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Favorite Links

May 23 & 24 So long to a great fifth grade year!!!!!!!!!!



Important Dates

May 23 - PIZZA in Classroom (2 slices) Bring your own drink and any more food you need.

                          Finishing bones and science unit

                      Owl pellets?



May 24 - Final Day: 5th grade plans 

8:45 Fifth Grade Field Day

Music and PE

Bubble clean our desks

1:30-2 School Assembly

2-2:30 Ice Cream party for all 5th grade classes  Bring yearbooks for signing.

3-3:30 Capture the Flag with Kafader class

May 26 or 27:

Report cards mailed to current address on file - please contact the office ASAP if there are changes.



HEALTH: 9, 5, 2, 1, 0

Average of 9 hours of sleep is required for students in elementary and middle school.

5 Servings of fruits and vegetables daily

2 hours or less of screen time

1 hour a day of active outdoor play

0 sugar drinks 


Supply Lists:

 FIfth Grade List

 2 Sharpie pens (Fine point, black)

 1 Box of markers

 3 Dozen pencils sharpened

 1 Box of colored pencils

 1 Dry erase marker

 2 Highlighters

 2Grading pens: red, green, etc.

 2 Glue Sticks

 1 Pair of scissors (Fiskars preferred)

 1 Ruler with inches and centimeters

 1 Protractor

 1 School box 9”x6”

 6 Composition notebooks

 1 Spiral notebook

 1 Package lined, college ruled paper

 2 Package 3x4 file cards (blank)

 6 Pads of Post-its

 8 Pocket folders with prongs:

       (1-red/plastic, 1-blue/plastic, 1-green,

         2-yellow, 1-orange, 2-purple)

 1 Small pencil case (to carry a pencil,

         grading pen, highlighter, dry erase

         marker  when

         switching classes)

 1 Box facial tissues

UES Assignment Notebook


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.   ~Albert Einstein

Usual Weekly schedule for Specials:

Monday - Friday -students who have work completed may read to preschool and community base classrooms during reading to self time

Monday - PE & Music 9:55 - 11:05 AM

Tuesday - Art 9:55-11:05 AM

Wednesday - (Late Start 9:35) Computer Lab as necessary 9:45-10:45

Thursday -  Music & PE 8:45-9:50 AM

Friday - Library 9 AM  & Spanish 10 AM



Teachers have been asked by our principals to pass along these reminders: 

  •  NO HATS in the building. Students are not to wear hats in the building & this must be consistently enforced by faculty and support staff in and outside of the classroom at all grade levels. Student/Parent Handbook page 65
  • No toys in school. Toys that are brought to school can cause a disruption, and run the risk of being stolen. Please be sure your students know our school policy – Student/Parent Handbook page 64
  • Early Pick-ups There are too many early pick-ups (3:30-3:50 PM). Early pick-ups should only happen on a RARE occasion & and teachers/office need to be notified by parents in advance if their child is going to be picked-up early. Last minute changes are very disruptive in the classrooms. The office is very busy during this time. Your help is much appreciated! (Thank you to those who always let me know in advance about late arrivals/early pickups due to medical appointments.)
  • No Gum ever
  • All students are expected to go outside every day and to be dressed properly for the weather.  Teachers are on duty outside, and cannot supervise students in classrooms or library. To play in snow students are expected to have waterproof boots and mittens/gloves. If the wind chill is below 15 F degrees  students will have inside recess.  Otherwise families should plan on outdoor activity.






Above Expectation:  In addition to exhibiting Level 3 understanding goes beyond what was taught in class and applies to diverse situations.  Does additional research and thinking about the topic. Expands answers/projects to address this. Shows creative thinking skills and unusual but appropriate ways to apply learned information.  "Thinks outside the box."



Proficient/Mastery: No major errors or omissions of information, ideas or processes that were explicitly taught. Is able to complete all parts of assignments independently.



Basic:  No major errors or omissions for simpler ideas BUT errors or omissions regarding complex ideas. May need help from teacher/adult for more complex parts of assignment.



Below:  Shows partial knowledge of simpler and complex ideas. Needs help to complete assignments.


Incomplete: Even with help does not complete work, shows little understanding of concepts or skills needed. Needs help to complete assignments.

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