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Calendar of Events

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April 14- April 18


Important  Announcements and Dates:

April 14 - Writing about History from a first person perspective

April 15 - Trip to the IU MAC to hear orchestra

April 16 -

April 17 - Quiz on Chapter 10: Causes of the American Revolution

April 18:  TRIAL DAY Hermione VS Draco in Fifth Grade court  2:15 PM - Parents and other

significant adults invited.  Dress up for your part - attorneys super neat - jacket, tie, suit?  Jurors and witnesses neat but casual.

Vocabulary: American Revolution - see Quizlet

April 15 - Field Trip to the MAC -we will be gone most of the morning

Social Studies:

Causes of the American Revolution:

1754-1763  French and Indian War

"Taxation without Representation"

1763 Proclamation Act

1764 Sugar Act

1765 Stamp Act

1765 Quartering Act

1767 Townshend Act

1770 Boston Massacre

1770 The Tea Act (tax) - May

1770  The Boston Tea Party - December

1774  Intolerable Acts including: Closing the Port of Boston (March), The Massachusetts Government Act, The 1774 Quartering Act, The Quebec Act

1775 "Give me Liberty or Give me death" Patrick Henry - March

          Paul Revere, William Dawes, Sybil Ludington ride to warn Minutemen - April 18-19

          Battle of Lexington and Concord April 19

          Ft. Ticonderoga - Ethan Allen and the "Green Mountain Boys" - May

           Second Continiental Congress - Philadelphia - May 10

           George Washington named Commander of Continetal Army

           Battle of Bunker (Breed's) Hill - June

People you must know:

Samuel Adams

John Adams

Abigail Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Franklin

Paul Revere, William Dawwes, Sybil Luddington

Mercy Otis Warren

Phillis Wheatley

Thomas Hutchison

George Washington

Ethan Allen

Patrick Henry

John Hancock

Benedict Arnold

Nathaniel Green

Lord Cornwallis

Joseph Warren

Benjamin Rush

Thomas Paine

John Paul Jones

(More to be added)


March 31-May 2  Remediation for those not at threes, research lessons for those ready to pursue research.

Week 1 March 31-April 4 - Metaphors and Similes (EL3)

Week 2: April 7-April 11 - Root Words (EL 2)

Week 3 - April 14- April 18 - Literary Text (drama, poetry, foltales, etc)

Week 4: April 21- April 25 - Context Clues

Week 5 - April 28- May 2


May: Health and the Human Body: CODE BLUE


For reading time at school you must have a novel or an information book on one topic (such as Pirates, Soccer, The Boston Tea Party)  During reading time you may not be reading comic books, Ripley's and books that do not have long and more challenging texts.  If you cannot find a few challengings words, you are not reading a book at your level.

Beginning March 31 we will be resuming writing in our reading notebooks and they will be collected on our normal schedule.

Monday: Numbers 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 ,29

Tuesday: Numbers: 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30

Wednesday: Numbers 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27

Thursday: Numbers 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28

*ENL Students have an adjusted reading assignment about books they are reading.


All writers' notebooks will be collected and checked each week during conference times.

By now you should have written:

This week - Color Poetry, Poetry about Character for American Revolution, Poetry showing personification, metaphor and simile.

  • Several poems: including parody "What I found in my.."
  • If I Could Fly - geography story
  • Personal Narrative
  • Optional: Fantasy Island story (in Google Docs)
  • Scranimals Poems -2-3
  • Bio Poems
  • Creative Scary/Mystery Story based on Chris van Allsburg's Drawings of Harris Burdick book.
  • Letter from Jamestown or Plymouth
  • Creative story that starts " I went to my friends house on Saturday and he/she was no longer there!"



Greek and Latin Roots, prefixes and suffixes and Shurley Grammar

Quizzes -

Root words these past weeks: rupt and ceed, cede, cess, vers, vert, therm, socio

Root word this week: review of therm and socio


A Poem a Day increases fluency.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.   ~Albert Einstein

Usual Weekly schedule for Specials:

Monday PE & Music;

Tuesday Art

Wednesday No Specials (Late Start)

Thursday Library Checkout and Computer Lab;

Friday Music & PE,



Above Expectation:  In addition to exhibiting Level 3 understanding goes beyond what was taught in class and applies to diverse situations.  Does additional research and thinking about the topic. Expands answers/projects to address this. Shows creative thinking skills and unusual but appropriate ways to apply learned information.  "Thinks outside the box."



Proficient/Mastery: No major errors or omissions of information, ideas or processes that were explicitly taught. Is able to complete all parts of assignments independently.



Basic:  No major errors or omissions for simpler ideas BUT errors or omissions regarding complex ideas. May need help from teacher/adult for more complex parts of assignment.



Below:  Shows partial knowledge of simpler and complex ideas. Needs help to complete assignments.


Incomplete: Even with help does not complete work, shows little understanding of concepts or skills needed. Needs help to complete assignments.

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