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Upcoming Events

 Union Catholic Athletics 

  Athletic Schedule     

Monday, April 21, 2014

1:00 JV Baseball vs Plainfield @ Home 

4:00 Varsity Baseball vs Plainfield @ Home


Spring Practice Information:
 Lacrosse For practice schedules go to:
Spring Track For practice schedules go to : 
Golf and Tennis Due to snow & ice on the courts and courses try-outs have been cancelled until further notice.  The new try-outs dates will be posted in the future. 
Golf: For practice schedules go to: 
Tennis: For practice schedules go to: 
Baseball try- For practice schedules go to: 
Winter Track go to:
Softball For practice schedules go to: 

 Spring sports information:

The following forms and participation fee MUST be handed in before a student is permitted to TRY-OUT for an athletic team.  Only forms supplied by the school will be accepted.

**A physical performed and signed by a medical doctor (a previously submitted physical is valid if less then 12 months old and is on file in the health office)

**A signed health history form by parent/guardian (this form is required for each sports season)

    A signed permission form by parent/guardian (this form is required for each sports season)

    A signed steroids testing consent form by parent/guardian (this form is required for each sports season)

    A signed concussion form by parent/guardian (this form is required for each sports season)


    $ 60 participation fee   (this fee is required for each sports season)   

**Be sure your doctor signs the physical form and reviews the health history form during the physical exam.  It is recommended that you make a copy of your physical form for your records.

You can get all required athletic forms by going to the school's homepage at  then select "Athletics" and then select "Athletic Forms"



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