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The class will focus on morality and church history. Students use Christian moral teaching to guide the decision making process. We will explore the concepts of conscience formation, commandments, beatitudes, gifts and fruits of the Spirit, justice and decision making. The goal is for students leaving IHM to be responsible, understand the consequences of their actions and seek justice for all.

By reviewing church history, we will see where we came from and how to learn from those who went before us to make our church grow and be stronger.

Students will complete a responsibility project which will give insight to planning a wedding, setting up a household and having a family. The project is done in conjunction with other curricula.

We will add our focus to an in depth study of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. The class will be encouraged to use those gifts and fruits in their daily lives to reach true happiness.

This class is a way of living to help students become better people and enhance the world around us.

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