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 Union Catholic Athletics 

June 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The State of New Jersey has changed its requirements for athletic physicals and forms for all high school athletes. 

As a service to our student/athletes and the parents/guardians, Union Catholic has arranged for physicals to be performed by our school physician Dr. Schaller.  The physicals will be performed for a cost of $10 per physical.  All payments must be in cash and they will be given on the following days.

            Tuesday, July 15th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the gym

            Tuesday, August 12th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the gym

Student/Athletes are required to make an appointment for a physical.  You can do so by calling the athletic office at 908-889-1621.  Be sure to leave your child’s name, grade, the date and time you will be at school and a number that you can be reached at.

Listed below are the new requirements:

  1. 1.     Preparticipation Physical Evaluation  (PPE)  this includes:
    1. a.      A History Form to be completed by the parent or guardian.
    2. b.      A Supplemental History Form for students with special needs.
    3. c.       A Physical Examination Form and a Clearance Form to be completed by the examining physician, advanced practice nurse (APN) or physician assistant (PA) 

*On the Clearance Form of the PPE, the last item provides a signature line for the healthcare provider to attest to completion of the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module.  The module is currently undergoing adaption to be presented as a professional continuing medical education (CME) activity and will be made available as soon as possible. After the Module is made available the examining physical, APN or PA will be required to access it electronically and complete it prior to performing the medical examination.  Further, the physician, APN or PA will be able to download and print a certificate upon completion of the module.  In accordance with the requirements included in the law, the physician, APN or PA is required to provide a copy of their certificate to each school for whose students they perform the medical examinations.      

  1. 2.     Health History Update Questionnaire
    1. a.      The parent/guardian of each student/athlete must compete and sign an updated health history questionnaire if the pre-participation examination was conducted 90 or more days prior to the first practice session of the athletic season.

  1. 3.     Sudden Cardiac Death In Young Athletes Pamphlet
    1. a.      As part of  the student’s pre-participation physical examination and completion of the athletic permission forms a student/athlete and the parent/guardian of the student/athlete shall certify in writing that they received and reviewed the “sudden cardiac death in young athletes” pamphlet.

  1. 4.     NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy
    1. a.      The student/athlete and the parent/guardian must sign the consent to random testing form.  If the student’s team qualifies for a state championship tournament or state championship competition the student may be subject to testing for banned substances.

  1. 5.     Sports-Related Concussion and Head Injury
    1. a.      The student/athlete and the parent/guardian must read the Concussion and Head Injury fact sheet and sign the Sports-Related Concussion and Head Injury form.

  1. 6.     Interscholastic Athletics Permission Form
    1. a.      The parent/guardian must read and sign the permission form giving your child permission to compete in athletics at Union Catholic.  A permission form is required for each sport your child will compete in.  Also, a participation fee and “750” raffle ticket request must accompany the completed form. 

All required forms are available by going to the schools website (, select "Athletics" and then select "Athletic Forms"   




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