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Welcome to Mrs. Clark's Page!
Week of 4/7-4/11
What's happening in 5th grade? is that time of year! There are officially NO pencils to be found in the 5th grade- Donations welcome..any size, shape or condition :)

Each student should bring a box of pencils in as a supply for the rest of the year.

The 3rd quarter is wrapping up- Please look for a folder called "3rd Quarter Work" to come home later this week for review and to stay at home. Reportcards will be ready to veiw on Thursday April 17 via ASPEN. If you need a hard copy of the reportcard prior to the vacation (No school for students 4/17 and 4/18) please contact the main Lawn office. Thanks!

Subject area focus for this week for 5-2 :
Reading:  For all of 5-2- Junior Great Books- Shared Inquiry Discussions about "Charles" by Shirley Jackson


Math:  Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions- Models, Numberlines, problem solving and traditional algroithmn

Writing: Wrapping up Poetry Unit with a focus on sharing/reading poetry aloud- Ask your student about the 7 P's of Presentations (Pactice, Poise, Posture, Pace, Pride, Prepare, Pronciation) Students are reading poems from various poets including Shel Silverstein and Jack Pretleusky,  Students will also be sharing thier own poems.

Next Unit of Study- Creative Narrative- Myths- Students will write and illustrate creative myths to explain elements of the sun/moon/earth system (Ex. Why we have phases of the moon? Why do we have eclipses?) Students will also write about the scientific reason for their choice as informational writing tied to their learning in science class. 

Social Studies: Beginning Jamestown History Unit- The Unique Geology of Jamestown

Science:  Earth/Sun/Moon System Unit- Phases of the Moon!

Homework Spot for 5-2

Check here for nightly homework updates. All students have planners and will be responsible for writing down their nightly homework.

Monday 4/7

Language Arts

Word Study for 5-2 (Mrs. Clark):

Lesson 14 Day 1, 2 or 3 (Depending on what you accomplished in class today)- Packet due Wednesday 4/16 (prior to April Vacation)

Mrs. Daley's group- Please do the nightly assignment in your green spelling journal.

Writing Class Homework:(for entire 5th grade)
5-1- Writer's Notebook/ Practice poem to be ready to share!

5-2- See 5-1

5-3- See 5-1



 Mrs. Clark's group: Next Independent Book Report due April 30 Read 20 minutes

 Social StudiesNone


 MathNone for tonight but we will be getting back to Fraction Nation and/or IXL later this week. 




Keep those box tops coming!

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