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Welcome to Mr. Alford's Class Website!


"I will watch for, believe in, notice, love, and engage the genius of those in my charge."

(My Socratic Oath)

Dr. John C. Kimball High School

"Home of the Jaguars" 

This year Mr. Alford celebrates his 19th year as a fully-credentialed teacher in the State of California. He graduated from California State University East Bay with B.A. Degree in English/Mass Communication and a History Minor. He also earned his Teaching Credential at CSU East Bay in 1995, reaching the National Dean's List for the third straight year.

For the 2002-2003 school year at South Tahoe Middle School, his S.R.A. Corrective Reading class achieved the highest improvement scores of any class in the State of California.

He earned his Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition and Development certificate at the University of San Diego in 2005. 

Classes taught: English Language Arts, Ancient History, Medieval History, American Studies, Corrective Reading, Corrective Math, Drama, Study Skills, Rock Music History, and Public Speaking. 

Currently, he teaches English III and IV (College Preparatory) 


Students: Remember to bring all required materials, including notebooks AND textbooks, every day. If you need more details, consult your syllabus.






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