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Welcome to Mrs. Clark's Page!
Week of 5/12-5/19
What's happening in 5th grade?

Please check ASPEN as many new assignment grades have been entered. As the year begins to wind down (still a few weeks left!) I would be happy to meet to talk about your child's progress this year if you'd like a conference. Please contact me if you'd like to meet. Thanks!

Subject area focus for this week for 5-2 :
Reading:   Novel Study- "The Cay" by Theodore Taylor


Math:  Dividing Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers- Using models and computation, applied problem solving

Next unit: Line Plots then wrapping up the year with a geometry unit, Classifying Polygons by sides and angles

Writing: Creative Narrative- Myths- Students write and illustrate creative myths to explain elements of the sun/moon/earth system (Ex. Why we have phases of the moon? Why do we have eclipses?) Students are also writing about the scientific reason for their choice as informational writing tied to their learning in science class. 

Social Studies: Jamestown History Unit- Students will write a shory history of our special island using the notes they take in class with Mrs. Bernardo. The first chapter, "Jamestown's Geological Past" has been assigned and is due Friday May 19- All students have a checklist/organizer with due dates to help them to plan out their book. Further, Mrs. Bernado shared specific Success Criteria for the project with students. After May 23, thie book will also be the focus of Langauage Arts class instruction. 

Science:  Sinking and Floating Unit

Homework Spot for 5-2

Check here for nightly homework updates. All students have planners and will be responsible for writing down their nightly homework.

Tuesday 5/13

Language Arts

Word Study for 5-2 (Mrs. Clark):

None for the next few weeks as students are working on the chapters for their Jamestown History Books

Mrs. Daley's group- Please do the nightly assignment in your green spelling journal.

Writing Class Homework:(for entire 5th grade)
5-1- Focus for homework, and in Writer's Notebooks, will be to work on drafts of Jamestown History Book chapters over the next few weeks.

5-2- See 5-1

5-3- See 5-1



 Mrs. Clark's group: Next Independent Book Report due June 2....Read 20 minutes

Mrs. Daley's group: Please do the assignment she gave you. 

 Social StudiesSee Language Arts homework 


 MathMath Boxes Review- side 7.1- Problems 1-6 - One side only!




All students need a USB thumb drive for the Jamestown History Book project as this will be worked on both at home and at school. 

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