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Semester TWO!!  Let's start strong with a great notebook.  We'll be taking notes our first day back, so bring a notebook and some colored pens.

1/14/2014:  intro notes for heat (chapter 9) on NBpg11

HFUN:  use text pgs 298-304 to finish notes on thermal equilibrium and temperature scales as needed; on NBpg12 do #1,3,5 from text pg303 and #1,5 from text pg304

1/15-16  Go, JUNIORS!!  :   check hfun; notes on NBpg13 about heat (text pgs 305-311); state change lab with graph due end of class

HFUN:  lab analysis questions: 1. what was the heat energy doing for the three distinct parts of the experiment?  2.  why did some groups not end at a temp of 100C?

1/17  heat transfer demonstrations with liquid H2O and liquid Nitrogen

HFUN:  study for the ch9 quiz next week and be sure your notebook has complete notes and lab report for pages 11-14

Tuesday is Waking up in Vegas Day... wear your pj's!

1/21-22  group review of lab analysis; quiz; notes about the heat/work relationship on NBpg15; practice with W=PΔV

HFUN:  on NBpg16 do the odds from text pg338 and #3 from text pg341; on NBpg17 take notes from the rest of section 1 (thermodynamic processes)

1/23-24  check hfun problems and notes; quickcheck with pg341#4 and pg338evens; notes on 1st Law of Thermodynamics

HFUN:  on NBpg19 do pg346odds

1/27  catch up on 1st Law

HFUN:  on NBpg20 take notes re: cyclic processes (pg346), efficiency and entropy (sect3)

1/28-29  check hfun; quiz on engines; discuss efficiency and entropy

HFUN:  study and review for the test next class, have NBpgs1-22 ready

1/30-31  group review; NB due; Thermo test

HFUN:  on NBpg23 take notes from text pgs368-369 and 373-374 and look for similarities between springs and pendulums

2/3:  review notes

HFUN:  read 11-2 and take notes on NBpg24, focus on frequency, period, their relationship, and amplitude

2/4-5  review/add to notes; practice with fat lambda; wave number worksheet; sign up to explain solutions to Thursday's problem set

2/6-7  Adan Amarillas (class of '08) here in Rooney's place: read and take notes from CPO text ch14sect1 on NBpg26, answer the following from pgs 282-283: concepts 1-4,6, problems1,2,4,5,8; answer from Holt text pg375 #1,3,4 and from pg388#2,5

HFUN:  review for the quiz

2/10  Mr. Adan still here: quizita worksheet (2 sheets in 1) on wave intro

2/11-12 Mr. Adan here Tues, Rooney back on Wed: library research for your assigned part of the e/m spectrum; sound and light notes on NBpg29

HFUN: finish notes using Holt ch12sect1 for sound and ch13sect1 for light

2/13  catch up on all info from the last week; prep for e/m presentations next class and for quiz next week on sound, light, and waves in general

HFUN:  study!  prep!  if you want, make a poster for your group presentation... it could get bonus points!  (size roughly 11x14 inches, use color, all info)

EXTRA CREDIT:  This Saturday is another UCSD YPP event.  Work with electricity, magnetism and circuits.  Build a cool circuit to take home (and wear!).  Get pizza and drinks after.  See the website for details.  http://ypp.ucsd.edu/  Write up and turn in... what you did, what you learned, what you thought of it.

2/18 presentations plus extra conversation about the electromagnetic spectrum

2/19-20  wave speed lab with springs, group report due end of class

HFUN:  research your topic and be prepared to make a group presentation to teach about your topic:  what is it, explain it, give examples, include a visual (drawing or video), and be ready to create 2-4 questions to check for understanding

ABSENT students:  Sammie and Chris T have polarization; Chad and Anevae have Refraction; Josh and Kassandra have Reflection/Resonance

2/24 quiz on all wave info so far (up to NBpg30)

HFUN:  research your topic and be ready to share with your group next class; captains, be ready to hold team members (and yourself!) accountable for having prepared

2/25-26  30 minutes of prep time, presentations (didn't get to go today?  be ready next class)

2/27-28  review wave interactions; quiz corrections

HFUN:  study for waves/sound/light test next week

NB info:  page 29 sound/light notes;  page 30 wave speed lab;  page 31 quiz;  page 32 quiz corrections;  any personal notes on wave interactions (interference, etc) can be anywhere in the mix but be sure to TITLE pages

3/3  discuss beat frequency and Snell's law

HFUN:  on NBpg33 try the sample problem from text pg492 and do the three practice problems on pg493.  check odd answers with BOB (backofbook).  #2answers are 27.5, glycerine, 12.5

also study for the test on TH/FRI and be sure your notebook is complete with page numbers and page titles

3/4-5 review Snell's Law; complete quiz corrections; review wave interactions

HFUN:  study and put your notebook together

3/6-7  test day; NB due

HFUN:  on NBpg34 take notes from text 16-1 Electric Charge; on NBpg35 do #1-3,5 from the section review on pg563

3/10  quiz on notes; review concepts of electric charge

HFUN: NOT POSTED....  what a drag, right?  hehe.

3/11-12  finish review of electric charge section; notes on electric force; practice with #1-3 from text 16.2

HFUN:  Read the rest of text 16.2 and take notes on NBpg37; on the same NBpg, do pg568#1, pg571#3and5, and using the BOB answer to pg570#1, show that the answer is correct

3/13-14  Ms Rooney is at Knott's for Physics Day on Thursday but Mr Amarillas will be in class...  review the superposition and equilibrium concepts from text 16.2; start on the review worksheet

HFUN:  finish the review worksheet and study for a quiz on chapter 16 sections 1,2

3/17  review the worksheet from last class

3/18 or 20  review notes from page 37 and practice problems involving electric force superpositioning

3/19 or 21  quiz on first two sections of chapter 16

HFUN:  over break, take notes on NBpg40 from text ch16sect3 regarding Electric Fields; also go to both links provided below regarding electric fields, play around, make some observations and share your learning (some pictures and some statements about electric fields) on NBpg41

Regarding the possible strike, please be informed by looking into both the district site and the union site.  The last two editions of the Ranch Review have also had informative articles.  Encourage your parents and yourself to be an active part of helping teachers have their contract respected. 

Enjoy your break, find some time to appreciate your life, and come back well rested and happy :)   -Ms. Rooney

4/7  check notes and review electric fields

HFUN:  on the next NB page, draw 6 pictures... the electric field around: 1)a positive charge 2)a negative charge, 3)a stronger charge, 4)2 same sign charges with same magnitude, 5)2 same sign charges with different magnitudes, 6)2 opposite sign charges with either different or equal magnitudes

4/8-9  group posters to check hfun drawings; notes on magnitude of electric fields; practice with magnitude of electric fields and forces (text pg583 #35,37,38)

HFUN:  finish practice problems if not done in class

4/10-11  quizita to review fields; test prep from text

HFUN:  study for the test next class :)   Also remember that next week class times are extended and there will be no ELPs.

4/14  test (there will be 10-15 minutes provided next class to finish the math section if you didn't finish in class on Monday)

HFUN:  on NBpg44 take notes from text pgs 594-597 and pg 600; focus on similarities and differences between the vocab terms:  electric potential energy, electric potential, potential difference

cool... the date for every day this week is a palindrome!  what's a palindrome?

4/15-16 time to finish math section of test; discuss electricity

HFUN:  notes on pg45 about current, resistance, and power (focus on understanding concepts, the math that comes later will be the easier part);  update pg6 with variables and units for all new equations

4/17-18  discuss current, resistance and power; start practicing with equations

HFUN:  finish what wasn't done in class: on NBpg46, numbers 1,3,4,5 from text pgs 609, 615,  and 621

GRADE UPDATE:  The most recent teacher contract proposal has been approved by the teachers' union.  The 3 members still on the district board will vote (Monday, I believe) and if they all approve it (feel free to contact them and encourage their approval vote), we will finally have a contract for this current year (plus the next two).  The progress has allowed me to spend more time on grades but still, much time was lost due to the 'work to the rule' efforts.  If you have questions regarding your child's grade, please look at the Jupiter website and talk to your child.  If there is still an issue, feel free to contact me and I will make time to address your concerns.  Thank you for your efforts to help the students be their best self.

4/21-24  checked power hfun; did circuit measurment lab part one

HFUN:  on NBpg47, use text ch18 to... define the words: circuit, schematic, circuit drawing, short circuit, open circuit, closed circuit;   draw and label schematics for: wire, battery, capacitor, generic resistor, bulb resistor;   answer #1,2,3 on text page 645

4/25  stamp and discuss hfun; quizita (will go on NBpg48)

HFUN:  read pgs 622-623 and take notes on how we pay SDG&E for our energy (use NBpg49

4/28  check and discuss hfun; practice kWhr problems

HFUN:  read pgs 647-656 and take notes, include table 2 from pg653 (use NBpg50)

4/29-30  stamp homefun; lab investigation of circuits to compare to notes

HFUN:  outline a summary of the lab to prep for a group summary next class:  three paragraphs: 1)VIR values in series for overall circuit and for individual bulbs; 2)VIR values in parallel for overall circuit and for individual bulbs; 3)how brightness compared and an explanation of why some were brighter

TEST on circuits will be early next week

5/1-2 discussion of lab results; group summary of lab work; practice with circuit math

HFUN: finish worksheets and study for test next Tues/Wed


5/6-7 review circuit values of VIRP and practice with combo circuits

5/8-9  notebook check and test on circuits

HFUN:  NBpg53 read text 678-679 and take notes, include a compare/contrast of magnets vs magnetic materials; also include a compare/contrast of magnetic poles vs electric charges;  also read text 680-681 and take notes, include a compare/contrast of magentic fields vs electric fields

And now the GOOD PART:  find someone who's been like a mom to you and show your appreciation

5/12 review hfun notes, include magnetic field line drawings for: 1)the space inbetween two North poles, 2)the space inbetween two South poles, 3)the space all around a complete magnet

HFUN: study notes and be sure you understand what the drawings look like and what they represent

5/13-14 review magnetic fields; notes on magnetism due to current in a wire

HFUN:  finish notes from section two

5/15  review hfun; 2 worksheets to do on NBpg56

HFUN:  finish worksheets

5/16 check worksheets; start group posters (they'll be finished monday, if you miss both days, you'll need to do your own poster)

5/19  finish posters

HFUN:  on NBpg57 take notes from text pgs687-691, answer three questions:  1)what situation causes a force... consider two situations, one for a single charge and one for a current, 2)how is the magnitude of the force found, 3)how is the direction of the force found?


5/20-21 evaluate posters; check HFUN, practice with Right Hand Rule #2 (NBpg58 #1,3 on text pg 689&692)

HFUN:  NBpg59 text pg 693 #1-5


5/22-23 check hfun; review magnetic fields; take test

HFUN:  bring your TEXTBOOK and start to STUDY for the final (senior final thursday, others test next week)

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