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Welcome to 5-2

Week of 11/24 to 11/28
What's happening in 5th grade?

November Book report due by Tuesday 12/2- This is a change ;)

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday- No school this Thursday and Friday! Enjoy!

The cold weather is here- Students are outside daily in the morning and during recess- Please dress for the weather.


Curriculum focus for this week for 5-2 :

Reading:   Book Clubs are wrapping up with written analysis of character development related to the theme. Also, group are selecting significant scenes of the book to act out in a Reader's Theatre format. Reading  skills in this unit of study included generating text based questions, exploring new vocabulary, summarizing text, choosing and sharing significant passages, etc. 

We read three novels exploring the theme of growth and change through conflicts: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt   Abel's Island by William Steig  and The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo  The students will now analyze this theme and share out what they have learned. 


Word Study: Word Study #6   assigned Monday 11/17 and is due Wednesday 11/26. 

Math:  Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals- Wrapping up this unit with an assessment coming the Tuesday 12/2 or Wednesday 12/3. 

Writing: Expository Writing- Wrapping Up Three Branches Essay with discussion of success criteria, Moving on to more informational writing- How to use and quote evidence from informational text to support claims and arguments when writing. 

Grammar- Easily confused homophones (ex. witch, which   they're, their and there)

Social Studies:  Geography- Latitude and Longitude- Please check Mrs. Bernardo's webpage for more information about up coming tests, etc. 

Science: Human Body Systems- Please check Mrs. Desrosiers page for more information regarding upcoming units, tests, etc. 





Homework Spot for 5-2

Check here for nightly homework updates. All students have planners and will be responsible for writing down their nightly homework.
Monday 11/24
Language Arts

Word Study for 5-2 (Ms. Kittredge and Mrs. Merrill):

word Study Packet #6 is due Wed. 12/3

Writing Class Homework:(for entire 5th grade)





Next Book Report due Tuesday 12/2. Students should report out on one of the Rooster Game books that they have been reading for Mrs. Casey. 


 Social Studies



 Science Circulatory System test tomorrow! Study those flash cards-




 Winter Concert for 5th grade is 12/10- A letter was sent home from the Music Department. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Music department.



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