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Welcome to 5-2

Week of 10/20-10/24
What's happening in 5th grade?


Science Test on Muscular System Tuesday 10/21 - Use the flashcards you made in class to help you to prepare along with the review worksheet coming home tonight for homework. 

Vision Screenings with Mrs. Sullivan (nurse) Wednesday 10/22 in the afternoon- Please be sure to have your glasses.

Reminder- Homework Club takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons with Mrs. Merrill. 


Curriculum focus for this week for 5-2 :

Reading:   Starting Book Clubs- Students will work in small groups to read various novels- skills include generating text based questions, exploring new vocabulary, summarizing text, choosing and sharing significant passages, etc. 

Word Study: Word Study #4  assigned Tuesday 10/21 and due Friday 10/31


 Math:  Unit 1.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals- Working with number lines to compare and round decimals, using estimation strategies for adding and subtracting decimals, traditional method for adding and subtracting, applying to problem solving situations

Writing: Expository Writing- Three Branches of Government essays

Grammar- Noun Review and Extensions including compound nouns, possessive nouns, collective, articles, subject/verb agreement and more. 

Social Studies:  Three Branches of Government

Science: Human Body Systems- Muscular System





Homework Spot for 5-2

Check here for nightly homework updates. All students have planners and will be responsible for writing down their nightly homework.

Monday 10/20

Language Arts

Word Study for 5-2 (Ms. Kittredge and Mrs. Merrill):


Writing Class Homework:(for entire 5th grade)

5-1 Nightly entry in WNB

5-2-see 5-1 

5-3- see 5-1


 Read 20 minutes

October Book Report due 10/31- Please find book report forms to download on the 5th grade website on the Lawn School site.


 Social Studiesplease being in props for presentations as needed


 Science Muscles Test next Tuesday 10/21- Students should use class resources to study for the test including flash cards and review worksheet. 

 IXL- Adding and Subtracting Decimals E.1 or E.2

Practice using open numberlines. 







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