - Quiz on Chapter 2.  Begin chapter 3.   HW CK Voc 7.1.

Thursday - Literary Analysis due on TurnItin NO LATER THAN 10 PM.  No excuses....  Begin chapter 4.  Finish for HW.

Friday - Voc Test Unit 7. Read chapters 5/6 by Monday. 



Week Ending 1/9/2015

Okay...typing 2015 felt really weird...


Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a great break - I know I did.


Monday- Reflective writing for squid paragraph.

Tuesday - Work on preparing for semester exam. 

Wednesday - Work on preparing for semester exam. 

Thursday - Late start.  Work on preparing for semester exam. 

Friday - Work on preparing for semester exam. 


Exam week is next week.  Here are some important reminders - 

Monday - 1/12 - Final day to turn in any late/missing work.  7th period exam from 12 - 1:45.

Tuesday - Early dismissal at 11:30.  Exams in 1st and 2nd with snack in your 4th period class. 

Wednesday - Early dismissal at 11:30.  Exams in 3rd and 4th with snack in your 6th period.

Thursday - Early dismissal at 11:30.  Exams in 5th and 6th with snack in your 7th period. 

No school on Friday.  


Week Ending 12/18/2014


Monday - We are going to do another close read/writing assignment...don't worry, it won't be about a squid...today you will begin by reading the articles and annotating them.  They are saved on schoolnotes as a Google Doc.  You will treat this the same way you treat weekly vocab - follow the link, make a copy and save it on your own drive.  You will be reading it and annotating it online during class.  This is to be finished for homework - it will be checked tomorrow.

Tuesday - Today you will read a few other documents and annotate them.  You will then plan your essay - Your completed word web is due tomorrow (thesis statement, topic sentences, ideas).   We will start the voc rev test today - spelling only.  Don't forget to make up your index card for tomorrow!!!

Wednesday - Voc Rev Test M/C.  Puzzle due today for extra credit.  You may look back over your spelling if needed. 

Thursday - The Big Elf!!!  ???  :^)  Lit Analysis corrections due today. 

Friday - No School!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful break...you all deserve it.  I will miss you...and I look forward to seeing all of you in January!!!  Yes, I plan to ride my horse every single day of the break...:^)


Week Ending 12/12/2014

Monday - Finish writing rubric.

Tuesday - Work on giant squid paragraph.  

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 6.2.  Work on paragraph.

Thursday - Close read activity.

Friday - Vocab Test unit 6.  You will get the puzzle for the voc rev test for units 4, 5,  and 6 on Thursday of next week (we will start it on Wednesday).  This puzzle, when turned in complete and correct, will be the only bonus available.  You may  make an index card for the day of the test. 


I will be out Monday for jury duty :^(   Make sure you finish your flyer for Act IV...it is still due...and no one will be able to print from my computers...as I told all of you before leaving for the break. 


Don't forget that your Act IV notes are due to TurnItIn NLT 10 PM Thursday, 11/20.


Week Ending 12/5/2014

Monday - Flyer for Act IV due in class.  You must print your final draft (not the cluster map).  This is a test grade and WILL NOT be accepted late. Begin Informative/Argumentative writing.

Tuesday - Informative/Argumentative writing. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 6.1.

Thursday -  Informative/Argumentative writing.

Friday -  Informative/Argumentative writing.


Week Ending 11/21/2014

Monday - Either finish Act IV or work on Act IV notes on Google during class. 

Tuesday - Finish Act IV Notes in class.  Due to TurnItIn tonight, no later than 10 PM.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 5.2

Thursday - Vocab Test Unit 5.  Work on voc 6.1 after the test. Act IV Notes due to TurnItIn NLT 5 PM.

Friday - Watch Act V of the play.


Week Ending 11/14/2014


Here's the deal with the Act III Notes....the line numbers from my notes did not match up with the line numbers of the play on Spark Notes.  I have scanned all of Act III and posted it here as a PDF document.  All notes for ACT III will need to be submitted to the assignment titled RESUBMISSION OF ACT III NOTES.  

Open your notes (download from the previous assignment if you did not save them to your computer).  Verify that you used the correct lines from the play to answer the questions...SUBMIT this document to the correct assignment.  

If your notes are not submitted to the correct assignment, I WILL NOT SEE THEM, and you will NOT GET A GRADE.

This resubmission of Act III notes is due no later than Friday, 11/14 at 10 PM.


Monday - Reflection/Correction sheet for October Lit Analysis due.  Finish presentations for Ethos, Pathos and Logos.  Begin Act IV.  

Tuesday - No school in honor of Veteran's Day. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 5.1.   Act IV.

Thursday - Literary Analysis due for 11/13 to TurnItIn, NLT 10 PM.

Friday - Resubmisison of Act III Notes due to  TurnItIn no later than 10 PM.  Finish Act IV??


Week Ending 10/30/2014

Monday – Finish watching Act III for Julius Caesar. Begin group work.

Tuesday – Group word for Act III.

Wednesday – HW CK Voc 4.1. Group work.

Thursday – Critique due for the 11/13 Lit Analysis – remember to bring in your printed critique, your reading log and your book. Worth 15 points on the Lit Analysis.

Friday – Finish up group work – begin presentations.


Week Ending 10/24/204

Monday – No school – teacher workday.

Tuesday – FSA Read.

Wednesday – FSA Write.

Thursday – Back to Act III – Ethos, Pathos and Logos presentation. This is a powerpoint with a H/O for the last slide. If you miss school today, you are expected to watch the PPT and complete the H/O (last slide).

Friday – Act III. Vocab 4.1 id due on Wednesday. The charts are online – the puzzle is on the back of Unit 3 and online.


Many of you are working very hard on your project.  Make sure that for EACH quote that you place the quote IN CONTEXT.  That means you must describe the audience and WHY Antony used these words (the before of the before, during and after).  Use this as a sentence starter:


When Antony uttered (spoke, made, announced, etc.) these words, the audience was *** becasue ****.


You may use these exact words or you may use your own words...just accomplish the intended task!  I have seen some great stuff as I walk around the room - be sure to look at it/polish it up over the weekend.  


In order to get a d100, you must also include the reaction of the crowd.  Gotta tell the WHOLE story.  :^)


Week Ending 11/7/2014

Monday - Begin Presentations for Ethos/Pathos/Logos - be ready to go.  If I call on your group to go and you are not ready, you will only earn half credit (ouch!).  

Don't forget to work on your Act III notes - these will be due Wednesday of next week (11/5).

And...don't forget to complete the Reflection/Correction sheet for your 10/16 Literary Analysis.  The only ones exempt from this are those of you who earned a 100!  All others must complete the assignment - due 11/10.

AND...don't forget to READ YOUR NOVEL.  The next Literary Analysis is due 11/13.

Tuesday - Presentations. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 4.2.  Finish presentations?

Thursday - Begin Act IV.  

Friday - Voc Test Unit 4. 



October 17, 2014

Monday - Some will need to finish reading Act II, some will work on their two-column notes - these will be due for all on Tuesday, 10/21 to TurnItiN.com  NOT ACCEPTED LATE.

Tuesday - Begin Act III.

Wednesday - PSAT testing for 1st - 4th periods.  5th, 6th and 7th - will work on finalizing Act II notes.

Thursday - Act III - spelling for Voc Rev Test Units 1, 2, 3.  LAST DAY TO TURN IN LATE/MISSING WORK.  This includes test corrections and make up tests. LITERARY ANALYSIS DUE TODAY NLT 10 PM to TurnItIn.com.  NOT ACCEPTED LATE.

Friday - M/C for Voc Rev Test, Units 1, 2, 3.  Last day of the 1st nine weeks.


Week Ending October 10, 2014

Monday – Questions 3/5 from page 796 – peer response. Two-column Notes for Act I of Julius Caesar due tonight, no later than 10 PM. Begin Act II in class today.

Tuesday – Read – Act II.

Wednesday – HW CK Voc 3.2. Read.

Thursday – Vocab Test for Unit 3 – I am out tomorrow, so you will have the vocab test on Thursday. You will get the voc rev test puzzle today. It is due on Friday of next week when you take the voc rev test for units 1, 2, and 3. The correctly completed puzzle is your bonus.

Friday – Watch the movie for Act II – I am out today. You will need to create a 10 bullet summary for Act II – due at the end of class – so pay attention to the movie!


Week Ending10/3/2014

Ok – get out your planners and make sure you are working on the following:

  • Your book recommendation is due by Monday, September 29. You just fill out the Google Form I’ve included in my Favorite Links…you may recommend any novel – as long as it is high school material.
  • Notes for Act I of Julius Caesar – it will be due towards the end of the week. You will submit to TurnItIn.
  • The Reflection Sheet/Corrections for the 9/11 Literary Analysis are due 10/10. The instructions are included on the Reflection Sheet…stored on schoolnotes.
  • The critique for the 10/16 Literary Analysis is due Thursday, 10/2. You must print the opinion of someone else about your novel and bring in your book (or reader or whatever). If you do not do this on the 2nd, you will lose 15 points from the 10/16n Literary Analysis. You novel must be at least 200 pages long. Email me if you have any questions about this part of the assignment.
    • You may also be working on your 10/16 Literary Analysis as you read the book.
  • As always, you will have vocab due on Wednesday (3.1).

Monday – Read – finish Act I? Begin movie.

Tuesday – Movie.

Wednesday – HW CK Voc 3.1. Movie.

Thursday – Late Start – critique for 10/16 Lit Analysis due.

Friday – Pep rally. Movie. Finish Act I?


Week Ending 9/26/2014

Monday - Read article - list 5 things that Caesar did for Rome.  Write a paragraph explaining these.  Write one more paragraph to explain how one of these could have harmed Rome.  Turn it in before leaving class.  If you finish early, work on your vocab or your Act I Notes for Julius Caesar.  You may also read quietly or work on other homework.

Tuesday - 2nd - begin reading Julius Caesar.  All others - resume reading

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 2.2.  Read.

Thursday - Read.  Maybe finish Act I.  If so, begin movie.

Friday - Vocab Test, unit 2.  Voc 3.1 due Wednesday.


Week Ending 9/19/2014

Monday - Interest inventory for The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

2nd period - Setting Analysis due - must be typed.  This is for a HW CK grade - it is just your rough draft and should be between 200 - 300 words.  We will work on character analysis for tomorrow. 

Tuesday - Begin Caesar.

2nd period - HW CK for Character Analysis.  This is for a HW CK grade - it is just your rough draft and should be between 200 - 300 words. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 2.1.  Read.

2nd period - work on conflict/conflict resolution statements.  Also start summary.  Type/print your summary for tomorrow.

Thursday - Read.

2nd period - Finish literary analysis form.  Your final draft will be due on Sunday, by 10 PM.  You will turn this in ONLINE using Turnitin.com.  :^)

Friday - Read.  Remember that vocab 2.2 is due on Wednesday.


Week Ending 9/12/214

Monday- typed character analysis. Make sure formatting is correct. We will peer edit then work on the summary. As each section is finished, you should be copying/pasting your final copy into your Literary Analysis due on 9/11.

We will also work on the summary.

Tuesday- I will show the class how to sign up/log in/ and use TurnItIn.com. We will also work on the conflict and conflict resolution and maybe begin answering the 2 questions.

Wednesday- HW CK Voc 1.2. Critique response.   Finish literary analysis.

Thursday- school pictures today. We will begin the plan sheet for the diagnostic write (won’t write until Monday).

Friday – Vocabulary Test Unit 1. Begin unit 2.1 – due Wednesday.


Week Ending 9/5/2014

Monday - No school - Labor Day

EXTRA CREDIT...If you print out the schedule for this week and bring it to class, you just might earn your first extra credit coupon!!!

Tuesday - HW CK - the revision of the rough draft for the setting analysis is due.  Remember, if it is a revision, you will need to show me the rough draft (with sticky notes) AND a revision that shows signs of change.  Today in class we will work on an analysis of character.  ALL TYPED ASSIGNMENTS NEED TO BE SAVED AS THEY WILL BE USED FOR YOUR FIRST LITERARY ANALYSIS.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 1.1.  In order to earn credit on this completion grade, your chart must be COMPLETELY filled out (words 1 - 10) and completed for the words 1 -10.  We will also work on determining confilict and conflict resolution for the short story.

Thursday - Late Start - we will work on completing the summary.

Friday - We will work on answering the 2 questions at the end of the literary analysis.  Vocab 1.2 is due on Wednesday of next week.  If we have time, you may start this in class.


Week Ending 8/29/201

Monday - Set up notebook - start going over Schoolnotes.  Enable the "notify me" option.  HW - send an email FROM schoolnotes TO Mrs. Escoffier with the following message:


__________________________ Your Name   ___________ period number.

I have enabled the 'notify me' option and will receive an email when you update your page.



Tuesday - Begin reading the short story in class for your first Literary Analysis.  A printed critique for the story is due NO LATER THAN Thursday.  This critique should be someone's opinion of the story.

Wednesday - Continue reading the short story.

Thursday - Critique due in class.  Write an analysis of the setting of your story using the handout you recieve in class.

Friday - Email due about schoolnotes due today.  Begin vocab lesson unit 1.1 - vocab is due Wednesday of next week. Pep rally schedule.


Week Ending 8/22/2014

Monday - Welcome Back!!!  Report to SOAR from 7 - 7:30.  I will give you a very short supply list in class.  Please have these items by MONDAY of next week.  If you have any scheduling problems, you need to address that these first few days.  You will be invited to visit the Guidance Department during the period of the conflict (a problem with your 2nd period class will require a visit...during 2nd period.)  Here is your short/sweet supply list -

  • a single 1", 3-ring binder
  • 3 dividers
  • paper
  • pens/pencils
  • highlighter
  • a flash or thumb drive to save data

Tuesday - Report to SOAR from 7 - 7:30.  Continue to work on scheduling problems.  Be aware that teacher changes may occur as the office tries to even out the classes.  Be flexible.  :^)  Today we will label the planner with the school calendar.  Not a bad idea to do the same with your calendar at home. 

Wednesday - Last day to report to SOAR from 7 - 7:30.  Today we will begin going over the routines and procedures for this class.  Your first test grade will come from this material, so pay close attention in class!

Thursday - Regular schedule. Continue with Routines and Procedures. 

Friday - Finish up with Routines/Procedures.  Test due at the end of the period. 

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