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Welcome to 5-2

Week of 1/19 to 1/23
What's happening in 5th grade?


Rooster Games are almost here- Friday 1/30. Parents and Kids-Please visit the  wonderful blog  created by Mrs. Casey for more about the day and what to wear/bring. We will be traveling to Moses Brow School for the day. Information about the 5th grade Rooster Games 

The 5th Grade Spelling Bee will be held on Monday 1/26 in ELA classes. If students would like to practice, they can follow the link on my links page to the National Spelling Bee site. One winner from each homeroom will compete against the 6th, 7th and 8th grade winners at the Lawn School Bee on Tuesday 2/3. at 6:00 More information to come!


Need a little inspiration to get 2015 off to the right start? Check out this video my Advisory group watched today! Sure to get you smiling!


The 5th grade band concert has been rescheduled to Monday February 9th at 7:00 pm. Please return permission slips to Mrs. Kauffman ASAP- If you have any questions, please let her know- Thanks



Please visit the Resources link on the main fifth grade website (located in the right bar menu) I recently added a link to family letters related to our math curriculum. This is an excellent resource for parents at home as reference for our upcoming math units. We are currently working on unit 2.2 on the fifth grade page. A hard copy of this letter also went home in binders.

The cold weather is here- Students are outside daily in the morning and during recess- Please dress for the weather! Also, an extra sweatshirt to keep in your locker is a great idea- Temperatures fluctuate in the Lawn School building. 



Curriculum focus for this week for 5-2 :

Reading:   Book Clubs- Author study of Jean Craighead George- Two novels- Julie of the Wolves and My Side of the Mountain


Word Study: Word Study #9-Prefixes- centi, cent, deci, milli, - Related to the metric system. 

Math:  Adding and Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators- Finding equivalent fractions, finding common denominators

WritingReading and responding to various articles, videos, etc. about Martin Luther King Jr., Students will write to the guiding question: Why was Martin Luther King Jr. and inspirational person in our society?

Grammar- Verb Unit-linking verbs, verb tenses. 

Social Studies:  Geography- Latitude and Longitude- Please check Mrs. Bernardo's webpage for more information about up coming tests, etc. 

Science: Levers and Pulleys- Physical Science Unit

Please check Mrs. Desrosiers page for more information regarding upcoming units, tests, etc. 





Homework Spot for 5-2

Check here for nightly homework updates. All students have planners and will be responsible for writing down their nightly homework.
Thursday 1/22
Language Arts

Word Study for 5-2 (Ms. Kittredge and Mrs. Merrill):

Word Study Lesson #9 due Friday 1/30

Writing Class Homework:(for entire 5th grade)

5-1 WNB- nightly entry or typing practice - Alternate nights writing or typing for at least 10-15 minutes per evening.

Monday- Write, Tuesday- Typing practice, Wednesday- Write, Thursday- Typing practice 

5-2-see 5-1

5-3- see 5-1


Next Independent book report due 1/30


 Social Studies

Birthday Latitude and Longitude Essay due next Wed.- Save to your thumb drive to work on at home! Any ?s- Contact Mrs. Bernardo

 Science None

Fraction Nation 15 minutes


 Please bring in inexpensive ear buds to keep on your shelf for laptop use

PENCILS! Please send in a pack or two to replenish the class can :)


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