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  •  Welcome to the Schoolnotes page for my 10th grade English Honors students. You will find useful information here, updated on a weekly basis. Be sure to access the Notify Me option to view newly updated material. It will send you an email each time I update my page and choose the Notify option. If you need to contact me, you can email me using the link on this page.


Remember, if you are absent, your absence must be excused on the grade book before I will accept any make-up work.  The same holds true if you miss a test.


Formatting requirements for all formal writing:

  • Times New Roman
  • Size 12 font
  • Double-Spaced


Modified School Schedule for the Last Week of School

Monday, 6/2 - 7th Exam, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  You will dine with your 4th period class.  We will be dismissed at 1:45.

Tuesday - 1st exam, snack, 2nd exam.  We will be dismissed at 11:30.

Wednesday - 3rd exam, snack, 4thexam.  We will be dismissed at 11:30.

Thursday - 5th exam, snack, 6th exam.  We will dismissed at 11:30.  Graduation tonight at 7!!!!!


Week Ending 5/30/2014

Three things...

  • FCAT writing scores are in.  If you want to know your score now...please shoot me an email.
  • ALL classes need to have the novel read when you next come to class...this is how I see it...
    • Monday - no school
    • Tuesday - 5th and 6th
    • Wednesday - 7th and 2nd
      • There will be a question for each chapter.  At this point, 2nd period is SKUNKING everyone.  Looks like I'll be making breakfast food!!!

If you have extra credit coupons you want to use, attach them to a piece of notebook paper, write the following on it:  Please credit my AQWF Lit Analysis with these points, and place it in the late basket.

Also, in an effort to help some grades improve...if you'd like your final Literary Analysis to count twice in your grade, please write that on a piece of paper and give it to me.  Just realize that if you make a poor grade, it will go in twice.  Having said that, it is quite possible to earn a 100 on this assignment and really boost your grade.  If you do not want a grade to count twice, just don't tell me anything.  It won't affect your grade at all.


Monday - No School

Tuesday - 3, 5, 6, 4.  That is the schedule for today. You will dine with 6th.  Because I'm in the 600 hall, we will have first lunch. 

Wednesday - 5, 6, 2, 6. That is the schedule for today. You will dine with 2nd. Because I'm in the 600 hall, we will have first lunch.

Thursday - Literary Analysis for AQWF due no later than 10 PM to TurnItIn.com.  7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That is the schedule for today. You will dine with 4th.

Friday - VERY LAST DAY to turn in any late/missing work.  That means missing vocab tests. 


Hey, hey, hey....read through page 159 today!!!!!!

Week Ending 5/23/2014

Monday - Finish unit 12 voc test.  That's it for vocab!!!  Read chapter 3.

Tuesday - Read chapters 4/5.

Wednesday - Read chapters 6/7.

Thursday - Read chapters 8/9.

Friday - Read chapters 10/11.


Week Ending 5/16/2014

Monday - HW CK Voc 12.1 Pre-Reading activity for our  novel, All Quiet on the Western Front.  (AQWF).  Remember to download the PDF file in the downloads section so you are able to read at home as well as in the classroom. 

Critique due for AQWF.

Tuesday - Begin novel. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 12.2.  Read.

Thursday - Read.

Friday - Vocab Test, Unit 12.


AICE General Paper Exam is 5/6/2014 in the afternoon, at the Methodist Church, 2 PM. 


Week Ending 5/9/2014

Monday - Final prep for exam tomorrow.

Tuesday - AICE General Paper exam - 2 PM in the gym of the Methodist Church.  Plan to be there no later than 1:45.  Good Luck!!!  (Not that you'll need it....you are all ready to go!!!)

Wednesday - Resume presentations.

Thursday - Presentations.

Friday - Presentations.


Week Ending 5/2/2014

Monday - Animal Farm presentations begin.  I have posted the schedules in the download section.  This is a test grade.  If you are not ready on the day you have been assigned, you will earn a zero.  If there is a conflict with the day you were assigned, you need to let me know ASAP and I will reschedule you.

If your name is not on the schedule, please notify ASAP so I can add you.

Tuesday - Animal Farm presentations. I have posted the schedules in the download section. This is a test grade. If you are not ready on the day you have been assigned, you will earn a zero. If there is a conflict with the day you were assigned, you need to let me know ASAP and I will reschedule you.

Wednesday - Animal Farm presentations. I have posted the schedules in the download section. This is a test grade. If you are not ready on the day you have been assigned, you will earn a zero. If there is a conflict with the day you were assigned, you need to let me know ASAP and I will reschedule you.

Thursday - Late start - HW CK Voc 12.1

Friday - Animal Farm presentations. I have posted the schedules in the download section. This is a test grade. If you are not ready on the day you have been assigned, you will earn a zero. If there is a conflict with the day you were assigned, you need to let me know ASAP and I will reschedule you.



Week Ending 4/25/2014


I hear that MANY of my students will be missing school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week for a band trip.  I strongly suggest you take your vocab test for unit 11 on Tuesday, before you leave.  You can come by after school.

Monday - Finish movie.  AICE GP prompt with planning drill.  For HW - respond to questions to help prepare you for the project from Animal Farm.

Tuesday - Class discussion for Animal Farm Project.  This project is due on Monday.  We will draw names in class to determine when you will be presenting.

Wednesday - HW CK voc 11.2.  Planning drill for AICE GP.

Thursday - Planning drills for AICE GP/work on project for Animal Farm.

Friday - Vocab Test, Unit 11.  Unit 12.1 due Wednesday of next week.


Week Ending 4/18/2014

Monday/Tuesday - FCAT Reading. Periods 1, 2 and 3 will report to their 1st period class at 7 AM. You will go to the Media Center at 7:30. If you want, you may drop off your book bag in my room during 1st. It will be locked during testing.

Periods, 5, 6 and 7 will have first lunch for both days (bring your lunch if you can...cafeteria will be crowded). After lunch, you will report to the Media Center for testing. If you want to put your bags in my room, better be there at the very beginning of lunch. The room will be locked during testing.

All sessions will last for at least 70 minutes.

Dress for either warm or cold.


Remember, passing FCAT Reading is a graduation requirement...do your very best.

Wednesday - Tset on Animal Farm.  Bring in your notes as well.

Thursday - HW CK Voc 11.1.  Lit Analysis due tonight, no later then 10 PM.

Friday -Movie time.  :^)



Week Ending 4/11/2014

Monday - Chapter 7 HO due. 

Tuesday - Chapter 8 HO due.

Wednesday - HW CK 10.2.  Chapter 9 HO due.

Thursday - Chapter 10 HO due.

Friday - Vocab Test unit 10.


Week Ending 4/4/2014

Monday - All should have read through chapter 3 in  Animal Farm.  We will watch this part of the movie to bring everyone up to speed on the events that have occurred.  Chapter 3 H/O is due tomorrow. 


Animal Farm will be the novel for your next literary analysis.  The due date has been moved from 4/24 to 4/17.  The critique will be due on 4/10.

Tuesday - Go over Ch 3 H/O.  Begin chapter 4 in class.  Chapter 4 H/O due tomorrow.

Wednesday - Go over Ch 4 H/O.  Begin chapter 5 in class.  Chapter 5 H/O due tomorrow.

Thursday - Late Start.  Go over Ch 5 H/O.  Begin chapter 6 in class.  Chapter 6 H/O due tomorrow.

Friday - HW CK Voc 10.1.  Go over chapter 6 H/O.  Chapter 7 H/O due Monday.


Week Ending 3/21/2013

Monday - M/C for Voc Rev Test.  Puzzle due today.  Rough draft due for Lincoln/McCarthy Essay.  Format it correctly. 

Tuesday - Final draft of essay due to TurnItIn.com NO LATER THAN 10 PM.  Read in class. By tomorrow, have all of chapters 1 and 2 read. 

Wednesday - Chapter 3 in novel (in class).  LAST DAY TO TURN IN ANY LATE/MISSING WORK.  This includes any tests that you need to make up. 

Thursday - Literary Analysis due NO LATER THAN 10 PM on TurnItIn.com.  Read in class.

Friday - No school. Teacher workday.  We made it!  have a great spring break!!!


Week Ending 3/14/2014


Monday - For those of you in 2nd period who got a vocab review puzzle to work on...it was...defective (we discovered the error during 5th).  After a long, laborious struggle, I have corrected it.  Unfortunately, that involves a new puzzle.  The voc rev test has been moved to Monday.  We will start the spelling portion on Friday, take the M/C on Monday, and you'll have a chance to look back over your spelling on Monday.  As always, feel free to make a 3 X 5 index card with all your good info on it for the M/C.  


You  may have noticed that the grades for the Ethos/Pathos/Logos assignments were a little dismal.  For the paper copy( Lincoln), you need to submit corrections, typed, no later than Friday of this week.

For the online portion (McCarthy), you need to correct that and make one submission per group to TurnItIn.com NO LATER THAN Friday.   You need to make a copy of the document to edit it.  You may certainly read the entries from other groups, but you certainly may NOT copy it. 


I will try to find some time in class to let you work on it...again.


In class today we will begin our SOAPStone assignment.  This needs to be completed for class on Tuesday.  This will be for a HW/CK grade.

Tuesday - SOAPStone is due today.  You will have a chance to collaborate in small groups...as long as YOUR handout is completed.


I will introduce the essay topics in class.  You will begin your word web today.  It is due on Thursday.

Wednesday - Hopefully, we will finally begin reading our next novel, Animal Farm.  As I stated in class, I am about 5 copies short of having a copy for eveyrone to take home.  Please bring in your own personal copy if you have it. 

Thursday - The word web for your essay is due today.  You will be allowed to collaborate as long as yours is completed.  The final draft of the essay is due NO LATER THAN 10 PM on Tuesday, submitted to TurnItIn.com.  Be aware that all of the essay, excepts for direct quotations, should be 100% original. 


We will read our novel today.

Friday - We will do the preliminary spelling for the voc rev test.  Then we will resume reading the novel.


ALL corrections for Ethos/Pathos/Logos assignments due today - Lincoln paper copy, typed.  McCarthy, digital version submitted to TurnItIn.com NO LATE THAN 10 PM.


Week Ending 3/7/2014

Monday - Ethos/Pathos/Logos chart completed (written by hand).  Remember, each group will earn credit by writing analysis, not just description.    HW CK Voc 9.1.  We will work on getting hand-written charts typed.

Tuesday - Finish E/P/L chart. Complete typing it on the Google doc. For the last 25 minutes of class, each group will spend 2 - 3 minutes presenting their information to the class.  I will also assign a grade to the group based on the evidence of analysis (exlplaining WHY things happened). 

Wednesday - HW Ck Voc 9.2.  Begin SOAPStone activity.  Due tomorrow.

Thursday - Late start.  SOAPStone due today.  Critique due today.  This means you HAVE ALREADY SELECTED the book for your 3/20 Literary Analysis.  We will also begin reading our next novel, Animal Farm.  Each chapter is pretty short with a worksheet that accompanies it.  When the chapter is due, the worksheet is due.  I will allow some classtime to read this novel, but you may have to read some on your own.  Chapters 1 and 2 are due by Monday. I am short about 5 novels.  If you have a copy of this novel around your house, please use it.  This schedule is tentative.  I want to have it read by the time we leave for spring break.

Friday - Voc Test Unit 9.  You will get the review puzzle for Review Test Units, 7, 8, and 9.  This completed puzzle is due Friday of next week (3/14), the day of your review test for bonus points.






Week Ending 2/28/2014

Monday - Well, better late than never...I have  a coupon-earning activity...if you copy/paste 3 facts about the Cold War, print it and bring it to class, you can earn a coupon.  I will only award 5 coupons per class....so be careful about "sharing" this with student who may not actually READ my schoolnotes page!!!

Tuesday - FCAT Writing test.  You will report to 1st period then to your testing room at 7:30.  Do a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday - Vocab Test Unit 8 (from last week).  Voc 9.1 due Monday, followed by 9.2 due Wednesday....followed by vocab test unit 9 on Friday.  Heavy sigh.....

Thursday - Back to Lincoln/McCarthy and their speeches.

Friday - Speeches.


Week Ending 2/21/2014

FCAT Writing test on Wedneday of next week.

Monday - No school. President's Day.  Thank you presidents...

Tuesday - Work on setting H/O for Gettysburg Address and McCarthy's speech. Planning drill...if there is time. 

Wedneday - HW CK Voc 8.2. Begin PTW#3 (This one will count as a grade...no corrections...so do your very best.)

Thursday - PTW #3.  Literary Analysis 2/20 due No Later Than 10 PM TONIGHT.

Friday - Vocab Test - Unit 8.  Unit 9.1 vocab due Wednesday.


Week Ending 2/14/2014


I have moved the PTW#3 to next week....

Monday - Test corrections from PTW #1 (typed) due.  Read Gettysburg Address and accompanying material. We will spend the last 15 minutes of the period getting ready for PTW#2 tomorrow (you will see the prompt and work on your planning today - maybe you'll have time to get started writing.)  Remember to bring a pencil to class!

Also, don't forget to read your novel for the 2/20 literary analysis that is due on....2/20.  The assignment is due on TurnItIn.com no later than 10 PM on the 20th. 

Tuesday - PTW #2. 

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 8.1.  Complete evaluation of PTW #2.

Thursday - Begin setting analysis for speeches. 

Friday - Begin Ethos, Pathos. Logos activity for McCarthy speech.



Week Ending 2/7/2014

Monday - Finish Voice activity.  Media Center for last 10 minutes of class.   HW for tonight - If your last name begins with a letter A - M, find 3 facts about Lincoln and/or the Gerrtysburg Address.  Copy and paste them on to a page, print and bring it to class (be sure to include the URL.)  Look for ORIGINAL information...coupon or candy if you can be original!!

If your last name begins with a letter N - Z, find 3 facts about Joseph McCarthy/McCarthyism. Copy and paste them on to a page, print and bring it to class (be sure to include the URL.) Look for ORIGINAL information...coupon or candy if you can be original!!

Tuesday - Looking for ORIGINAL information about Lincoln/Gettysburg Address or McCarthy/McCarthyism.  Compile a fact sheet for each class.

Wednesday -  HW CK Voc 7.2.  McCarthy/Lincoln.

Thursday - Late start.  Critique due - bring your critique, your book and your reading log to class. 

Friday - Voc Test Unit 7.  We will begin PTW#2 on Monday.  Bring your lucky pencil!!!


Week Ending 1/31/2014

Monday - Finish Peer Editing.  When you get your paper back, select your weakest paragraph (I will see your edited paper....I will know which is the weakest...so work with the weakest...)  You will re-write just that paragraph (please type it).  This is due no later than Wednesday.

Begin mini-lesson:  Targeting Your Audience to Write with Voice

Tuesday - Continue lesson on targeting audience/voice.  HW due Thursday - reaearch the following figures from history.  Find 3 interesting facts about both (feel free to copy shamelessly from the internet - just include the URL.)  If your fact is UNIQUE - meaning no one else in the class has it, you may earn a coupon or other tiny tidbit!!!  The people you need to research are Abraham Lincoln and Joseph McCarthy. 

Wednesday -  Typed paragraph from PTW #1 due today - bring ALL of your papers for the assignment.    HW CK Voc 7.1.

Thursday - We will visit the Media Center for half of the period to help with book selection for your 2/20 Literary Analysis. Bring in your facts about Lincoln and McCarthy.  We will look for unique answers...so dig deep!

Friday - Begin Lincoln/McCarthy Lesson.  Voc 7.2 is due Wednesday of next week.


You will now see the class title change to AICE General Paper.  As we discussed in class, you will continue on with your currect curriculum...same teacher, same procedures.  Your class weighting changes from a 4.5 to a 5.0 for this semester, and you will have to sit for the AICE General Paper exam in May.  You WILL NOT have to take an EOC during final exam week.  Be sure the let me know if you or your parents have any questions. 


Week Ending 1/24/2014 - FCAT Writing 5 weeks away

Monday - No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Tuesday - Begin How to Write an Essay.  Create a checklist for use during evaluation.

Wednesday - FInish How to Write an Essay activity.  Set up planning sheet for first Practice Timed Write (PTW).

Thursday - PTW #1

Friday - Peer review of PTW #1 - use checklist to grade.  Two grades earned...one for author and one for evaluator. 


Semester Exam Schedule

 Monday - 1/13 - 7th period exam 12:00 - 1:45

 Tuesday - 1/14 - 1st period exam - 7 - 8:45

                             snack with 4th

                            2nd period exam - 9:50 - 11:30 (dismiss at 11:30)

Wednedsay - 11/15 - 3rd period exam - 7 - 8:45

                                   snack with 6th                                 

                                  4th period exam - 9:50 - 11:30 (dismiss at 11:30)

Thursday - 11/16 - 5th period exam - 7 - 8:45

                                   snack with 7th                                  

                                   6th period exam - 9:50 - 11:30 (dismiss at 11:30)


Week Ending 1/10/2014

Monday - Welcome back!!!  Okay.  It seems that a few of you forgot to submit your Lord of the Flies essay.  Here is the deal....one time only...submit NO LATER THAN Monday night, 10 PM, and you will be eligible for half credit. Submit it to the Late Work assignment.

 I will pass out the study guide for the semester exam today.  You must turn in the completed, correct study guide on the day of your semester exam to earn 5 bonus points.

Tuesday - Work on study guide.

Wednesday - Question/Answer session on study guide.  Bring your questions to class and we will have a discussion (maybe share some answers??)

Thursday - Late start.  Begin spelling for voc rev test.  Multiple choice part tomorrow.

Friday - Multiple choice part of voc rev test.


Week Ending 12/20/2013

Monday - Rough draft due for essay.  Must be typed, printed, and brought to class.  Peer editing to follow.

Tuesday - HW CK Voc 6.2.  More peer editing if there is time.

Wednesday - Vocab Test Unit 6.  You will get the voc rev puzzle today for the rev test on 1/10.

Thursday - We'll just have to wait and see for today...

Friday - Your final draft is due on TurnItin.com NO LATER than 10 PM.  You can CERTAINLY turn it in earlier.  Remember, it must be GOOD.  It must also be formatted correctly.

 No School!  Have a great break.  Read some good books.  Sleep a lot.  And eat a lot.  Don't forget to be thankful for all that you have, and I'll see you next year!!!


Week Ending 12/13/2013

Monday - Class discussion.

Tuesday - I will present information needed for the LOTF paper.  You will draw a name in class and begin research.  Gather the same information you did for the H/O on Jack and Ralph.

Wednesday - Create the planning sheet in class.   It is due tomorrow - and I don't know how much time you'll have in class.

Thursday -  HW CK Voc 6.1.  Work on planning sheet - due at the end of the period.

Friday - We will begin the rough draft in school today.  Your typed rough draft my be formatted correctly and printed - ready to bring to class on Monday for peer editing.

The final draft is due no later than Friday, 12/20, 10 PM to TurnItIn.com.  If you are going out of town...you'll want to submit it before you go.


Week Ending 12/06/2013

Monday - Pop quizzes on chapters 7 - 12 from novel.

Tuesday -  Discuss themes from novel.  Focus on elements of leadership that were present in each character. 

Wedneday - HW CK Voc 5.2.

Thursday - Literary Analysis for Lord of the Flies due to Turnitin no later than 10 PM.

Friday - Vocab Test Unit 5



Week Ending 11/22/2013

Monday - From the LOTF novel, chapter H/O for chapters 1 & 2 due today.  We will go over these in class, but you MUST have them typed and complete to earn the HW CK grade.  Comma Rule #3.  Begin to read chapters 3 & 4.  The H/O for these chapters is due on Wednesday. 

Tuesday - Read.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 5.1.  H/O for chapters 3 & 4 due (typed and printed).  Begin reading chapters 5 & 6 (due Friday, 11/22).  

Thursday - Read.

Friday - chapters 5 & 6 due today.  You are responsible for reading the test of the book (chapters 8 - 12) over the break.  You must also complete the H/O for each chapter.  Each H/O must be typed and printed and will be a separate HW CK grade.


Next Literary Analysis due - 11/14

Don't forget to read a little of your novel EVERY DAY. 



Week Ending 11/15/2013

Monday - No School - Veteran's Day

Tuesday -  Pre-reading activity.  Watch the first few minutes of the pilot for the TV show Lost.  Write a narrative beginning with...It's been a week since the plane crashed.  We will be exchanging that between classes.  Do a good job!

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 4.2.  Begin Novel in class.

Thursday - Literary Analysis due at 10 PM tonight.  Also, bring in a critique for LOTF.  That will be the next book for your December Literary Analysis.

Make sure you download the chapter questions for the novel.  You will need to type your answers in  and turned in according to announced due dates. .  Your answers must be based on class discussion. If I see that outside sources have been used (plagiarized), then ALL handouts will have to be submitted to turnit.com.

Friday - Vocab test Unit 4.

The H/O for chapters 1 & 2 is due, typed and completed, on Monday at the beginning of class.  You will turn in a paper copy...no online submisisons.


Week Ending November 8, 2013

Monday - Act IV Notes due tonight, no later than 10 PM.  Make sure your Act V notes are completed by the end of class today (you will have to complete at home...we won't have time in class). Also, make sure your character map is turned in today (again, you'll have to do at home). We will begin a mini unit on Comma Usage.

Tuesday - Begion reading Lord of the Flies.  We will read some in class...you will read the rest at home and take a quiz on the day the reading is due.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 4.1. Read.

Thursday -  Late start.  Read..

Friday - Read.


Spelling Bee

If you’re interested, let me know no later than MONDAY.

The Knights of Columbus Council 7667 are proud to sponsor the annual Spelling Bee Contest. It is open to students in grades 5th-10th in the Niceville, Destin, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay area schools and this along with Meigs. Like last year, this year’s area Spelling Bee will be held in the auditorium at Lewis Middle School on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 starting at 6:00PM.

There are three levels of competition; grades 5th-6th, grades 7th-8th and grades 9th-10th. The winner of each grade level will receive a $75 US savings Bond and a beautiful engraved plaque. The grade level winners of this event will be eligible to advance to the District level. District winners will advance further to the Regional and State level of competition. Second and third place winners will receive ribbons. Articles and photographs will be sent to local newspapers. All contestants will receive Certificates of Participation.


I just added the file for the Ethos, Pathos, Logos activity from 2nd period.  ANY period may use this chart.  I will have all of them uploaded by Friday.  You may want to start grabbing your quotes now and begin explaining them for your Act III notes that are due on Monday.  All of the quotes are from Act III, Scene 2.  You will need to know this when you look at the play online. 


Week Ending 11/1/2013

AUGH!!!  It's already November!!!!!

Monday - Act IV movie and notes.  Act III notes due tonight, no later than 10 PM.  Take you time and do a GOOD JOB!!!

Tuesday - Act IV.

Wednesday - Finish Act IV.  Group collaboration for those who have a rough draft of their notes.  No rough draft...no collaboration.  Final draft of notes due Friday.

Thursday - Begin Act V.  Critique for 11/14 Literary Analysis due today in class.  You must bring in your book, your critique and your yellow sheet.

Friday - Vocabulary for 4.1 is due on Wednesday of next week.  The puzzle for unit 4 is on the back of unit 3.  Act IV notes due today..


Week Ending 10/25/2013

Monday - No school Teacher Work day.

Tuesday - Continue Ethos, Pathos and Logos Presentations.

Wednesday - Conclude presentations.  Act III notes due on Monday, 10/28.

Thursday - Begin Act IV.  Go to Media Cente for book checkout for 1/2 of the period.

Friday - Act IV. 



The last day to turn in any late/missing work is Thursday, October 17.  This includes any missing vocab tests...


PSAT testing for ALL 19th graders will be at NHS on 10/16 starting at 7 AM.


Week Ending 10/18/2013

Monday - Begin Ethos, Pathos, Logos unit for Act III.

Tuesday - Continue with lesson from Act III.

Wednesday - PSAT test for 1st - 4th periods (all 10th graders).

Thursday - Last day to turn in any late/missing work.  Literary Analysis due no later than 10 PM.  Do a good job...this grade will be the first for the next grading period.

Friday - Act III notes due date will be announced...not until next week.


Week Ending 10/11/2013

Monday - On your word bank for the Vocab Rev Test, please replace the word expiate with expedite.  Expedite is what you will find on the puzzle,.

We will begin Act III today.  Acts III- V will be done a little differently than I & II.  We will still listen to the CD, but I will not be stopping to give the answers as  we go.  You will have to do that in class.  At the end of the act, I will place you in small groups to collaborate - your ticket into the group is a note sheet full of answers from class.  If you are missing ANYTHING, you will have to sit to the side and work alone.  Ouch. 

Be sure to type and print a response to #1 from page 818 to bring in to class tomorrow.  You will find this question on the bottom of your Act II notes.

Tuesday - Act II notes due TONIGHT at 10 PM.  Group response to #1 from page 818. Continue reading Act III.

Wednesday - Maybe finish Act III,. Begin movie?

Thursday - Act III movie.

Friday - Vocabulary Review Test, Units 1, 2, 3.  If you would like, you may bring in an index card sized help sheet.  You may write anything you want on this sheet/card, but it may note be any bigger than 3 X 5. 

Crossword puzzle due for Vocab Rev Test - this will be your bonus for the test.  You will have 33 words to spell, 40 M/C questions (words used more than once).


Week Ending 10/4/2013

Monday - Act II. 

Tuesday - Back to Rome!

5th period only - Act I notes due to TurnItIn.com no later than 10 PM.  Bring in questions 3 &  5 TYPED to class.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 3.2. Read.

Thursday - Late Start.  Critique, reading log, and book due in class for the 10/17 Lit Analysis.

Friday - Vocab Test Unit 3.  Today you will get the vocab review crossword puzzle to help you study for the vocab review test on Friday.  This test is cumulative and will count TWICE in your vocab test category.  The completed, correct puzzle, due on Friday, will be your only bonus on this test.


I have just updated the notes for Act I.  I added questions 3 & 5 to the last page and I noted where each passage was located...Act and Scene number...to help you find the passage using an online source.  I have also posted a link that will take you directly to the play.



Week Ending 9/27/2013

Monday - Begin movie for Act I.  Expect your notes to be due on Friday, 10 PM - submitted to TurnItIn.  The typed responses for questions 3 & 5 are due Tuesday.  You will find these questions at the end of the Act I notes that I posted here. 

5th period - we will continue reading Act I. 

All classes...work on your notes DAILY!!!  They will not be accepted late, and the are HARD to complete all at once the night they are due.

Tuesday - Responses to questions 3 & 5 due today at the beginning of class.  The responses should be TYPED and written in complete thoughts.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 3.1.  Begin Act II.

Thursday - Literary Analysis due tonight at 10 PM for either All Summer in a Day OR The Open Windown.  We will also visit the Media Center for 1/2 the period to check out a book for your next Literary Analysis, due 10/17 (3 weeks from today).

Read Act II.

5th - we will visit the Media Center as well.  We will still be watching the movie for Act I.

Friday - Two Column Notes for Act I due tonight at 10 PM.  Continue reading Act II.

Week Ending 9/20/2013

Monday - Continue reading Act I.  Be sure to update your two-column notes DAILY.  The final product will need to be typed.

Tuesday - Discuss 1st literary analysis due.  Continue reading.

Wednesday -  HW CK Voc 2.2.  Finish Act I???  Start movie.

Thursday - Movie for Act I.

Friday - Vocabulary Test, Unit 2.  Voc 3.1 due on Wednesday.


Week Ending 9/13/2013

Monday -  Explain assighnment for The Open Window.  Due NLT Thursday, 10 PM.  Refer to habdout given in class.  Review procedure for vocabulary test corrections.  Begin unit on Julius Caesar.

Tuesday - Julius Caesar/read.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 1.2.  Read.

Thursday - School pictures in your English class.  Dress nicely!!!  Read.  Assignment from The Open Window due NLT 10 PM tonight.

Friday - Read.  Voc 2.2 due Wednesdy of next week.



Week Ending 9/6/2013

Monday - Labor Day Holiday.  No School.

Tuesday - Turn in Diagnostic Write that you started in class on Friday.  Go over conflict/resolution.  Review procedure for critique for All Summer in a Day.

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 1.2.  Review how to use TurnItIn.com.

Thursday - Critique for All Summer in a Day due.   Have students sign up for TurnItIn. 

Friday - Vocabulary Test, Unit 1.  Begin working on vocab for 2.1...due Wednesday.


Week Ending 8/30/2013

Monday -  Diagnostic write.

Tuesday - Bring all needed materials to class (binder, paper, 3 dividers). We will set up notebooks in class.   Begin reading "All Summer in a Day."

Wednesday - HW CK Voc 1.1.  Remember...your chart must be 100% complete to earn a grade.  Your puzzle will only be 1/2 complete.  Finish reading short story.

Thursday - Setting Lesson from story.

Friday - Continue lesson on setting.  Vocabulary 1.2 is due on Wednesday - chart and puzzle.


Week Ending 8/23/2013

Monday - Welcome back!  We will go over our supply list (one 1" 3-ring binder, paper, pens/pencils, highlighter, flash drive).  Make sure you all have these NO LATER THAN Monday of next week.

Tuesday - Begin Routines and Procedures.

Wednesday - Finish Routines and Procedures.  Take home test due Monday.

Thursday - Diagnostic write for all classes.

Friday - Begin Vocabulary lesson 1.1.  Completed chart and puzzle will be due on Wednesday.


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