7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball; Yearbook Adviser; Literacy
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8th grade Literacy
Begin Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) daily. 
  • Major test grade at the end of the nine weeks.
  • Must read a minimum of 400 pages for 100 grade.
  • Students have been provided a rubric with the grading scale. Please review it.
  • Students must track pages on their reading log. It must be turned in to as documentation.

Students will wrap up the unit on main ideas.

My Daily Schedule
1st period - Planning
2nd Period - Yearbook Staff 8
3rd Period - Planning
4th Period - Reading/Literacy 7
5th Period- Girls Basketball 8 
6th Period - Reading/Literacy 6
7th Period - Reading/Literacy 6
8th Period - Reading/Literacy 8
This class is designed to develop or increase students' reading comprehension and understanding. The main areas of emphasis are finding main ideas and using context clues. We use short reading selections, mainly magazine articles, as our text.
Students will also participate in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) daily. Students are allowed to read a novel of their choice as long as it is on their reading level. This is a major grade at the end of the nine weeks and it is based on reading the minimum number of pages per day and/or week.
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