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May 27 & 28

Important  Announcements and Dates:

May 27 - Tuesday : Last day for math;  Health Fair with parents and classroom visits 2:30-3:30 in our classroom.

  • We will write thank you notes to people who make our school day special
  • We will have art
  • We will visit 4th grade Inquiry projects
  • 2:30-3:30   HEALTH FAIR - Parents, guardians, grandparents and friends - you are welcome to come make a drop-in visit our health fair where students will present what they learned and display their models and brochures.  We have a full house of visitors from 2:30-3:30 PM, so parents may want to come in the later half.  At 3:30 when all things are put away (iPads, personal belongings) parents might want to take their child home early - just remember to sign out in the office. 

May 28 - Last Day:

  • Visit classroom  projects
  • Bring a book to read.
  • Test straw rockets
  • Make straw whistles
  • Other science activities
  • School Assembly
  • May bring year books for signing. 

Have a great summer break!  Read a lot.

May 29 - Last Day for Teachers

May 30 - Teacher meetings

June 3 - Technology Meetings

June 12 & 13 Teacher Professional Development

July 31 -Teachers "officially return" (most of us have been here for weeks ;-)

August 4 - See you returning as 6th graders!!!

Language Arts - Reading

Language Arts: Writing

Language Arts: Vocabulary and Grammar

Charge Time

Social Studies:




A Poem a Day increases fluency.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.   ~Albert Einstein

Usual Weekly schedule for Specials:

Monday PE & Music;

Tuesday Art

Wednesday No Specials (Late Start)

Thursday Library Checkout and Computer Lab;

Friday Music & PE,



Above Expectation:  In addition to exhibiting Level 3 understanding goes beyond what was taught in class and applies to diverse situations.  Does additional research and thinking about the topic. Expands answers/projects to address this. Shows creative thinking skills and unusual but appropriate ways to apply learned information.  "Thinks outside the box."



Proficient/Mastery: No major errors or omissions of information, ideas or processes that were explicitly taught. Is able to complete all parts of assignments independently.



Basic:  No major errors or omissions for simpler ideas BUT errors or omissions regarding complex ideas. May need help from teacher/adult for more complex parts of assignment.



Below:  Shows partial knowledge of simpler and complex ideas. Needs help to complete assignments.


Incomplete: Even with help does not complete work, shows little understanding of concepts or skills needed. Needs help to complete assignments.

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