River Wolves Homework
River Wolves Homework
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Welcome to 2 Rivers Magnet Mid...  POSTED: 9/05/2011   Comments(0)
Welcome to the River Wolves Homework Page!                         
This website is updated daily between 2:00 and 3:00 during the school year. If you have any questions, our emails are listed here: Social Studies- Mrs. Rogers - srogers@crec.org; ELA - Ms. Moses - nmoses@crec.org; Math - Mr. Lebatique - llebatique@crec.org; ELA - Mrs. Chaffee - mchaffee@crec.org; Resource - Ms. Malz - jmalz@crec.org; Science - Ms. Rummel - trummel@crec.org

Backpack Wednesday will be on-line! We are trying to save paper; as well as get the notices home more efficiently. Please make sure you visit the homepage www.tworivers.crec.org to get the updates. 

ELA- Click here for Quizlet site to study vocab 1-12. Weeks 13-14 are here.

Thank you, as always, for the privilege of educating your student.


Day 2
June 16


Class 1,2 and 4:

Look over notes for assessment this FRIDAY!

Class 3 and 5:

Fundamental Counting Principle

All Classess:

45 minutes of IXL due Sunday 11:59 pm

Study cloud packet, water cycle diagram and water cycle key terms.  Quiz changed to Wednesday.

Complete water cycle paragraph- fill in the blanks.

Complete rough draft for water cycle creative writing assginment.  You started this in class and must finish the final draft by the end of tomorrow's class.


Read and record 30 minutes


Day 3
June 17


Class 1,2 and 4:

Review notes

TEST Friday

Class 3 and 5:

Review Notes

TEST Friday

All Classess:

45 minutes of IXL due Sunday by 11:59 pm

Study the 4 page cloud and water cycle study guide for tomorrow's quiz!  

Finish the creative writing water cycle assignment if you didn't finish in class.


read 30 minutes and record your reading
Moses: rough draft of book review. 
Study vocab.
June 18
Day 4


Class 1,2 and 4:

Complete Review Guide

Class 3 and 5:

Complete Review Guide

All Classess:

45 minutes of IXL by Sunday 11:59 p


Wear your polo shirt, as well as either shorts, capris or jeans/ pants tomorrow if you're going to the Carnival! 



read 30 minutes and record

Complete reader's theater/narrative comparison, and creating a script for your AR passage

June 19 - 1/2 day
Day 5


LAST DAY - Have a great summer!

Read, relax, explore!

Read 30 minutes and record pages in planner
Study vocab words
Vocab final Monday- use links above to study





N = New; P = Practice; R = Review

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